Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hi, I am getting a lot of spam coming from my blog through email and not going into spam box, well over 100 a day, so just for 24 hours later today I am going to put on the dreaded Word Verification :-( I'm hoping it my calm them down lol, if anyone else has any ideas all would be appreciated :-)
Happy Crafting
Hugs Kerry xxx

New Note - I have tried changing it to registered users 
and not anonymous, this may work, if
for any reason you can't comment can
you email me to let me know, as
I really not sure if I'm doing it properly lol
mind you I have read and it looks
like it may work eeekkk lol


Annie said...

I'm no help sorry but I will say it's not a problem I have. I get virtually no spam thankfully ...and don't have word verification.
Fingers crossed for you.
A x

Carol said...

Hi Kezzy, haven't got the same prob but don't have e mail on my blog yet!!!! Technophobe LOL. At the moment I have lost the photo drop down......browser/file, which lets me upload pics onto my blog!!! Thimk I need some serious help tried to sort it for 4 hours yesterday!!!! Why is nothing simple????
Hope you have a good day
Carol Tadden

butterfly said...

I've had quite a lot of success by banning Anonymous comments... and I'm sure Registered Users will help too - fingers crossed!
Alison x

Nikki said...

I just don't have any comments going to my email and that way no spam I find the odd comment on my blog but that never bugs me good luck with it

okienurse said...

Sorry to hear that Kerry! I decided to start the FM blog and I get hits from time to time from drug companies, people wanting to sell me stuff because of a particular word their searcher found in my post. After I turned on the no Anon posts it got a lot better! Vickie

Lynne said...

Mines set to registered users too and seems to work. Fingers crossed for you hope it works for you. Hugs Lynne xx