Wednesday 29 June 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, and also to Jan who has took over from Julia over at the stamping ground - where woyww gather, Julia is away so Jan a virgin blogger has done this weeks woyww and she has done an amazing job and has shown us some fantastic photos of her sewing and some wow fabrics.

My desk is in a right mess, I took the photo this morning after a crafting session last night that I just managed to enter on the Craft Barn challenge blog.
You can just see the arch tag that I made.  I like to have my craft room tidy, but when I am actually crafting it turns into something wild, bits everywhere even on the floor!!!  My other desk....

You can see that I am still sorting stamps out which is a slower progress due to me stopping to craft.  The DVD to the left side is Kate Cranes new journal dvds 1 & 2.  Its fantastic, I just received it yesterday and I have already watched the first one and I can't believe how much I have learned.  I don't journal but I really admire her work and I thought I might learn something and I have, especially how she demenstrates the colour wheel by making the colours with just the primary red, blue and yellow, and there is so much more, her blog is

Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week and hope that Julia is enjoying her well earned holiday.
Thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Craft Barn Challenge

Hi, this weeks wishing well challenge has been embossing paste.  I have followed The Craft Barn for over a year before I had a blog and was always inspired by there website.  They have a wishing well where you can comment on how you would like to see how to use a product, if your picked you get a little treat, then the design team show you how they use the product and at the end there is a challenge where you can win some goodies or a voucher.  Also there blog is even better as the design team now have products of the week where they show you ideas i.e last week was grunge paper and this week is tando masks and on a Saturday they have a clean and simple day where the DT shows you some ideas for clean and simple using the product of the week.  If you would like to see a fab blog nip on over to The Craft Barn for great inspiration and challenges.

I have always been a bit scared to enter as they are some fantastic designers out there and I have been a little I'm not good enough to do it!!! But I have learned by some great bloggers that follow on WOYWW that you don't have to feel threatened we are all learning.

Ok I'm not sure if I can properly enter (which runs out in 20 mins!!!) as at the last minute today I decided to enter and I nipped to Heaps in my town that sell art bits and managed to get Texture Paste and I think you were supposed to use Dreamweavers.
I used Chris's technique of texture paste through sequin waste on the flowers and background.  I have titled it Texture as this chipboard is from a group that make up a book, which I have decided to do a Craft Barn techniques book so I can refer back to what I learn.  I'm afraid I haven't enough time to say what other bits I used but if you would like to know just give me a shout.

Thanks for sharing
Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 22 June 2011


Hi to all woyww's out there, if you would like to have a peep at some wonderful crafty desks pop over to Julia's blog.  I can't believe I missed last week how bad is that, I was so busy by the time it came to Friday I was thinking I'm sure I've missed something this week!!!! LOL.  I re employed my mojo on Monday and he is certainly working hard, suddenly mojo has came back with lots of crafty inspiration AT LAST!!!!  I have spent the last few days sorting some stamps and been working on some cards for the carnival on Saturday.  I work as a financial manager for a nursery and we are doing a float and a stall, a parent gave us some decoupage sheets to sell so I am making up some cards to show what to do with them. 
The decoupage sheets are on the right of the pic.

As you can see a bit of stamp galore......

I'm really hoping to start trying some challenges after saturday, if mojo sticks around so hopefully watch this space!!!!
Hope you have a fab crafty week.
Thanks for sharing.
Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 8 June 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, if your wondering what the hell I'm on about visit Julia's Blog to see lots of crafty desks.  Wow wasn't last week fantastic?  I did have problems trying to visit and comment last week, this was 1. because of blogger which I think I have managed to made some changes for it to work on most blogs and 2. our internet was down, well not down totally email was fine but trying to get onto websites, I had no chance!!!  Mr ntl guy came around on saturday and wait for it................  It was because it was to hot outside!!!!  I told him to slap some sun cream on, use a fan do whatever but get the internet working.  I mean too hot!!!   this really beats anything I have heard before.  Anyway a new something whatever the guy changed and cooler weather meant from saturday evening it was working again lol lol, we have been warned though if the box gets hot again we could have problems, well I assure you it won't be as I will be the one out there with an electric fan hooked up.  Off course the blogger problem I can't really complain about as I get it free.  Also where's my mojo?????  he seems to pop out most days and only comes back for an odd hour here or there, so I have started leaving little messages on my craft desk telling him he is sacked if he doesn't return full time soon, he did leave a cheeky message saying that means all he knows about craft will be gone to, so I told him thats fine I will start afresh.  I now hoping he is starting to worry and will come back (knowing him he will pretend nothing has happened lol).
So my desk..................
At the front right of picture is my beautiful woyww pif gift from Sandra over at stamping for pleasure. A beautiful box with woyww filled with 6 atc's, two gorgeous stamps and a card.  I have decided to make a wall hanging/scrapbook page with it all on so I can be reminded of the warm and exciting feeling when I received it.  I don't know how other people felt but for me, it gave me a fantastic fuzzy feeling that I had been part of something so special.  To the left is some goodies from papercraft inspirations as I am a tester for the magazine, above is some diy washer sets that I thought would look good on a mans card and above is some new books - one about colour as I really have a problem with colour and the other is about those special finishes.  Both are fantastic.

And here is the pif I sent to Wipso (photo curtesy of wipso's blog) as I forgot to take a pic of it and she was my pif buddy.  They are frames from paperartsy, in which I printed on tissue paper and ripped up piesces and done sort of collagey (no such word lol) affect, then I white washed it (big mistate I was looking for vintage and instead go a mess in which I had no time to start again), inside is patterened paper, grunge board letters (that I painted with silver paint then used alcohol inks over it, I really need to play with grunge board as I tried to use distress inks which went all gritty, then I painted it white, tried ink pads again, promarkers and in the end used the silver paint, I didn't have anymore W's left so poor Wipso might start seeing one darken after time) and then sprayed some white flowers with pearl mist and tattered angel spray.  All together I really enjoyed doing it even though I had a few problems, but that was the best thing about the pif it made me try something new.
Right I'm off, I'm determined to visit all blogs and comment on as many as blogger will allow, I can't wait to see everyone elses pifs.
Have a fantastic crafty week.  Thanks for sharing.
Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 1 June 2011

WOYWW 104 Happy Anniversary

WOW week 104 and Pif sharing, well done to Julia who has given fellow crafters a special Wednesday for two years, and not only does she allow us to share our desks, she is also extremely supportive, and her comments are always encouraging. So hurray for Julia, which I must ask if we are giving forward and the last gives to number 1 who is going to send you your PIF?  I will make todays post short and sweet, as everyone will want to go visiting, I got to see loads last week, but I'm afraid blogger must not like me as I couldn't seem to comment, I'm hoping its solved this week.  So my PIF is drying, I'm afraid I won't be able to post today as my OH has the car for work purposes and won't be back until this evening, and its drying!!!!LOL just finished it last night, but the OH excuse is the one I'm sticking to. I have to admit I am a bit nervous as this is the first time I have ever sent or done a gift in paper crafting normally its jewellery. So onto my desk.......

Last night after finishing my PIF I wanted to have a play with my juicy inkpads and brayer as there is a scene stamping challenge over at gingersnap  (a challenge blog I have just found).  Right I'm off or this will not end up being a quick post lol lol lol.
Thanks for sharing
Kezzy xxxx