Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Hi to all woyww's out there, if you would like to have a peep at some wonderful crafty desks pop over to Julia's blog.  I can't believe I missed last week how bad is that, I was so busy by the time it came to Friday I was thinking I'm sure I've missed something this week!!!! LOL.  I re employed my mojo on Monday and he is certainly working hard, suddenly mojo has came back with lots of crafty inspiration AT LAST!!!!  I have spent the last few days sorting some stamps and been working on some cards for the carnival on Saturday.  I work as a financial manager for a nursery and we are doing a float and a stall, a parent gave us some decoupage sheets to sell so I am making up some cards to show what to do with them. 
The decoupage sheets are on the right of the pic.

As you can see a bit of stamp galore......

I'm really hoping to start trying some challenges after saturday, if mojo sticks around so hopefully watch this space!!!!
Hope you have a fab crafty week.
Thanks for sharing.
Kezzy xxx


Tracy said...

Glad you got your mojo back. Your desk looks very inspiring I must say.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nothing like flexing the old mojo muscle! Gosh, aren't your stamps neatly organised! Good luck with the fund raising gal.

Kyla said...

ooh, looks like you are going to be busy! A very organised desk there, thanks for sharing


Spyder said...

You keep your stamps sooo tidy! Glad your mojo mojing along nicely! HaPpy WoYwW

jude said...

Go9od luck for saturday hope you do well.So pleased your mojo has returned so wish mine wood have all these wonderful ideas and need to make some gifts but just not their.So if you see it send it back!
Have creative week
hugs judex 10

Annie said...

Glad your mojo is back. I hope I find mine soon...I'm hunting out a welsh one at the mo :-)
A x

okienurse said...

Nice looking busy desk there. Love all the creativity I am seeing. Glad to hear the Mojo is back in residence! Thanks for sharing. VIckie #107

lisa said...

The weeks go so fast it's hard to keep up isn't it. I'm afraid I've missed WOYWW this week, oh well!!
Your desk looks very busy, what a great idea to make up some sample cards.
I hope you have a great Carnival and the sun shines for you.
Hugs Lisax