Wednesday 31 August 2011


Hi to all the crafty desks out there, if your wondering what I'm on about jump over to Julia's Blog and have a jolly around some fab crafty inky desks.  I'm late this week as I wanted to finish off my mojo monthly which is below, firstly here is my craft desks ................
As you can see there quite a mess.  Until today I hadn't crafted since the holiday as I reckon my mojo was still on his!!! lol.  But last night in bed I came to the conclusion that I would miss the mojo monthly again, but this morning mojo was standing there saying come on you have a fab idea lets get on with it.  So I have crafted all day, my back has been really really bad and the pain has been intense but I have to admit, crafting really made me feel better so I'm already thinking of what challenge I could do next.

So onto my mojo monthly, if you don't know what I'm on about hop over to Sarah's Blog where each month you will find fantastic ideas and an interview each month with known artists.  She has been a real inspiration to me and has made me really think about myself as well as my art.  I missed mojo July which was about photos and August was muse it use it so I decided to combine both.  I never thought I would take photos to use in my art and I never never thought even though I so so wanted to, try journal type projects or even doing my own backgrounds.  My mojo this month is a wall hanging made using envelopes and the front has envelopes to put all my small punched part of photos in.

This is my first wall hanging, my first experience using photos I have took and my very first time doing my own backgrounds.  Thank you Sarah for such inspiration and I can't wait for the next mojo.
Right I'm off to clear my bits away and start on another project (which is crimbo as I'm a tester for papercraft inspirations and I need it to be done by Friday lol).  Hope you all have a brilliant crafty week.  Thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx (p.s this is my second 116 WOYWW as I named it 116 last week!)

Wednesday 24 August 2011


Hi to all the crafty desks out there, if you would like to join in then jump on over to Julia's Blog. It's my last day today and we are packing to go home, we should be going tomorrow but it's supposed to rain and it would be hell to put the tent down, we are not going until later today though so no rush. I'm afraid I haven't done much crafting, not sure why, I have read loads of crafty magazines I just never seemed to have much time as I have spent lots of time with the kids.  Also I have suffered awfully with my back, not sure camping for 12 days is such a good idea when I have a bad back, but at then end of the day, the kids love it (mind you my daughter who is 14 spent alot of time with me rather then playing on the park like her brother who's 12).  I so can't wait to get back to my craft room lol.  I'm also afraid that I didn't manage to comment alot as the internet has been rather delicate!!!  My pics this week are.......

Pic of the some new bits from the craft barn which arrived while I was away so Ade bought them over at the weekend, with my magnificent, awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic and WOW tag I received from Hels I mean you see these tags on her blog but to receive and be able to see it close and feel it, its I can't explain its AMAZING ......
The photo doesn't really do it justice but when I'm home I shall take another pic for next week.  And last but not least two photos for the mojo monthly over at Mojo Monthly with Sasa .......
and ............

Right I shall go and finish packing.  I can't wait to be home and start crafting so hopefully next week it will be back to a messy, inky desk.  I'm also looking forward to catching up blogging, mind you I have managed to see some desks just not comment as it took a million years to load (slight exaggeration lol).  Thank you all for sharing. Hope you have a fab crafty week. Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 17 August 2011


Hi to all the crafty woyww'ers out there, if your wondering who the woyww'ers jump over to Julia's Blog and have a look around some fantastic crafty desks.  Well I'm sitting here in the tent, right next to the door enjoying a cool breeze, mind you I have a feeling its going to be one of those days that it will be too hot to stay in the tent and too hot to be outside lol, I'm not complaining though its so nice to be here.  Last week I won the tag from Hel's Blog, I follow her blog all the time as she really is an amazing stamper and she has fantastic tuition's especially some amazing flowers.  I'm afraid I don't have a pic as I have a feeling its all alone at home, as I'm here lol.  I haven't done any crafting until I started getting bits out last night ready for a day of crafting today as my OH has had to go home to work for a few days :-( but at least he is with the lonely Hels tag that he will bring at the weekend :-).  So my desks, floors and anything else I can put my craft bits........

As you can see I have got two files full of stamps and my acrylic blocks for my stamps, a selection of promarkers on the side of the blow up sofa and a desk full of boxes of card, paints, DVD's and card to colour on, I also have my water colour pencils with me as well and Sheena's paint fusion.  Normally when I camp I just bring craft that then can come home and make a card, this time I am challenging myself to make a card for a challenge with just scraps of card, patterened paper, 4 inkpad colours and stamps, so watch this space lol lol.  I am still taking photos for the monthly mojo over at Sasa's Blog, last night I took a photo of a beautiful sky as I loved the colours

Right I'm off to spend the day craftying, not often I get to say that, sounds bliss.  Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week. Thanks for sharing with me. Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 10 August 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, if your wondering what I'm harping on about fly over to Julia's blog and have a good nosey oops maybe I should say a little peep lol, around other crafters desks and see a fabulous array of colours and crafty inspiration.  Talking of inspiration my desk won't really inspire anyone this week.....

I have been playing around with bits and bobs and sorting a few bits out as I'm off on holiday on Saturday camping, not to worry though, if wifi is playing nice there I will still get internet (keeping all toes and fingers crossed lol). I've tidied up last night so I can start planning what crafting bits I will take with me, the WIP card at the left is hopefully going to be done for stampman challenge and the mag underneath is my craft stamper, not the current month as I'm saving it to take away (had to give it to OH so I won't read it :-)).  I'm camping for 12 days, so I think I'm taking bits to practise with i.e. stamping and also a sketch pad to do some ideas for cards when I get back.  I'm also planning to learn crochet so I can do some of those lovely little flowers.  This autumn I plan to spend time on learning about journalling and keep on following the monthly mojo over at  I have started taking pics (july mojo still a bit behind!) and planning on taking more on holiday, latest pic I took which didn't come out very good (I'm a bit crappy at pics but practise makes perfect! lol)
Anyway better go as I'm planning on messing the desk up with goodies to take on my hols, then I can concentrate on some challenges before I go.
Thank You All for all the well wishes for my daughter, her ear operation went well, and yesterday she started to feel human again.
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, and fingers crossed I will see you all next week.
Thanks for sharing.
Kezzy xxx

Wednesday 3 August 2011


Hi to all the crafty world out there, if you would like to see some fantastic desks speed over to Julia's Blog the queen of desks.  I have only one desk I'm working on as I have tried to keep everything sorted as my daughter is having an exploratory operation on Thursday on her ear.  Last night I did start sorting out some bits to have a play with my melt art pan so I shall be playing a little later today so my desk looks like.....
Oh my goodness I need to duster, this storage was on top of the shelve to the right and I'm mortified at the dust, guess I really need to get the feather duster up there (well hoover as I'm allergic to dust mites and I reckon there is a city of dust mites living on top of those storage boxes lol).
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week.  Thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx