Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, if your wondering what I'm harping on about fly over to Julia's blog and have a good nosey oops maybe I should say a little peep lol, around other crafters desks and see a fabulous array of colours and crafty inspiration.  Talking of inspiration my desk won't really inspire anyone this week.....

I have been playing around with bits and bobs and sorting a few bits out as I'm off on holiday on Saturday camping, not to worry though, if wifi is playing nice there I will still get internet (keeping all toes and fingers crossed lol). I've tidied up last night so I can start planning what crafting bits I will take with me, the WIP card at the left is hopefully going to be done for stampman challenge and the mag underneath is my craft stamper, not the current month as I'm saving it to take away (had to give it to OH so I won't read it :-)).  I'm camping for 12 days, so I think I'm taking bits to practise with i.e. stamping and also a sketch pad to do some ideas for cards when I get back.  I'm also planning to learn crochet so I can do some of those lovely little flowers.  This autumn I plan to spend time on learning about journalling and keep on following the monthly mojo over at  I have started taking pics (july mojo still a bit behind!) and planning on taking more on holiday, latest pic I took which didn't come out very good (I'm a bit crappy at pics but practise makes perfect! lol)
Anyway better go as I'm planning on messing the desk up with goodies to take on my hols, then I can concentrate on some challenges before I go.
Thank You All for all the well wishes for my daughter, her ear operation went well, and yesterday she started to feel human again.
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, and fingers crossed I will see you all next week.
Thanks for sharing.
Kezzy xxx


Sarah said...

Looking very neat - especially pre- hols! Enjoy the break and take a fab crafty box along - I'm well bored and suffering without my arty stuff!
I also have a Dutch pretties parcel giveaway on my blog today if you fancy some colour!
Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
Sarah at 3

Sunshine Girl said...

Very tidy desk there! enjoy your camping trip - I too must learn to crochet to make little flowers its been on my todo list for ages now but I still havent gotten around to it! thanks for sharing.

Sunshine Girl said...

Very tidy desk there! enjoy your camping trip - I too must learn to crochet to make little flowers its been on my todo list for ages now but I still havent gotten around to it! thanks for sharing.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Just think, when you get back from your hols, it'll still be clean and tidy to start crafting again! Have fun!

okienurse said...

Very neat and tidy desk! Love all the organization! Have fun on your vacation. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Annie said...

Really glad the ear op went well. Hope you have a great break away.
A x

Dragon said...

Woo that's very tidy... enjoy your hols and take care...have a great week.. Don't forget my swap

Neil said...

Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well! Enjoy the hols and the mag!

Angie said...

So clean and tidy ...Have fun getting ready for your break ...glad your DD is feeling better.
I wonder what the caterpillar will become...good shot

Anonymous said...

Love the pre holiday prep, I do that too! And I love to go camping, I usually take stamped images and pencils as they're the easiest to cart around! Have a great time.

Brenda 73

Tertia said...

Your desk is so clean - how I wish mine looked like that right now! Enjoy your trip.

Julia Dunnit said...

Well that sort of tidiness is much admired and not often seen round here I can tell you! And am impressed that you plan to craft while you're away - I never do...even if I plan to; it's all I can do to make a few notes in a journal! Have a super time away!

Yogi said...

have a great vacation.

ScrappnBee said...

I wish that I could get my desk that neat! Oooh 12 days of camping! Enjoy! We never seem to have wifi where we will keep my toes crossed for you! LOL! Enjoy the holiday! -Amanda

Neet said...

Love your little caterpillar, what a great photograph.
Sounds as if you have this camping holiday all sussed out and lots of things to do - enjoy!
Thanks for sharing your desk with us - Happy WOYWW (late know). Hugs, Neet #7

JoZart Designs said...

Have a great camping trip and you'll soon mess up that desk when you get back. Pleased to hear your DD is recovering well,
Love joZarty x

Sue from Oregon said...

Hope you have the best of vacations! Nice to leave your desk all tidy to come home too! Happy WOYWW!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ah Kezzy so good to hear daughter was going along well and pray long may it continue... and have a great hol camping - I think it is one of the best hols away from things like that thanks for popping over love Shaz in Oz.x

Elizabeth said...

Delighted to hear your daughter's op went well and hope you enjoy your camping trip - hope the weather stays good for you too. elizabeth x #60

lisa said...

Hi Kezzy. I am just breaking off from my blog break to say a huge thank you for all your comments. I can't believe you took the time to go right back through all those posts but I loved to read them all and feel very touched. I was also surprised that you spotted the Be Inspired hanger on one of Sheena's shows. I completely missed that so didn't know it had made it to TV. I'm really happy she showed it as it took a lot of work. She was kind enough to say how much she liked it during a recent phone call though.
She seems to like my Christmas hanger too with the pine cones as that makes a regular appearance on the POW shows which I'm so thrilled about. What a buzz to see your work on C&C, I still can't believe it.
Enjoy your stamps when you get them, they are gorgeous to work with and I'll be doing a lot more with mine. I've only had them a week!!
Your exploding box with the photos is gorgeous, I did take a peek back through your posts but excuse me for not commenting on them all, we are just in the middle of packing up!!
Enjoy your camping and I hope the weather stays nice for you, this rain as been a real pain hasn't it.
Enjoy the rest of the Summer Hols and see you in Septmeber.
Thanks for being such a lovely blogging buddy.
Love and Hugs Lisax