Sunday 25 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration

Hi all, just popping on to show you what I played with this morning, over at Paperartsy Blog it's birthday month and there has been loads of designers including fantastic projects from Carol Quance and my project this morning is based on Lin Browns awesome creation yesterday evening.

Details of what I used at bottom of page :-)

I am in the middle of a DT application and I had done my
main bits but I couldn't decide which colour went with what I had done.
I asked my daughter, I had chosen mocha mousse to go over the chocolate pudding
but it still wasn't right, luckily I hadn't put it on yet lol.
She told me to mix the claret and lighten it with white,
but instead I lightened it with vintage lace.
So this is mocha mousse, claret and vintage lace mix
together, it does look lighter then this in real life but I couldn't get a 
decent picture without showing the almost finished piece lol.

Right gotta go as it finishes in 15 mins, but I really enjoyed my playing, I have been unable to participate all week as I spent lots of time visiting colleges (she has got into the one she wants to get into and they are going to give her loads of support with her dyslexia), then working as we are on hols on Tuesday for a week (I am taking my phone for internet so I don't miss the last week of Paperartsy birthday month lol), and planning the project above.  I have more posts to finish, the tutorial and two more projects I'm hoping to write up lol.
Lots of hugs, have a fab bank holiday weekend
Kezzy :-) xxxxx

Tim Holtz arch frame and size arches dies
Paperartsy Fresco paints - pesto, snowflake, sky, pansy, eggplant, baltic blue, inky pool.
Paperartsy stamps - ELB01 - secret garden (I covered the s at the end of secret), HP1005 (grasses), Mini 44 (script), Mini 67 (flowers)
Paperartsy chipboard (lush) - ES03
Treasure gold - rose quartz
flower sequin waste
Paperartsy grunge paste
Faber Castel - purple violet, blue violet, cadmium yellow, emerald green
Paperartsy - smooth paper
Seed beads and thread
Archival jet black ink pad

Wednesday 21 August 2013


Hi all, just popping on super fast to show my desk for the amazing WOYWW which is hosted by the awesome Julia who brings us all together.  I have been mega busy this week, initially I was taking this week off getting ready for our camping hols next week, but seriously problems at work, appointments for college for my daughter, and some visiting of family, wow I have done more this week then the whole 4 weeks of the summer holiday lol.  And in between all that I have been doing some crafting, well trying to lol, got a few bits on the go to finish up for the week.  Luckily we are not going until next Tuesday as our tent is so big no camping site takes it during bank holiday weekends so at least I have the weekend :-).  Right let me get on with it, I'm such a waffler lol

Oooooo what's under the paper!!!! I'm afraid you have to wait until
the DT challenge on 1st September lol (my birthday in which
I'm camping, with no internet, no emails not sure I like that idea lol).
I just have to remember to finish it and blog it and schedule it right!!!
You can see top left is a canvas board I finished for the Indigo Blu challenge that
I missed as I forgot to blog it before yesterday oops, the woman on it is
set in fimo clay :-)  I did a quick tutorial with it so that will be on tomorrow,
I have another one to post as well and I have almost written up my crackle one at last.

I won some Paperartsy stamps on Sunday and they came today :-)
Plus another new heat gun, I mean what is wrong with me,
after melting one which did last quite a few years.  I shouldn't have heated UTEE
in a mince pie tin so close that it melted the heat gun instead.
So I have always wanted a Ranger heat gun which I got at Christmas
which went back in February as it was over heating and kept going on and off,
then the new one started doing the same two months ago, I mean seriously
I thought Ranger was the best, I'm so upset.  My other half didn't think
the shop would have it back and seems he is an electrician he checked
but the heating element is faulty also it had a piece snapped off.
I'm gutted as I obviously can't send it back and I have had
to buy a new one.  I really wanted another Ranger one but
I couldn't risk it :-(((((
Also you can see my dried paint that needs to be scrapped off,
and quite a few of my paints hanging around.  I need to find a new home for them as
yet again they have now outlived this space.  And Paperartsy
are bringing more out so I need to make sure I have plenty of space lol.

Right that's me done, I shall go a visiting tomorrow, EEEK it's exam results tomorrow and my daughter is dreading it, she has been excepted into the college she wants to go to which are going to be giving her mega help for her dyslexia, but we still need two D's so I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed.
Happy Woyww, I might be able to do camping woyww next week on my phone but not sure on coverage etc so it might be the week after :-)
Lots of hugs
Kezzy xxxxx
P.S wow I have 124 followers congrats to all my new followers, I shall sort out some more candy in September :-) A big thank you to everyone who supports and follows me :-) xxxxx
P.P.S I have just read the first line while pre-viewing, hmmmmm why do I say I am popping on quick, I am never quick, one day I might surprise you all lol lol xxxxx

Sunday 18 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration - The Sun ....................

Hi all, just popping on to show you my entry for the Paperartsy Inspiration Challenge and my entry is based on France Papillons beautiful frame.  I loved how she did the grunge paste circle and I knew immediately that I wanted to do a sun :-)

I initially wanted to shade around the sun
in black, well that was a huge mistake lol, 
I ended up have to repaint all around the area.
It looks patchy on here but it really is lovely in real life.
I wanted the whole canvas to be about the sun so
to reflect the sun on the flowers I used a shimmer spray.
Further down I show you how I did my squiggly lines :-)

I wanted some wiggly lines and wonder how I would go about it,
then I had the idea would it work in a shringe .............

It worked a treat and as long as you rinse it out straight
away then it can be used again next time.
I think it would go solid if I left it in there so I thought I better
not try as I only have one shringe left lol

I wanted my lines squiggly but you could do straight lines.
When I was using my oil pastels I didn't like the lines on top of the circle
so I took a sharp knife and it came off really well.

Right I had better go and clean up lol.  Hope your Sunday is crafty, I am planning on giving my craft room a good duster and hoover as seriously it needs it after this week.  Then I am going to step away from my craft room and do some catching up with blogging as there is some great makes I want to comment on.
Lots of Hugs
Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy grunge paste
Paperartsy Fresco paints - pumpkin soup, london bus, smoked paprika, hey pesto, beach hut, tinned peas, hyde park, guacamole, zesty zing, haystack.
Paperartsy stamps - ELB01, ELB02, ELB03, mini 44
Treasure gold - renaissance
Portfolio oil pastels, red orange, orange, yellow, yellow orange.
Tim Holtz - tissue wrap
Tim Holtz - make your own mask - I used Spellbinders circle
Cosmic shimmer mist - rich gold

Paperartsy - Sewing Tag

Hi all, it's time for our new challenge over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog which is Stitching real or faux. Now as you know over at Paperartsy Blog they have weekly designers, but during August they are also having special guests and yesterday it was the amazing Liz Borer and she did an absolutely stunning Sewing themed creation which I have based this project on.  I wasn't sure what to do for the DT challenge and I was really in a Paperartsy zone that I didn't want to wonder away.  Then when Liz did her project I was so inspired I just had to have go, especially as I have most of the Paperartsy sewing stamps.  Liz won 2012 Craft Stamper Magazine competition last year, she doesn't have a blog, but if she did I would definitely be subscribing.  I was very lucky to meet her last year at Artsycrafts, I had gone on my own and she soon took me under her wing.  I will never forget as well, if it wasn't for her on the second day I would have been oozing all over my projects, as just before I went I burnt my finger badly on the hot glue gun, well by the second day it was oozing and I was struggling and she had some antibiotic cream and voila it started to heal.  I hope one day you get to meet her, she is truly fantastic lady :-)

All details of what I used are at the end of the post
plus how I coloured the fabric with
my Fresco paints :-)

I made the button out of clay, it was something
I had done awhile ago, I used the mould making from 
Ranger and used an old decorated metal button.
Then I painted it with Fresco snowflake.
Then a few months later voila lol, bit of very berry and
some treasure gold :-)

When I started stamping on the cream calico fabric it looked 
so flat, so I used Fresco very berry with lots and lots of water, I also
sprayed the fabric with water.  Now I love using my distress inks to get the
splodges using them with water on my craft mat.
I decided to have a go with Fresco, I semi dried the now pinky fabric,
then I added some more very berry on my mat, and used less
water, then I dipped another mat into it and then splattered this down
in areas.  I was really pleased with it.

I then decided it needed to be a bit lighter so I did it
again but with vintage lace (I need some more it's almost run out Noooooooo!!)

And this is the fabric dry, I really really like
the texture that the splodging made :-)

Right I shall be off, think I need to craft more lol.  Hope you have a fantastic Sunday :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy stamps - HP1216, HP1211. HP1215, HP1213, Mini 44, Mini 20
Paperarsy Fresco paint - Chocolate pudding, crackle glaze (need more of this as well lol), vintage lace and very berry.
Archival inkpad - coffee and rose madder
Distress ink pads - victorian velvet, gathered twigs
Tresure gold - rose quortz
Calico fabric
Thread, embellishments 

Friday 16 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration -

Hi all, wow I can't believe I have managed a post lol, I am so behind in blogging, crafting is going well but I have so much to show you plus a mega tutorial with over 70 pictures half written lol. I also have another Paperartsy canvas plus a frame to show, I haven't shown the frame yet as I would like to link it up to the challenge to show what I have done but because it's last weeks inspiration would be happy not to be included with the prize, but not sure how to say that lol so not sure what to do.
Anyway I'm here to show you my Paperartsy Heart which is a complete disaster lol.  Over at Paperartsy the designer is the awesome France Papillon and she has done some amazing projects.  One of them is a hanging heart, the heart she used was paper mache but I didn't have one so I used a polystyrene heart which was a huge mistake.  In the end I managed to make something half decent but I am no way happy with it, but that's the way we learn, practice practice practice :-) all details of what I used is at the bottom of the page plus a funny picture of what happens when you don't think before you spray!!!

France was playing with alcohol inks then covering with fresco paint,
stamping with fresco paint then sanding some off.  Apart from a few chunks flying out
of the polystyrene heart Eeek it was all going so well that I also did the same
by cutting the Paperartsy tall heart die out of card to play
some more.  It was absolutely gorgeous and 
my new favorite is now Fresco claret.  So when I sanded it looked
a gorgeous dull colour really shabby chic.  Now the next step was to use bees wax and
I didn't think Ms Polystyrene Heart would appreciate that 
and may melt, so I used a spray varnish instead, BIG mistake,
the dull alcohol inks turned bright orange, it looked so bad I had to re stamp!!!
I have been brave enough to send the card to a special friend but
not sure what to do with the other, could be bin fodder again lol.

It didn't matter how many layers I put on the
polystyrene still shown through like mini round patches.
And of course the bright red.  It's funny really as I had made a dangly
in a more red colour but it didn't go so I made
a wine colour, but now after the varnish I should have kept with the red lol

Mr Dangly with Ms Polystyrene Heart ;-)

Closer picture of tag, I used claret as the base,
then crackle and snowflake on top. 

And my card :-)

Now I haven't gone mad, but when I'm in the
zone I do silly things, yesterday when I went outside to spray
the varnish it was extremely windy so I used the bin which
was closest to the out house so I could run in there after lol.
Well I forgot to bring paper out with me and 
being in the zone I thought it would be ok.
Now don't get me wrong, you could see the varnish a little
bit, like a darkened spot but it was fine
Hmmmmmmm then came the rain, this morning it looked like this,
I have now put my Art mark on the bin lol
Very nice texture actually with a bit of bird poo mixed in (yuk)

So after the above I remembered a picture I took earlier this year,
now when I want to take a picture I want to be quick, not mess about,
it could be time I can craft.  Well I wanted to take a picture
outside and decided this would look good in white, so I grabbed some 
tester paint I had (now I use snowflake fresco for everything
but I certainly wasn't wasting it on here lol, I'm already on my 4th bottle!!)
I took my picture and was very happy with it and went in and carried on.
Now this was a Friday so on Saturday my partner came running
into the house saying I think we have been marked, make sure the house
is locked if your upstairs and yep he went on and on and on and on and on,
well I hadn't a clue what he meant, I know he thought we might
get burgled but I hadn't seen any white cross, so he
took me outside and well, errrrr he knew straight away when he looked at
my face that I had done it lol.

Right I think I waffled on for too long, got to go and add crackle on my tag so I can go to bed :-)
Lots of crafty hugs
Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy stamps - mini 8, swirls & curls 1, backgrounds 6
Paperartsy fresco paints - snowflake, claret, crackle medium
Paperartsy Dies - Tall heart
Archival ink pad - plum
Ranger alcohol inks - raisin, butterscotch, red pepper 
Tim Holtz chit chat verbiages
Crafters Companion - spray varnish

Wednesday 14 August 2013


Hi everyone, sorry I have been awol, we had internet down again for the last few days and if I haven't been working I have been crafting, it's been bliss lol.  I have a tutorial half written up which is about crackle products and I will have 4 projects over the next few days :-).  I also want to apologise, our internet has been up and down for the last few weeks (Mr Virgin guy is coming on Saturday and he better fix this problem or else he will be wearing lots of crackle products!!!), I have hardly got around anybody last week with visiting and commenting so I shall be catching up over the next few days.  Right I better show my desks as it's Wednesday which means it's time for WOYWW :-)

My oriental project is done (left handside frame) apart from 
I don't know about the embellishments, I made some fimo charms and 
a small chinese knot which I have placed on the frame but haven't stuck down 
yest as I'm so not sure. Any comments and ideas would be great.  
I'm also nearly finished a heart hanging with matching tag and card.  I am
re beading the tassel as the one in red (near the spoon didn't go).
The stamps and spellbinders are for another project :-)

On the left is a canvas that I have added Tim Holtz tissue paper on, this
is the project that will go with the stamps!
Have you seen the tissues on the right?  I wanted some decorated ones for
using on canvas etc and I finally found some on ebay, she has loads
and most are around £1.50 for 4.  I can't explain how gorgeous they are,
if anyone wants to know where then howl and I will find :-)
Behind the sewing machine is more bottles of fresco paint.  I recently swapped
them from their old home to where they are now, but now I have
too many so I need to try again lol.  If you haven't tried Fresco paint you must
it is an awesome paint, a chalk feel when dry and dries in minutes.

Thought I would show you my downstairs crafting.  I normally
have to sit for an hour at a time when I take pain medication, to wait
for it to work.  I taught myself how to crochet in March this year and 
really am enjoying doing lots of different things.  I am in the middle of a flower bunting for
my friends daughter (in frame on fire place) she is such an amazing
3year old and I love her to bits.  Everytime I see her picture she always brings
a smile to my face.  There is a pink puffy phone cover half way through, my owl is
finished but hoping to make larger ones.  The blue wool on foot poufee thingy not sure
what they are called but the wool is for a top I'm going to attempt and the blue,
red and white square is for a bag I'm making.  I can't wait to go on holiday camping
just after bank holiday as it's going to be great taking my crochet (we have
a large large large tent, I like my comforts so I camp in style my sister says lol).
Also the note book on the table is my sketch book, now when I say sketch I mean
ideas for projects, not quite sketching, more like a pile of lines you wouldn't
have a clue at what they are lol.  The owl diary is to note challenges and deadlines in.

Right I think that's it lol, I will definitely be visiting tomorrow and over the next few days, tonight I thinks I might go to bed.  Thank you all for all your wonderful comments and lots of support, I really do appreciate it. Hope you have a fantastic crafty week, I'm planning on to, I so love summer and summer hours at work lol.
Happy Woyww :-) Hugs Kezzy xxx

Sunday 11 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration

Hi all, I managed to finish another one of my projects for the Paperartsy Inspiration Challenge based on this weeks designer Sue Carrington who has done some absolutely gorgeous creations this week, please pop on over and take a look :-).  I had got another project but won't finish that until later today but there is a sneak peek at the bottom of the page :-).  My entry is based on Sue's gorgeous box which was amazing, I based mine on her colours and crackle paint, I so loved the colours she used and when I have tried it in the past never quite get it right, but yesterday I received my new fresco paint pansy and wow another new favorite lol.

The main image is Paperartsy mini 37,
I wanted to use some minis that I had as I never
seem to use them much apart from script.
All other details of what I used is at the bottom
of the page :-)

When I was putting the paint on the crackle I used
a brush and painted once with sky, then pansy, then inky pool and
kept doing that until it was all finished.  
I really am so happy with the effect and these
colours are now my favorite (changes every day lol)

I used Paperartsy crunchy was paper which I embossed
with the sun rays folder, then painted with pansy
then used treasure gold :-)

Sneak peek of what I'm doing :-)

Eeek got to go as I won't be able to link up in time, I do waffle so much :-).  Hugs Kezzy xxx

Paperartsy Fresco paints - little black dress, crackle, inky pool, sky, pansy, eggplant.
Paperartsy stamps - mini 37 movie star, mini 44 script
Treasure gold - renaissance
Versafine onyx black, archival jet black
Wow clear embossing powder
Paperartsy crunchy wax paper
Grunge paste
Craft concepts - sun rays embossing folder
Tim Holtz film strip

Saturday 10 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration

Hi all, hope your all well.  I have had a couple of days crafting, I have been doing 3 projects that I was inspired by Paperartsy Inspiration in which the designer this week has been Sue Carrington and wow her projects has been amazing.  Also Paperartsy is celebrating 10 years this August and wow you need to go over there and see what's been happening, not only are there the usual designers, but also extras.  Each day there has been a post, some with new goodies, a video from Leandra every Saturday of August, but there are going to be lots more.  Also you need to pop on over to their shop as only on a Monday they are selling surprise boxes where the RRP is way more then what you pay.  Please have a look, you will be so inspired.

All crafty ingredients at the bottom of post :-)

I hand painted hearts with Fresco london bus, I knew
it wouldn't show up much and initially I was going
to go around them in black, but then decided
I liked the hidden look :-)

The door handles are jewellery clasps!!! painted
with my new favorite Fresco chocolate pudding which I got
new yesterday lol

The hinge has pearls that have been covered in
treasure gold, I did this as I wanted to stick the hinges down
so didn't want to use a brad, so I improvised :-)

For the inside I was using smoked paprika for the middle, then 
some brown shed and I needed a darker colour,
I looked at my chart (which I printed off from the Paperartsy
shopping side oops not sure if you can do that lol but it's
really useful) and it says cinnamon which I haven't got so
that is definitely on my list, I think I have most of them now lol.
So I have some finished bottles (I'm on my 4th bottle of snowflake
as that's all I use now for everything, even when mixing dylusion sprays etc,
I haven't used anything else since my first experience with it when
I did the Tim Holtz/Paperartsy day).  Erm where was I oh yes lol,
so I mixed brown shed and blood orange, and this is what
I got, errrrr lots of it so .........

I used one of my spare bottles, and scooped it in, voila.
Should last until my next spending spree :-)

Right I shall be off, I have another almost finished, just popping the last bits on project for this challenge, so shall be back in the morning with it.  I have another one but don't think I will get it finished in time, but that's ok as I have done a oriental theme and I am not going to rush it as I really like it.  So that will probably be in the middle of the week lol.  Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend.  Happy Crafting :-) Hugs Kezzy xx

Tim Holtz Sizzix arch and sized arch
Paper artsy Fresco - crackle, stone, mocha mousse, chocolate pudding, french roast, smoked paprika, brown shed, blood orange, sky, london bus, claret.
Paperartsy Grunge Paste
Paperartsy stamps - LPC004 and Clocks 1 (script)
Paperartsy dies - hardware
Stencils - Wendy Vecchi (brick wall), Crafters Workshop (mini harlequin)
Treasure gold - renaissance
Lace, pearls, charm, ribbon