Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Hi all, it's Wednesday (just lol) and it's time for us crafters to share our desk over at the amazing WOYWW.
Yep I'm late again lol, I can't help it, I had the morning working, then I was able to spend the rest of the day in the craft room, I took my photos around 3 hrs ago, but it's only now that I stopped for bed and my first thought was woyww lol.

I have 4 projects on the go,  just been painting them
all, the blue is dylusions on gesso again, I am going to try and
re produce my sea hanging here, into a card.
The rest are inspiration from Sue Carrington over at the Paperartsy Blog.

 Ok your probably thinking this is quite random lol,
the stamps spread there are the ones that I'm using in the above projects,
I had no where else to put them :-)

My other desk, actually it's not too bad, the tags
on the left hand side is a tutorial that I have almost finished on crackle
products, it should be up here on Friday if your interested :-)

Right I shall be off, I was late visiting this week but I did get around in the end lol.  Do you know I should be sorting out, sort of a spring clean, in my craft room and instead I'm so full of ideas I can't stop crafting lol.  Guess I will get it done slowly, actually one of my mates daughters wants her nails done in which I have done before, one of those occasions it was her birthday and I did loads lol.  Anyway seems shes now 13 her mum said she needs to pay for them, well I was like, NO WAY, she can come and help sort out my ribbon lol, she probably wish she paid in the end lol.
Right I'm going :-)  Lots of crafty hugs, happy woyww, Kezzy xxxxx


Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW Kezzy!

I am the same at present, suddenly the mojo kicked in big but I am not getting anything finished, keep starting something else!

I have a 13 year old neice coming to stay for a whole week in August, but my parents have her for a week first so she will be subdued, as won't be allowed to misbehave, and will be grateful to be at ours!

Oh and she is in love, first time, with a boy she met in Turkey, my dad said he is putting a bar on Turkey so she can't phone from their phone!

Cazzy x #100

April said...

It is great that you are too inspired to clean up the craft room. Can you share some of that mojo please?
April #122

Annie said...

I've really enjoyed a good snoop today Kerry. You have lots of fun things on the go there :-)
If you paint my nails I would happily help sort your ribbons :-)
A x # 59

Twiglet said...

Sounds like you are having fun there! x Jo

rachel said...

Hi Kerry - looks like your desk is very busy!!! As always! Enjoy it xx

Unknown said...

no cleaning up, I did that the other day then today another project popped up and 'oh dear' mess again, but its far more fun that way yes?

Must look at that blog you mentioned later.

Lynda #82

Julie Lee said...

Ooh, just saw this! Sorry I'm so late. Life's been mad!!! I love your enthusiasm, Kezzy! My daughter paints my nails when she has time and her best friend is a hairdresser and does my hair! Just wait. When they get older they start to do things for you and then you can craft more!!! Crafty hugs, Julie Ann xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Looking forward to seeing your SC project Kezzy! I did my friend's gel nails last night but she didn't sort out my ribbon drawer! It's a good thought though!

Lucy x

Terry said...

What a busy looking desk and I know whatever you are working on will be amazing! Enjoy the weekend!

glitterandglue said...

The trouble with tidying up is that I straight way make another mess and muddle - can't win if we are going to be crafty folk!
Have a great week.
Margaret #68

Darnell said...

You are so adept at flitting from flower to flower, Kerry! I wish I had that skill, but I'm too simple-minded! Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #12

okienurse said...

wow busy desks! Looks like you are having a creative week! Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting around this week but I am making it around finally! Hope you had a great weekend! Vickie #36

Eliza said...

You should never put those Lynne stamps away they should always be in use. Mind you if you have no where to store them you could always post them here and I will look after them LOL. Great creative desk this week.

Sorry I am late visiting been working horrible hours.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 24