Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hi everyone, sorry I have been awol, we had internet down again for the last few days and if I haven't been working I have been crafting, it's been bliss lol.  I have a tutorial half written up which is about crackle products and I will have 4 projects over the next few days :-).  I also want to apologise, our internet has been up and down for the last few weeks (Mr Virgin guy is coming on Saturday and he better fix this problem or else he will be wearing lots of crackle products!!!), I have hardly got around anybody last week with visiting and commenting so I shall be catching up over the next few days.  Right I better show my desks as it's Wednesday which means it's time for WOYWW :-)

My oriental project is done (left handside frame) apart from 
I don't know about the embellishments, I made some fimo charms and 
a small chinese knot which I have placed on the frame but haven't stuck down 
yest as I'm so not sure. Any comments and ideas would be great.  
I'm also nearly finished a heart hanging with matching tag and card.  I am
re beading the tassel as the one in red (near the spoon didn't go).
The stamps and spellbinders are for another project :-)

On the left is a canvas that I have added Tim Holtz tissue paper on, this
is the project that will go with the stamps!
Have you seen the tissues on the right?  I wanted some decorated ones for
using on canvas etc and I finally found some on ebay, she has loads
and most are around £1.50 for 4.  I can't explain how gorgeous they are,
if anyone wants to know where then howl and I will find :-)
Behind the sewing machine is more bottles of fresco paint.  I recently swapped
them from their old home to where they are now, but now I have
too many so I need to try again lol.  If you haven't tried Fresco paint you must
it is an awesome paint, a chalk feel when dry and dries in minutes.

Thought I would show you my downstairs crafting.  I normally
have to sit for an hour at a time when I take pain medication, to wait
for it to work.  I taught myself how to crochet in March this year and 
really am enjoying doing lots of different things.  I am in the middle of a flower bunting for
my friends daughter (in frame on fire place) she is such an amazing
3year old and I love her to bits.  Everytime I see her picture she always brings
a smile to my face.  There is a pink puffy phone cover half way through, my owl is
finished but hoping to make larger ones.  The blue wool on foot poufee thingy not sure
what they are called but the wool is for a top I'm going to attempt and the blue,
red and white square is for a bag I'm making.  I can't wait to go on holiday camping
just after bank holiday as it's going to be great taking my crochet (we have
a large large large tent, I like my comforts so I camp in style my sister says lol).
Also the note book on the table is my sketch book, now when I say sketch I mean
ideas for projects, not quite sketching, more like a pile of lines you wouldn't
have a clue at what they are lol.  The owl diary is to note challenges and deadlines in.

Right I think that's it lol, I will definitely be visiting tomorrow and over the next few days, tonight I thinks I might go to bed.  Thank you all for all your wonderful comments and lots of support, I really do appreciate it. Hope you have a fantastic crafty week, I'm planning on to, I so love summer and summer hours at work lol.
Happy Woyww :-) Hugs Kezzy xxx


Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW Kezzy, I refreshed and there you were! That reminds me I must take painkillers, my back is playing up today, I carried bags in - bad Cazzy!

I love your oriental frame, I wonder if you need a branch with cherry blossom going across one corner? I don't know, I have Chinese coins, and tassles but not a lot else apart from little tiny cushions, and matching fabric which I got from Mei Flower years ago.

I would love to know about the printed tissue, it is gorgeous!

Well done on the crochet, I taught myself as a child, and my Mum wanted me to teach her but she doesn't have the patience to do chain before making a garment so she never did learn!

Cazzy x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have missed you, dear. I resemble your internet woes. I finally had to call my carrier who told me service was down in my area. It sure makes you know how much you rely on this silly technology.

I really like that tissue. I have a friend who bought an entire roll of it. It came in a container much like wax paper or aluminum foil comes in. I have NO idea where she got it, or what she paid for it, but I sure liked it. Of course, she didn't offer me any (grin).

Hope you are feeling OK. I like that crochet. I can't do it anymore because my hand goes to sleep too fast.

Happy WOYWW from #1.

Kim Ferguson (Paper Crafting) said...

Lots going on. Not crocheting going on in my house at all. Maybe someday I will find someone who has patience to teach me. Kim 26

roffeycreations said...

Hi Kezzy - wow love the paints you do have a few LOL... your crochet is lovely - not one of the things I am good at but in a pinch I can get a big square together.. LOL Have a great week - Happy WOYWW Mxx #70

ike said...

Love the charm and knot - deffo stick it down :-D Lovely selection of goodies you have there.
The crochet looks wonderful and it's a great thing to take with you :-) Seems to me you are going 'Glamping' with a huge tent and home comforts LoL :-D
Thanks for the snoop :-)

IKE in Greece #99

Julie Lee said...

Hi Kezzy! Wow - you have some gorgeous things on the desk this week! I am well interested in the printed tissues. I think I saw some in a little craft shop the other day, but I resisted temptation, although I love tissue!!! But these sound a bargain! I love the hearts and your crochet is exquisite! Oh, how I wish I could come and play! Julie Ann xxx #39

Julie Lee said...

PS I forgot to say how marvellous the oriental project is looking! I am crazy about oriental! Don't ask my advice about where to put things, as I am sooo indecisive and take ages before I stick anything down!!! Julie Ann xxx #39

rachel said...

your desk looks amazing Kezzy as usual and your crochet - I really need to learn how to do this - what did you use to learn?

shazsilverwolf said...

Love all the interesting stuff to see in your work areas- the oriental frame is lovely. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #45 xx

glitterandglue said...

What wonderful busy spaces. They are just great - so many different activities.
Do trust you won't have to waste your crackle products on the virgin man!!!
have a great week.
Margaret #69

April said...

I don't know what I would do without my internet. I would have to take a shower, get dressed and go into the office to work! LOL Looks like you've made great use of your internet down time. I will have to try fresco paint. Love the colors of yard you've chosen.
April #120

Julia Dunnit said...

I think a lot of us have taught ourselves crochet this year..I'm loving it and like you, have a bit of a queue of projects! I can't possibly offer any idea for the frame, am dazzled by how much stuff you have on the go!