Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hi all, yep it's time for all us crafters to show our crafty desks as it's Wednesday which means over at WOYWW we can nosy through lots and lots of lovely crafty stash :-)
I am starting to get over the cold, still lingering but now I seem to be able to function so much better lol.  Do you know I am in the middle of writing up two posts that are draft at the moment, but over the last few days I just couldn't seem to get my head around it, I reckon working, having a cold, doing some sorting, bit of crafting meant that by the time I got to the computer I had lost so precious brain cells!!!! lol lol.

So slightly picture heavy as I show how I am sorting bits in the craft room, seriously you will look at it and think errrrrr Kezzy it looks a lot worse then last week lol, but slowly I'm working out were I want to put things.  I would love to decorate it but because we don't know until Dec 2014 if we are loosing our house to build a railway we just refuse to do anything to the house.

My working desk, I'm afraid I had cleared up sort of as I was
working on it this morning (accounts and invoices everywhere lol)
Then my daughter was at the hospital in the afternoon for her coeliac disease.
I really feel sorry for her, she was only diagnosed last year and she
still hasn't completely got her head around it, and each time she has a blood
test it's still elevated which means gluten is somewhere in her diet.
The results today were not ready but over the last few months she has had some
attacks (when she eats gluten she gets sick and has really bad stomach)
and also she has been tired etc.  The specialist tried to be harsh
today saying about how serious it is and can be in the future so she must
be more careful, I know the specialist had to do this but at almost 17 she
feels like her life is so bad as she can't eat what she wants.
Anyway sorry I went off on one, so went there and then came back to carry on but
I was so tired and also I have been really thinking of my friend as this afternoon she
had to put her dog Fizz to sleep, all the family went, she is 14 and is really
poorly and the vet says there is nothing they could do.  She is my best friend
and we have gone through so much together that I really can't stop thinking of
this awful day she is having to go through :-(
Oh no I went off on one again, bet your like come on get on with it lol
So I am just starting one project, the canvas is another project, actually
it looks like nothing is on there, but it's been covered in music tissue,
had paint over it, then more paint, then covered again in white paint, then
crackle, all for a shabby look, eeeek I hope it looks better then it does now in this 
pic lol.  The snow queen hanging is one of the posts I am in the middle of 
writing up, she was stamped in clay :-)

Dumping desk with errrrrr stuff dumped on there.
You may notice a bit of a change!!!!

The floor is errrrr still messy, still sorting.  The ribbon bags have gone though :-)

The ribbon storage has gone from here and the grand calibur is back lol
All my masks are on the die big shot.  Not sure where their living yet or how I am
going to store them.  You can't really see but all my dies are on both shelves
on the bottom under all the paper, but jewellery is hanging there at the moment in front of it.

Yep it was time to move the embellishment storage.  I am actually not going
to use that anymore, I am so needing space so I am going to be mixing them up a bit in bigger
storage boxes.

My shelve has had a bit of a swap around.

Where the embellishments were is not two wooden boxes
(used to be a bathroom storage I bought for my craft room but now took boxes off).
All my Fresco paints sit in both boxes (gelli plate sitting on one of them).
This paint is what I use most and so far this is it's 3rd home, as I kept out growing them.
As it is I fill both boxes and have no space for new ones but I have two more
wooden boxes that could sit on top if needs be :-)

Where the wooden boxes were is now some useful boxes that were where
the die cutting was.  Also all the flowers in the little pots straight ahead are somewhere else so 
these will now be filled with my addiction of buttons :-)
The metal bits and bobs i.e. ideology in the boxes on the left are going somewhere else
all the embellishments till be going in these mixed colours.

Where the pink boxes are were all my dies and masks that were getting ruined.
Now these boxes hold my ribbon, separated in bags (the carry bags still need sorting into
smaller bags lol, so really I moved them from the floor to here lol).  I'm afraid the 
ribbon storage that I bought in July and was wrapping ribbon on card
didn't work as I did it with paper clips and it was ruining them so
now it's been changed.  One day I think I will have them hanging from somewhere
but at the moment they will be in little bags separated so easy to find.
As you can see, I have an addiction to ribbon also!!!!
The orange boxes have box 1. flowers, 2. paper flowers/fabric embellishments,
3. chipboard/grunge board shapes, 4. wire, chain, ball chain, old jewellery I use for craft,
and number 5. will have all the ideology type embellishments in it.
I will take lots of pictures when they are all properly filled.
And at the bottom the ribbon storage is now fabric storage.
AND my lovely dog Jasmine is in the picture, great friends with Fizz, as they
grew up together.  Jasmine is 12 and we all love her so much :-)
I took so fab pictures on holiday of her and the kids which I will be adding
to Annie's fun Friday :-)

Quick close up of one of the boxes :-)

Sorry for some of the bad pictures, I only did them half hour ago.  Thank you all for so many beautiful comments and well wishes.  I truly appreciate everyone of them :-).
Happy Woyww, hope you all have a fab crafty week :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxxxx


Julie Lee said...

Hi there Kezzy! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Just saw this before bed! I am so sorry to hear about Shannon's problem; it is hard at 17 not to be able to eat what you want. There must be a better way to deal with young people than just coming on strong like this: it doesn't work! I taught teenagers for years so I should know. Today Matilda was moaning about the project she has to do before returning to college. I was just chatting to her and she said, 'Mum you just helped me and I didn't even know you were doing it. Now I've got ideas for what to do but I don't feel you told me what to do at all.' I really think this is the way you have to do it with young people, subtly! Anyway, I'm rambling now - and sounding like an awful old know-it-all!!! Your work room always looks so very interesting and such fun! I'm addicted to ribbon too, but I am hopeless at keeping them in any order! Have a happy WOYWW! Julie Ann Lee xx #42

Robin said...

Hi Kezzy! This is my first time visiting you! So glad I made it by. Also glad you are feeling better. Being gluten free is tough, I am. There was so much to learn and I am still learning. And truly having celiac disease is aweful, especially for a teenage girl. And what a great friend you are to be there for your friend. Those are the times that mean so much. I enjoyed the tour of all your stuff. Its nice to see another mixed media artist out here. I've never tried the crackle paint on a canvas but it sounds fun. Have a great WOYWW week and I hope your daughter feels better this evening. Rasz #125

Robin said...

Hi Kezzy! Glad I snooped you! Really enjoyed your studio. I pray your daughter feels better! Cant wait to see your completed canvas!

Thank you for the visit! Hugs Robin #51

Robin said...

woops, I did a copy paste, You have not had time to get by my desk. Sorry for the confusion! Wish I knew how to back up! HA!

Nikki said...

Wow so much to play with in your place. Have fun sorting thru it all. Hope your daughter get's her diet all worked out
hugs Nikki 10

ike said...

Woah !!! See... I told you ... EVERYBODY is doing cleaning so it must be an epidemic !!! :-)
Sorry to have been feeling down and all the bad vibes in your life just now :-( Your daughter should try the CaveMan diet :-D
I hope you feel happy again soon :-D


IKE in Greece #91 XX

Helen said...

Wow you've had a lot going on - hope your daughter comes to terms with things...
The craft room is amazing - and you think I've got lots of stuff!! I see you have Lin Brown's new stamps, they are fabulous.. Thanks for your visit. Helen 19

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the snoop round all your crafty stuff - you certainly have got plenty to play with! x Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm late as usual..let me answer your question about the paper you spotted on my desk last week..there's a whole blog post about it today (Thursday). meanwhile, I think int makes me s,ole when you admit to a ribbon addiction...girl, you have a craft supplies addiction full stop!! Lovely to see round your room and I think the changes that you are making make sense too...I had my embellies in those little drawers too, and got to a point of change and don't regret it at all.
You poor daughtter, sadly it will be years before she can look back and know that her life isn't ruined...I do feel for her.

Kelly said...

Hey Kezzy!

Girl, so much going on in your life. I'm sorry your daughter is at that age where life seems to suck anyway without having to deal with this. With your support, she will get past this.

And your post this week is a perfect example of why we are on Julia's train. We have the opportunity to see how everyone organizes their space, what works and what doesn't.

Hugs and Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #105

She Who Doodles said...

wow, lots of stuff. envy the shelves. would love a little more room for storage.

Gita said...

Lots and lots of great crafting goodies there. i need different storage for my inks. I have clear containers right now and all the distress inks are just way too much to hold up the drawers. Brigita #103