Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Hi, I know it's been so long since I have blogged.  A lot is due to family issues. An elderly member who we looked after was in hospital and needed taking care of.  She is now happily in a home and really loves it and looks better then she has in ages.  She is 98 and so healthy.  She was mostly in hospital due to stopping eating and drinking and in the end it was all down to loneliness. Even though we tried our best since Adrian's mum died  (who looked after her most of the time) last year, we both work full time and couldn't be there all the time.  Adrian also had another death in the family, his Aunty who was his mother's twin.  So as you can imagine something had to give and I chose blogging while we all got through everything.  But I have still been creating and took a huge task on by trying to sort my craft room.  It's not done yet but lots to show so I hope you don't mind alot of pics lol.
And of course I am showing this post for everyone out there that joins in with What's On Your WorkDesk Wednesday over on Julia's Blog. :-)

The first two pictures show how my room was.

And now for the changes so far.  
First off I sorted out this cupboard and managed to get all my canvas, alterables
and other general bits and bobs to alter.

The stamps haven't been done yet, still now sure how to make any
of that better yet, so any ideas would be appreciated.
The few bits in front of the stamps are bits that are half way through plus some
bits left to sort.
The two boxes on the left are my flowers etc.  I show them closely at
the end of this post.

The huge job was sorting out all my embellishments and wood bits etc all
now here rather then in big boxes that I can never find anything in.
Below are my journals and watercolour paper pads.

The other big this was sorting out my jewellery, now that was in a 
right mess but it's great now as everything is sorted and labelled so hopefully
will get used more.

The biggest change is the other table has gone and now my units are
in it's place.  It gives the room such an open plan feel and I'm not bumping into

I will take photos next week of what's in them all.  The shelves still
have a few larger boxes on which are the items that won't fit
in the embellishment box but everything is labelled.
I now have all my sprays out which is easier then in a drawer.  Plus
now the black drawer unit is paint only.

These are my trolleys, easy to put aside rather then on that desk I used to have.
Everything I need is on there plus the top where my purple heat gun is
usually is clear and I put anything I am working on all the paints etc I will use.
At the end I put it all away ready for the next project.

You can see here how it's certainly less claustrophobic.

On my desk tonight is some watercolour paper to cut up for some cards and
some twigs that I bought.

 Nothing happened on here yet as you can see, apart from on the shelves
are a few boxes I sorted.

The drawers have been sorted but the filing cabinet
hasn't, I want to be able to add 12by12 paper in there as they are in large
boxes by my desk.

I haven't sorted out my dies yet either so I still have some bits in the
new year to keep me busy lol.

And now for my flower boxes.  I seriously have to use more flowers lol.

The next few pictures show what's inside them all.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour and now I am back to blogging I can't wait to show you all the crafting I have been doing.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx