Saturday 29 June 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration - Cuff Bracelet

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much but this project took a few days to do, but wow I thoroughly enjoyed playing and learning as I went on :-).  It all started over at the Paperartsy Blog where this weeks designer Darcy Wilkinson has been playing around with making beautiful washi tape, an apron, a doll and a gorgeous journal page, please pop on over to see all her wonderful projects.  I wanted to play with fabric this week, then I fell for the washi tape so I decided to combine both.  As it is I didn't use the ribbon in the end as it didn't look quite right, so a few plans changed as they do when your learning lol.  I have also took a few pictures of what I did and all the ingredients are at the bottom, all you need is fresco paints and satin glaze, fabric, fabric medium (optional), thread, wooden beads (Paperartsy Shop sell them), tissue (i.e. for nose split in two so only one thin sheet or you can used tissue paper), inkpads (permanent), stamps which I used all Paperartsy :-)

My daughter wearing the cuff

Different Angle

Sorry photo slightly dark oops

Close look of beads, now when I show the how pictures below I'm
afraid I missed taking pictures of doing the stamping on the beads.  
I stamped on tissue using archival jet black which I heat set, then
I used Fresco satin glaze on the bead, then put tissue on and then covered the bead again
with glaze :-)

Cuff, I used a thin cotton that I stitched a thin hem on either side,
then the ends I folded underneath and secured.

I didn't use all the beads below but just an idea of how I managed
to hold them while painting.  When I need closer
painting I took the green wire and tightened it around the bead so I could old
it close.  The darker wood beads where already treated no plain wood but
I wanted the shape and the best thing with Fresco you just paint right
over it with one of the opaque colours as seen below.

These beads had two coats of Haystack Fresco paint.
You can see how I looped the beads around the green metal stick to 
hold them :-)

I wanted the colour to sort of blend into each other, this
is how I managed it lol

Then I spritzed Fresco haystack with lots of water and
painted the cuff and the ribbon (which I didn't use but will use it on
a future project)

As you can see the cuff had the same treatment as the beads except
I used water with the paints.  I used on top blood orange, smoked paprika and
pumpkin soup.

Closer look

I forget to take a picture of the stamping on the cuff.  I used archival pale ochre and venetian orange to stamp the scrip from Mini 44.  The I used Squiggly Mini 8 for the twirls on the cuff using archival verimillion.
The beads where stamped with Squiggly Tops & Tails 1.

Now the braiding, I have took some close up pictures of doing the
knot to show you how to do it.  If anyone wants anymore details 
let me know :-)

Then to do the next knot you start from the opposite side.
Now I always seem to forget which sides I'm on but it is easy to
tell which side is next.  If you look closely to the previous
know you will see it is either on the left or the right of the braid,
if the know is on the left then your starting point is on the left,
whereas if the knot is on the right you start on the right.

You thread the bead through the middle strings then knot around them.
I did 3 knots before the next bead was put on :-)

I then made a hole on the cuff to thread the string to the back,
I actually used crochet yarn lol

This is the back with one of the snappy things to close the cuff
around the arm, I forget what they are called lol.
I bet a magnet clasp would be good as well.

Right I shall be off, hope I gave you some ideas to make a future braid.  But you really need to nip and see the projects that Darcy has done they are truly amazing and very inspirational.
Lots of hugs, hope you get a crafty Sunday :-) Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy Fresco paint - satin glaze, haystack, pumpkin soup, blood orange, smoked paprika
Paperartsy stamps -  Mini 44 script, Squiggly mini 8 scroll, Squiggly Tops & Tails 1 for the flowers and twirl on the beads.
Fabric Medium 
Archival jet black, vermillion, pale ochre, venetian orange
Wooden beads
White thread and orange thread to sew clasp on
Tissue (the kind for noses!!!!)
Yarn (I used thick crochet yarn)

Thursday 27 June 2013

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday 213 errrrr Thursday

Hi all, yep I missed yesterday, so I am hoping that I can get away with posting woyww today if Julia doesn't mind :-).  I took the pictures yesterday but my back was so bad I just couldn't do anything yesterday evening and ended up in bed.  But good news, I shall be having my steriod injections a week on Monday so in 3 weeks time I shall be up and about lol.  So I am going to be mega quick and show my
desks :-)

Hmmmm bet your wondering what I am in the middle of!!!! 
You will have to wait :-) lol

Ooooooo Annie aka Wipso will be proud of me, my 
sewing machine is out lol.

Right I'm off to do some visiting, a day late lol, mind you I do like to visit all through the week lol.
Lots of Crafty hugs
Kezzy xxxxx

Tuesday 25 June 2013

London Distress Style

Hi all, don't ask, I haven't a clue why I chose that title lol. I have been playing in the craft room this evening and decided to play along with the challenge over at Dragons Dream Tag which is Red, Text/Book page, An embellishment, I haven't been able to play for the last couple of their challenges with how busy I was with the accounts, but it's great to be able to play again :-)

I stamped the flag with distress stains and then added the picket fence stain
in the areas where the white would be on the flag.  Then I used
clear embossing powder and heat set it.

I used several distress inkpads for the rest of the tag, then I splated
water to give the speckle effect. I sewn around the tag and then
stamped the London over the flag and also heat embossed that.

I'm not sure I like the frame I made as I went over the edges with the UTEE but as
you can see the chipboard frame was entirely different to what it came
out as lol, the inside is a stamp.

I also dipped my edges into the UTEE and I used distress stains for
my ribbon, to grunge it up a bit I also used black soot.  Then I twisted
and tied some knots at the end then pulled them apart to add some more texture.

The bottom ribbon is a book page that I sewn, then I covered it with
distress stain and did the edges in black soot. Then I stapled it
onto my tag, before I did I coloured my staples with a
black promarker :-)

Eek look at the time, it finishes in about 10 minutes eek eek lol lol.  Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Stamps - Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz London Sights
Distress stains - barn door, salty ocean, picket fence
Distress ink pads - black soot, barn door, fired brick, festive berries
Archival jet black and Versafine onyz black ink pads
Ranger Clear UTEE
Fresco paints - little black dress, crackle glaze, baltic blue (frame)
Crafts Too chipboard frame
Book paper
Postage Stamp
WOW ultra fine clear embossing powder
Black promarker
Crown charm

Sunday 23 June 2013

Paperartsy Flowers

Hi all, yep late as always, I'm afraid we had a busy day yesterday taking the kids to their dads wedding which was 3.5hrs away, then killing 9 hours at Great Yarmouth, then pick them up and come home so it was a mega long day.  So my DT piece for That Craft Place Challenge Blog which was Flowers was inspired by Carol Quance over at Paperartsy, her work this week has been amazing and I was inspired by her tags and colours she used this week :-)

I used grunge paste with the Cornflower mask, then painted the whole
tag with Fresco snowflake.  I then painted over it with Haystack, then used
wipes for the pumpkin soup, smoked paprika and london bus.
Then I did the bump technique with haystack and blood orange, but I have
to admit the mask I used didn't quite work so I then went over it with the bingo 
mask with Tresure Gold rose quartz. Then I added random stamping with
min44 and LPC003 with archival jet black.  The I stamped on black card
with snowflake, london bus, blood orange for the main flower, leaves
guacamole, tinned peas, hyde park, and the small flowers haystack, pumpkin
soup, smoked paprika, london bus.  The stamp sets I used were 
ELB01 and ELB03.

Right thats about it lol, better go and enter before it's too late.  Please pop on over to all the blogs to have a look at some amazing work.  Happy Sunday :-) Hugs Kezzy xxx

Thursday 20 June 2013

Indigo Blu - Miracle

Hi all, just popping on to enter the challenge over at Indigo Blu which is backgrounds.  I did a painted canvas hanging.  The other day next door to mums the garden was full of large poppies, while I was there it really haled and rained really really hard, when I came out they were still there braving the weather (ok so it's not like they can walk away lol) but to me it was a miracle they were still standing tall.  I have a few pics of the process and shall give you a quick look at how I got there.  All I have used is in the recipe at the bottom :-)

I wanted the background ( all painted) to almost be misty with
only the poppy in the front, sort of a surreal look :-)

I stamped on acetate and cut out the poppy leaving an edge 
so the poppy looks slightly wicked at the sides. 
Before I added the colours I used white to start with as
the red I have is translucent so it will pop more on white.

The background started with tissue paper which I stamped
randomly and then used modpodge to stick it to the canvas.  I wanted
lots of texture so all the ripples are there on purpose :-)

The background was painted with Fresco paint, then I used
a brayer with white over the top to highlight the ripples and
give a muted feeling so the poppy would pop out.  I then
used the mask I made and painted it white before adding the colour
through the mask.

Some closer pics :-)

Right I'm off, hope your all having a fantastic day.  It's been raining here but it is really muggy, guess it's better then cold and windy lol.
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Stamps - Indigo Blu (dinkie vintage flourish, wild meadow, script background, itsy bitsy background, poppy meadow)
Paint - Paperartsy Fresco paint - snowflake, pumpkin soup, smoked paprika, hey pesto, beach hut, zesty zing, little black dress.
Archival jet black and sap green ink pads
Stazon black ink pad
Canvas board
Tissue paper
Mod podge

Wednesday 19 June 2013


Hi all, late again.  It's time for WOYWW and for once I shall be quick :-).  I'm sorry I don't know where the week has gone and I didn't get around to much commenting.  I'm struggling at the moment with walking (back problem) and everything is a little tough at the moment, BUT all is well and hopefully in a few weeks I shall have my injections and be back in form lol.  It always takes the wind out of me when I get like this, but I have to admit, with my art, crochet and beautiful weather (even if only for a day!!!) I am in good spirit :-)

Yep a mess lol but as you can see I'm playing :-)
I have been cutting my own masks and over stamping, the hanging
which is almost done is for a Indigo Blu challenge.

Still a dumping table, I have been discussing with my
other half about swapping bits around in the craft room and
trying to sort out and make things have homes lol :-)
Think it might be a slow process, as you know with Men,
they have to think for days, plan for weeks and in a years time
they are ready, by that time us Women have done it ourselves!!!!!

Right I shall be off, hope you all have a fantastic crafty week and weekend.  We are at Great Yarmouth on Saturday, NOT looking forward to it lol, it's my kids dads wedding (which is fine lol), but we have to drop them off (3.5hrs there), then kill 8 hours, pick them up and drive back (15hrs!!). I'm not driving my partner is as I can't drive far.  We have to take our dog with us as she is 13 and can't manage on her own for that long, I am quite looking forward to spending sometime with Ade and Jasmine, but I wish the journey wasn't so far, especially as I hurt so much.  But yet again, I'm fine with it and I'm sure I shall have a wonderful day (drugged up with painkillers lol), so if anyone knows of any dog friendly places there Please let me know, it would be very appreciated :-).  Right I'm off to bed, lots of hugs, shall visit as many as possible this week.
Kezzy xxxxx (yet again I managed an essay!!!! you should see how long my text messages are!!!!)

Sunday 16 June 2013

Paperartsy - Grunge Paste mixed with Fresco Crackle = Awesome

Hi all, yep late as always lol, this is because I have had a fun week of playing, seeing what works with what lol.  Over at the Paperartsy Blog this weeks designer is France Papillon and she has made some amazing projects using grunge paste and crackle.  Now the week before I had already done some bricks as embellishments (Here) and I really wanted to explore more and wow I have had so much fun.  I have made my own masks, been over stamping, using crackle on grunge and so on.  So here goes (recipe of what I have used is at the bottom), I worked in my small journal this week which was inspired by the project journal with crackle paint background (you must go have a look is awesome).

I decided to make my own mask of the tree and the bird house
(picture of masks below), I stamped on acetate, then cut out with a knife.
I mixed grunge paste and fresco mud splat and layered it over the mask on craft mat.
After it was dry I restamped the tree over the grunge paste, I was so impressed
by my embellishment I had another go with the bird house.  Now this
time I decided to do a thicker layer (grunge paste mixed with fresco squid)
which took overnight to dry, then I added crackle paint over the top
and when dry added fresco stone.  Now I meant to sand back before
over stamping but I got too eager lol and ended up forgetting. 
On the right I used the mask on the page with just mud splat and overstamped,
it's not perfect but I love the effect.

For the sun I wanted texture so I pounced my brush 
with haystack, then pumpkin soup and smoked paprika.
I also wanted to see if my polychromos would colour over
the top and they did perfectly. 

My birds were stamped on Paperartsy stamping paper and coloured
with my polychromos pencils, the stamping paper was great
for blending the pencils.  This is the first time I have used
them in my stamping.  I initially bought them for parchment craft
years ago and never used them as I found stamping lol.

Closer look at the grunge paste tree embellishment.
Also a close up of the bird house with (me!!) so needing
to sort out the house and sort out the art lol

Close up of the bird house and crackle on top

The masks which I will keep with the stamps I used :-)

Right I better be off and link my entry lol, hope you have a lovely Sunday.
Happy Crafting :-)
Kezzy xxx

Stamps - Paperartsy - JOFY 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, Paperartsy words 4, Eclectica 3 ELB01
Paperartsy Fresco Paints - stone, smoked paprika, pumpkin soup, haystack, squid, ice blue, brown shed, mud splat.
Paperartsy Fresco Crackle and Grunge Paste
Crafters Workshop mask - mini harlequin and Tando sequin waste
Archival jet black and Stazon jet black inkpads
Treasure Gold - rose quartz
Paperartsy - stamping paper
Pens - Faber Castell (cold grey pitt pen), Sharpie (white paint pen), Promarker (black)
Colouring - Faber Castell polychromas - oranges and yellows - 9201 - 109, 108, 106, 113, 121, 115, 111, 117, 118, Blues - 145, 152, 149, 154, Greens - 161, 158, 162, 267, 163.

Wednesday 12 June 2013


Hi ya, I can't believe I nearly missed WOYWW (what's on your workdesk wednesday), I came upstairs to check my emails etc before going to bed and suddenly thought, it's Wednesday I should be doing something on Wednesday lol.  My mojo has disappeared over the last couple of days, not sure why.  Earlier this evening I did try doing something in my journal, but gave up, I shall try again tomorrow :-).  I reckon it could be the fact I am back to work this week after a week off, I'm also in pain as my steriod injections are due so just waiting for an appointment, also my craft room needs sorting!!!  As you can see by the last picture I have taken, things need sorting lol.
As you can see, not much going on :-(

Still the dumping desk, but not too messy :-)

One of my areas that need sorting are my stamps, they
so need to be filed, I shall be ruining them the way
they are, also you haven't seen my die cut area that needs sorting
plus so many ribbons, buttons etc just dumped on desk and in boxes as
they need sorting.  I seriously think it has kidnapped mojo so I can do something
about it!!!! :-(

Right that's all from me, I shall be off to catch up on some commenting then off to bed :-).
Happy Woyww, Hugs Kezzy xxxxx