Monday 26 March 2018

Paperartsy Giveaway - Colourful Journal

Hi ya, I'm sorry the giveaway should have ended today but I still have alot of interest so I shall wait one more week, thank you everyone who has been commenting.  I have to admit this should have been on the blog yesterday but I had a fall and with a bad back that is never good, so yesterday I ended up resting all day. 

I am so enjoying playing with Paperartsy again.  I have to admit I haven't been playing alot with the stamps or the infusions, I have been playing more with the paint.  I think it's because I am loving just making bright colours and lots of layers rather than an actual meaningful page.

Today I am back in my colour journal.  It's my journal that is just for playing with colour and nothing has to mean anything.  I was actually making a masterboard for some ATC's I wanted to start (which I haven't really done anything with lol) and all my wipe up paint was in my colour journal.  So the step by step is making the ATC's and what clean up went in the below journal.  I then show a few more layers that went onto this page.  The only pics I didn't take were all the crayons and pen marks I made to finish it off, this was done while on the sofa.  I love just to play and relax and see what works and what doesn't.

The product list is at the bottom of the page and the products are linked to That's Crafty where I buy all my Paperartsy products from.  You can buy straight from Paperartsy but they prefer if you support you local craft shop.  I don't have a local shop but I do all my arty buying online.

I have to admit I love this page.  I have done lots of close up pics,
purely because of how many layers there is and even I seem to find 
something new each time I look lol.

I started by using the paints with white straight onto mixed media
paper using my fingers.

The left over paint was added to my journal page.

Next some white paint drippage from each end of the paper.

Left over paint dripped in my journal.

I decided to take out the purple and blue so I used some more of the paint
and white to cover up those colours.
Next I used the rest of the paint back in the journal and while the paint was wet in the
journal I used stamped to stamp into the paint and then suddenly
I thought ooooooh I can now stamp whats on the stamp onto the mixed media paper lol.

I added some ripped up pieces of book paper on both surfaces.

Here you can see some of the book paper but I used my brayer next with
white paint.

Brayered left over white in journal.

Next I used some stencils with paint and a stamp with paint.

Left over paint in the journal.  (by now I think I was adding extra
paint on my palette as I was enjoying the journal page lol.

Here are the ATC's I cut up (I have drawn a face on one).

I of course still had the blue and purple paint on my journal page so
I used bubble wrap and a stencil to add those colours in.

Next I added some more of the paints without the white using
stencils and stamps.

I then used a bottle top with Reeves gold, and some more darker paint
with my little finger.
This is the time I started doing the doodles and marks with the pens and crayons.

The giveaway will be up until Easter Sunday so I can draw a winner on the Monday.

Right this is the last post for the giveaway.  I'm sure you will see l lots more projects using Paperartsy.  I will be doing another brand sometime soon, but first I have some workshop projects I want to finish and add on here.  Not sure which brand will be next, could be decoart, liquitex, golden, finnabair, amsterdam, watercolours ......................................  yep I haven't a clue but each brand will have a giveaway :-).

Happy Art :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Product List (some links to That's Crafty Shop.
Paperartsy Paints - cerise, beach hut, snowflake, vanilla, tango, sargasso, banana, eggplant, bougainvillea mixed with claret and peacoat mixed with cerise.
Paperartsy Stencils - PS001, PS015, PS041, PS089, PS031, PS022

Paperartsy Stamps - EEV05, EEV02, EEV06, EEG07, ELB02, EEV03, EEG07, ESN04
Other Stencils - Dina Wakley (daisies)
Bubblewrap, bottletop
Reeves gold paint
Dina Wakley - collage words
Posca Pens - fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, bright yellow, yellow, light blue, pink, emerald green, gold, black
Distress Crayons - picked raspberry, mustard seed, spiced marmalade, mermaid lagoon
Uniball glitter pens - pink, gold, blue, orange, green, violet


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

So sorry to hear of your fall Kezzy, glad you took time to rest.
Thank you for sharing more beautiful pages I have to admit Kezzy I love these too. They ooze Springtime with it's pastel shades and pretty flower prints. That gold is so luxurious with its left texture.
Take Care and thank you for another inspiring creation.
Tracey x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Hi Kezzy, I was just sent a message from a friend to say you had left a comment in the That's Crafty Creatives to say I had won the competition ?? I'm not using FB as often as I used to so sorry I did not see your announcement, Thought I would post a comment here and have also sent you a PM as I do have messenger on my phone. Hope you are well as you have been away for a while.
Hugs Tracey xx

Lily Allen said...

Your creation is very Beautiful! I am jealous you get to hang Seaside. Have a blast for me!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

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