Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hi all, I'm late again oops, actually to tell you the truth, I got stroppy earlier and refused to come back into the craft room!!!! I was trying to produce something, anything would do but to know avail.  Think I need to try and do a second journal page with the heading Being a Mother is really really difficult emotionally :-(

Anyway non of that, so my desk has the mess I left earlier today lol, that will be going into trash in the morning lol.  The bits on top of the plastic drawers are hidden, I have had a huge rethink on the bag and started again, luckily I didn't actually sew on the bag but on separate material, I was trying to do a huge type scene but it wasn't working but yesterday while I was reading a old Craft Stamper mag (I always have them out) I came across Helen Chilton doing a hanging that had lots of different stamping sewn together so I have already started working out some ideas :-)

I know I know I will show pics in a minute of my desk (for the amazing woyww), but guess what, I booked myself a lesson with Linda Brown, her classes opened this evening and my lovely OH paid for me to go and do her Secret Garden, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Why did I try and colour the vintage picture in the left bottom corner
it looks awful.  The backing is quite nice lol.  The heat gun that had
been disgarded because it had melted, is being used again, still waiting
for my new week old heat gun to be fixed or sent back.
Lots of material on floor waiting to see if it will be picked for the bag.

Dump desk quite boring, pretty much been dumped on!!!

Right I'm off, hope you all have a fantastic week.  Lots of hugs and extra ones for all the mums out there :-).
Happy Crafting
Kerry xxx


Lindsay Weirich said...

I love the concept of a "dump desk" I have one too but it is a pool table:) I have to tackle it once a wook or it is impossible to sort out! Happy WOYWW Lindsay #137

Krisha said...

Oh yes, "dump desk" is going to be my "new" favorite term....LOL Hang in there it will all come together.
Krisha #109

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Dump Desk - I have a Dump Floor, which is where everything goes that needs to be somewhere else! Ali x #34

Annie said...

If you could see my sewing room this morning you would think all my surfaces are dump areas!!! Jo and I were sorting out fabrics for the LillyBo quilts and it just got left like my floor is covered in trimmings and bits today.....Must get my a*** into gear and get tidied up cos my first customer is due and minute!! :-)
A x

xxcalamityxx said...

Huge Hugs coming your way ..... Mum's always need them !!! xhugsx Nikki x

Twiglet said...

Yes my whole room is a bit of a dump area today. Why is it when I make something and use loads of my fabric stash - I seem to end up with even more fabric not less?!!!

Robin said...

LOl. I love that term! Sometimes, when lots is going on with the family, my craft room becomes the dump room!

Hugs Robin #11

Christine said...

I couldn't show my craft room - I have been busy stitching and it became a 'oh! yes! just stick on my desk or chair' room so I moved into the office!!!?
BTW all my children grown and flown but I remember the feeling well!

Nan G said...

Oooohhh! Look at all the boxes on the right and the left of your dump desk!! Wow! I like the colored piece in the first photo. Don't trash bin that! I put my cast offs in a box and go digging thru them months later. Then some get used and some do go to the trash. I'm a bit late desk hopping... Happy WOYWW! Nan 107

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

My dump area tends to be on top of my printers, which is fine till I need to replace a printer cartridge. Then I will avoid doing anything that needs printing for as long as possible. Do not throw your disaster away too soon, you may find another use for it. Out of disasters comes inspiration for new things. Have a good week. xx Maggie #11

April said...

Sounds like it is your turn for a bad craft week. We've all had our turn - you can just be glad that your turn is over now. ;-) April #101

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh mate, I totally get your hissy fit!! Sometimes it just builds up and up and up and you just can't stop yourself! Nothing looks like a disaster from here, these things have a habit of turning into something else don't they - walk around it for a few days before you bin it! Excited for you over the LB class, how much fun!