Thursday, 24 January 2013

Woyww 190 (just!!!!)

EEEk, just in time to show what's on my desk, I had taken the pictures earlier this morning, but after work got into playing some more so forgot to post lol.  So it's Wednesday (again just!!!) which means it's time for woyww where everyone has a nosy at other crafters desks.  If you want to join in or see what it's all about (Julia has not got a page that explains all about it, how clever is that) then pop on over to the amazing Julia's blog :-)

I am having a real trouble with crafting at the moment, I want to make some cards rather than tags and hangings, but I just can't seem to mix my stamping with papers that I have masses of which are gorgeous, with my stamping, I could if I was doing a cute image with my promarkers but apart from that nothing.  So I gave up last night with a moan and a strop, so I tried again today thinking I could work with my paints and blend a tag then pop it on a card, nope I don't seem to have the ability to blend paint either, so I have had another moan, tidied it all away, stropped up and down the stairs, then remembered I hadn't done my woyww post.  Ok moan over lol lol lol

Sewing machine instructions out!!! trying to work out why
my stitch seems short and tight, zig zag is fine, not sure I have 
found what I am looking for but the good news is I have just found
that my machine has a thread cutter on the side :-) ok so I have
only had the machine for 4 years oops, mind you I have a pile of bits that
came with it and I haven't got a clue what they are, my sister keeps promising
but after two years I have asked Annie (have you seen her
new smile project, she asks us to take pictures to make others 
smile and you can link up on her blog how fantastic is that) if she could help me.
New tags and archival inkpad ( I have 3 already roaming about lol),
the tags I buy from Craft Obsessions, they do manila tags in 50, 100 and 250
bundles which are brilliant.  EEEK I bet your all thinking why I have
my dangerous heat gun out, well can you believe it, my new
Ranger one (which I went for as everyone says they are fantastic quality) 
doesn't work, the motor keeps speeding up and down, which I'm hoping
my other half has emailed them about it by now as I hold my breath
when I use the purple one!!!! but a girl has to emboss!!!!

Hmmmmm how did the malteasers get there!!! unopened as I'm trying to be good!!!!
My failed attempt on the papers of some water stamping I did. Not alot has
changed, still dumping desk lol, mind you where is the bag I
was altering you may ask .....................
the other side of the room lol, yep still trying to work out where
to go from having to rip up some flowers I did (actually I 
couldn't rip them as they were stamped fabric, I scissored them up!!!!
Big huge scissors, my OH half was watching fearfully as 
I was grunting and moaning while chopping bits of fabric into lots and lots
and lots of pieces!!!!!!!!!! lol

Right (yep always got to say right, can't help it lol) right I better be off lol, it's now Thursday so it's time for beddy byes!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow (today), hopefully you will all have some time to do some crafting, me well not sure, should I try again with the making of card, papers and stamping, or should I crawl into a corner and hide!!! maybe OH will feel safer but no I shall be at it tomorrow evening with determination lol lol.  Happy Woyww :-) Hugs to you all :-) Kerry xxx


Lavinia said...

I think it looks great stitching on paper & card, however I have not ventured in that area yet! We all get crafty blocks sometimes & you will get in to something soon, you will just stumble on an idea & that will trigger something! have a crafty week!
Lavinia 98#

Annie said...

Hehehe not sure I want to come anywhere near you while you are armed with your scissors :-)
I tried to speak to you on Facebook at the weekend with no luck so email me with your sewing probs and I will do my best to help.
A x

butterfly said...

Yes, well, I didn't make it at all this week!!

I really struggle with cards - which seems silly, but they always create a block (even if I pretend I'm making something else)... don't really get it! But I do sympathise!
Alison x

scrappymo! said...

While you seek your card muse...just focus on all the prep work you have done so creating the actual card will be the easy bit!

lisa said...

Sometimes you just have to stick to what you enjoy otherwise it all gets too stressful.
Your sewing machine looks very fancy. Are you going to make a quilt for Jozarty??
Don't you just love the packaging from Craft Obssessions. It's like getting a present.
hugs Lisax #60

trisha too said...

Sometimes it's hard to mix what we do--I've seen gorgeous stuff stamped on patterned papers, but for some reason, I just can't do it properly!

Have fun!

a little late
#164 this week!

Robin said...

I have spent years of the last few months I have ventured out and did my own the post of the cards and clothespins I did...and I surprised myself....I actually like it.....this year I am going to TRY and do my own thing.....I get way more satisfaction from it

Robin @151

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, I have a heatgun that shape (but not purple) - it's given safe and good service for at least ten years. I didnt know there was a prob actually. And after the Vagabond thing, I decided that Ranger werent very good at electricals, so haven't bothered about their heat gun! Meanwhile, if you can't get into the cards, do the makings on a tag and then mount the tags on cards..try that for a way in to the old card mojo! Have fun with your machine; you've probably figured it out by now!

April said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I'm with you on the sewing machine thing. I have one that I haven't used and I've probably had it for about 2 years. I need to get busy and use mine, too.
April #110