Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hi all, eek I'm early lol, doesn't happen very often :-).  A mega Happy New Year to you all, wow I can't believe a new year has started, what happened to the old one lol.  So it's Wednesday morning which means it's time for us crafters to get together over at Julia's Blog for WOYWW (what's on your workdesk Wednesday) and show our crafty desks.
Last week I shown some new goodies on of them being a new heat gun as I had melted my other, I had lots of enquires on how I managed to do that so to start with I shall show some pictures of my old heat gun and how I managed to do it lol.  Then after I shall show my desk with some new bits on and the other desk has lots of backgrounds that I have done using sprays and salt which has not turned out fantastically :-(

So, the melted heat gun, one day on Create and Craft I was watching Sheena melt some UTEE in a mince pie case and thought I shall have a go, so I think I used way too much UTEE and spent ages with my heat gun up really close and suddenly I was wondering what the crackle sound and weird smell was and believe it or not I had melted my heat gun, the reflection of the foil was heating up the heat gun instead of melting the UTEE!!!!

My OH says that he had not noticed before but the CE is wrong, well
not particular wrong but means Chinese Export not the CE we know as
European Conformity.  In other words probably why I get it cheaper lol.

Some new bits I have bought in the sales with my Christmas money
and promarkers I need to put away lol.

I have seen this technique with salt done many times in The Craft Stamper
magazine and other blogs, I used Dylusion sprays and rock salt on 
water coloured card.  But I'm not sure I have got it right yet, think
I either used way too much spray or way way too much salt.  
There ok to cut some tags to use but if anybody has any ideas
why some of them are a bit messy then I would love to know lol

Closer look

Right I shall be off, I am not at work until Tuesday so I am enjoying being in my craft room, but I have been doing some sorting like yesterday I put Christmas back in it's box on the higher shelve and took the craft room Christmas tree done and then did some mega dusting (well hoovering actually as I have a real bad sinus allergy to dust mites).  Hope you all have a fantastic week, I'm off now to see lots of other crafty desks.
Happy Woyww :-) Hugs Kerry xxx


okienurse said...

I know nothing about the salt and spray but I think what you have made is awesome! So do you knock the salt off now and cut it to shape or is it meant to be left on? Let us know latter! Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I look forward to seeing your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

okienurse said...

btw if you don't get an answer go to Elizabeths blog and ask her cause she works with the salt and oatmeal to dye stuff.

Annie said...

I've used salt with silk dyes before and know you only need a sprinkle with those if that helps. Love the effects you've got with yours though. Here's hoping for lots more creative fun in the months ahead eh?
A very Happy New Year to you and yours.
A x #26

Eliza said...

I saw this technique in Malaysia when i was there early last year. The salt is to be put on the areas that you want to spread and blend together and it needs the moisture to do it so the salt absorbs it. Try doing it just on the blending lines if that makes sence.

They look really cool by the way.

As for the heat gun, yep foil will do it, foil can be very dangerous. I would suggest that you use a silicon matt next time and a silicon cup cake holder too. Stay away from foil it is a conductor for heat, but you learnt that the hard way. Lucky you didn't blow the meter box and it is a class 2 appliance with no earth.

Happy New Year
Hugs Eliza

Eliza said...

I worked on the Australian Bake Off Show. I run my own Security Business. I also do electrical work when on set as required beleive me many a problem happens after hours or during the shoot.

So glad to not be on set anymore for a few days. Time to rest.

The bake off show you have been watching is probably the British version which was a huge hit.

Hugs Eliza

Tracey said...

Happy New Year to you. Goodness, your heat gun. I have never seen anything like this before but its a great warning, thanks. I havent heard of the sea salt with paints/dyes either so something for me to read about later. Tracey R ±48

Karin said...

Oh my, your poor heat gun! I did some melting today too but mine was in a meltpot far safer by the looks of it, although I did stick my fingers a couple of times, not to be recommended lucky tht my fingers didn't burn.
Happy New Year.
Karin 105

KatzElbows said...

It may not be what you were after, but your salted papers are gorgeous. If you don't want the one in your last picture, I'll happily take it off your hands! I'm thinking some silhouettes on it. Just scrumptious.

Happy WOYWW,
Love Rachel, #6

Nikki said...

Wow you killed that gun thanks for showing this I might have tried it to do this too. The rock salt papers look fab, they make great backgrounds and covers they look so vibrant
hugs Nikki #2

Twiglet said...

Have a happy crafty New Year! x Jo

Darnell said...

Oh, my, you certainly did kill your heat gun! I'm loving what you did with your new technique! I've never done it, so have no advice. Usually that doesn't stop me from giving advice, you understand, but just this once I'll stop myself.

Happy New Year!! (I not WOYWWing, just snooping. I should be back ar Julia's next week.) Darnell

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Those background may not be what you intended but they are beautiful anyway. Not so with your poor heat gun. Interesting about the CE thing, we should be more aware of things like that. Glad you had nothing worse than a melted heat gun. xx Maggie #45