Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Hi woyww's, if your not sure what I'm on about go and visit Julia and have a peep at fellow crafters desks.
Can't believe its come around again so quickly.  I managed to finish what was on my desk last week, jewellery for my sister, which you can have a peep here.  So whats on my desk this week ....... a mess lol
I needed to sort out my fabric so I could have a go at some fabric flowers.  I am doing a fabric course at My creative classroom its a great place to find lessons on different types of craft.  Its normally anywhere between $15-$30 dollars for a 4-6 week course.  I found this on Glenda Waterworth (from graphicus) started doing lessons there.  Her rubber stamping course is brill.  With every course there is downloadable lessons and lessons that you watch.  There is also free courses as well that gives you tasters. 

As you can see I also spreaded on to the chair, sometimes I really wish I didn't start the job of trying to find the fabric that was at the bottom of the box.  Now its out I will have to sort it Doh.

On my desk is what I was going to start this evening.  I have 3 cards to send off by Tuesday before I leave to see Tim Holtz, and also have a relaxing two days in a hotel just me and Ade, my sister is having the kids. Bliss, (mind you now their older caring for them is not too bad, but still you have to be a taxi, teacher, hostess for mates, bank ...... and the list goes on LOL.  Some crimbo fabric has escaped onto my desk (planning on putting it out of the way for a few months!) and my Murry and Ethel stamps that I will hopefully get to play with this evening.
Hope you all have a fab week.  Hopefully I will get to take a pic next week just before I leave.

17th February .....  Im actually doing a fabric course now, I did Glendas course last year, both of them the basics and the techniques class, she was brilliant and her courses are still running.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Love Blog

Two posts in one day wow thats me being to clever!!! lol.  I have just been catching up with blogs I follow as I am a bit behind doh!  Anyway I have been love blogged tagged by Donna over at DK Crafts blog.  So it says I have to accept the tag and pass it on to 3-5 people.  I feel quite warm and fuzzy inside after receiving this as I'm a newey in blog land and somebody has though highly enough of me to give it to me, however on the other hand I feel a bit guilty passing it on (its a bit like those texts that say pass it on or else you will have bad look).  I have decided to pass it on to some of my followers and in advance apologise if they don't like this sort of thing.  Here goes :-  Marjo, Lisa, Vicki, Wipso, Karen.  I feel a bit guilty as I can't give all my followers this.  Take care everyone.

1920's Art Deco Jewellery

I can't believe that I managed to finish my sisters jewellery in time for her 1920's do, I have asked if I could possibly have longer next time lol.  I didn't need to do the sash buckle in the end as it wasn't needed which was a good job as I never would have had enough beads left!!! 
All the beads I used was mostly from a local craft shop that has hundreds of jewellery bits kept in stacked boxes (which I made my sis rummage through lol) and from my own stash.  The head piece was from black feathers (I think Ostrich), a circle of stitched together beads (roughly 3inchs wide) and a thin head band that I secured everything on with thread (pic of my sis with it on).  It certainly was very challenging to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my sister text me today to say that everyone commented on it last night when she was out).

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal at home.  Ade is over his bug from abroad (typical I asked him to bring back some crafty bits not bugs!!!! lol), shannon is back to almost her normal self from her ear problems and we are seeing a specialist tomorrow, Brad is back to school (he was off last week with headaches and feeling sick) and I am feeling a bit better (had a nasty headcold the week Ade came back but ended up on antibiotics as I had sinusitus which has made me feel rough).  So we have had our years worth of illness (guess its better to get it out of the way in one go lol), so now we can get on with a (hopefully!) healthy (as much as it can be) rest of year. 
I have a bit of a busy week work wise next week as I am taking half term off, to spend time with kids (but that probably means lots of crafting as they won't want mum cramping there style!!) at the beginning of week and the second half is away to Milton Keynes with Ade for a romantic and crafting break!!!  Ok the Wednesday will be romantic and the Thursday will be Ade wondering around on his own while I craft with Tim Holtz!!!!!  (a birthday present for the wondering around on own Ade).
Hope your all having a fab weekend.
Thanks for having a peep.  (text talk I could do TFLMHAP meaning thanks for letting me have a peep - bit too long me thinks) LOL LOL

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hi to all the WOYWW's, if your wondering what I'm on about pop over to Julia's blog and have a peep at all those wonderful crafters and their blogs.
It's been a week since I blogged how awful!!!  I have so much to show and tell you all about, but I will leave that for over the next few days as I thought I would have a go at being brief today!! LOL me! moi! brief! they just don't seem to go together!!! I didn't want all the woyww's to have to drudge through my blah blah blah lol.
On my desks (notice I've spread hence the deskS) I have my jewellery out, as my sister is requiring 1920's jewellery for saturday and she believes I can just whip up necklace, earrings, sashe buckle and a head facinator in 6 days!!  I'm hoping/having to have it all done by Friday so I shall take pics and tell you all about it when there done. 
You can just about see that I have some small wooden packs of alphabet stamps, which I picked up from my local craft store on Saturday while my sis tried to find beads etc.  You would love Pear Tree Yard in Sandiacre, its a store that has everything craft in it, all discount prices, all in boxes and racks, its like an aladins cave and even though its small it takes ages to look around as there are bits in boxes on floor to rummage through, and well you get the picture.  I picked up these for a bargain price of £1.15 each.
You can see how brief I'm being, I am trying!! lol
One other quick pic, these are the bits my partner bought back from Kuala Lumpar for me.  I haven't had a go with them yet as I've been jewellery making but I did add the large lantern one on to the wall as it looked too nice to take to bits.  Yes my beloved is back safely but I'm still flying around doing everything as the poor thing caught travellers tummy (I won't say any more but I guess you get the gist).

I didn't quite get to you all last week but going to have a good go this week.  Also I'm going to try and put more on my blog i.e who I follow and some labels from those blogs that can join in to get candy etc.  I'm also on the look out of finding some challenges to join in.
Hope you have a fab WOYWW week.  When I comment on others I want to also be able to say thanks for the sneeky peek or nosey etc but it takes too long to type if I'm on my Iphone, my daughter has suggested maybe I should end it in text speak (I was like errrr what!!) she explained that it briefs it down to just letters, so watch this space!!!  I'll be randomly putting letters that mean absolutely nothing to anybody lol (hey I know one LOL didn't realise it was text speak) so if you see some random letters don't send for the men with the straight jacket as I'm sure it will mean something to me!!!! LOL

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I can't believe its Wednesday again and if your wondering what WOYWW jump over to Julia's blog and join the craze of seeing what other crafters have on there desk, watch out though its addictive.
I'm afraid I didn't get around everybody last week, but already have started looking at everyones desk this morning on my Iphone.
My desk isn't so interesting as late last night I managed to finish the major sort out of my desk area, and before I mess it up (which i'm itching to do lol) I thought I'd take my WOYWW photos. As its a bit boring I have also took more photos of my craft room but closer images so here goes ...................

Nice and clean just waiting for a crafty explosion

Straight in front of my desk is where I keep some!!! of my inkpads and the new bathroom tower at the right has special paints, alcohol inks, glitter gels, mica powders, glossy accents and some other odd bits.  I'm a Winnie the Pooh lover and have bears all over the place.
These shelves are on my right of the desk, its where I keep my embellishments, some punches, the rest of my inkpads (big and juicy and in the metal basket all my small pigment inks), my pro and aqua markers are in the tins with the colour chart underneath (I challenged myself to decorate the tins with all the free papers and scrap ribbons I had collected).  Also on the shelve is my brayer, sukura pens, paintbrushes, whisper brush pens, other tools, and the black drawers keep bigger embellishments, (gems, flowers, wire, brads etc embellishments like stickers and that are in a box on the shelve).
The black storage unit with all my papers and other craft bits on the last two sections which have bits like wooden altering, tim holtz grunge, mask, canvas etc my partner saved the unit from a skip at work, there rubbish my gain.  Below it is a open type cabinet that stores magazines, books and folders. The shelves above the black storage go up to the ceiling (really high as old house) and they all have craft bits in, like glass paints, parchment, embellishments, paints, friently plastic, fusible fibres, fimo, more altering bits and so on.  The black box on the first shelve to the right is where I store all my ribbons, will take a pic next week as forgot.  You can just about see on the right side my chinese boxes of embossing powders and glitters.
Below is a filing cabinet and to the right is where I store all my dies, and two large boxes of scrap.  On top of the filing cabinet is my new small boxes feeled with tim holtz products, stamp board, and loads of bits and bobs to put on grungy, stampunk style projects.  Behind them is a box of fabric with my sewing boxes on top and of course my faithful big shot and my new calibur (which is so fantastic).

Here is my computer area which also has my DVD and TV on.  I also work from home so I use this area alot.

Underneath my desk is craft dvd's and craft cd roms.  I got these new boxes for christmas which have 12 by 12 files in to store my 12 by 12 card and patterend paper.

At the side of my craft desk I have a set of drawers (pink as they used to be my daughters who now prefers purple and black!!!), in them are my stamps.  Also I have a colour laser and an inkjet printers, and also on top is my Cricut.
A quick photo of a stamp drawer, all on foam backing on laminated paper and I have shown on the left side my file that shows all the stamps I have all catorgorised (how sorted am I well maybe not as seen below!!!)

In the bottom drawer (not shown are my wooden stamps which have been stamped and put in my file) the other drawers (3 to be exact) all look like the above picture a major mess all been backed but still not organised think I have a long way to go lol.  I actually started this a year ago yelp.
I moved in with my partner 4 years ago so of course he had already got this house (which once had a wife now ex in it way before I met him).  The house has 3 floors and this room is on the 2nd along with the kids bedroom and the 3rd floor has our bedroom.  This room from what I can tell used to be 2 double rooms (just behind my computer screen is where the wall used to be).  Adrian has half for his hobby (computers) and I have my half (craft).  I thought I'd take this photo to explain how my craft room came about, I feel extremely lucky to have one that is so big and also to be so close to my partner even though we don't tend to talk while we are off doing our projects.  You can see from this pic he is the messy one his excuse is that he once had the whole room but now have to fit it on one side!!! He would be mortified if he saw the above as I have spread over to his and took his chair and some of his desk over. He is back tomorrow so better make sure I remove them and hopefully he won't pop on here and see the evidence ssshhhhhh LOL LOL.
Right I think that I may have bored you all by now so I am off to make a mess (I need to make sure he doesn't notice my new storage!!!!) Have a happy crafty week.