Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hi to all the WOYWW's, if your wondering what I'm on about pop over to Julia's blog and have a peep at all those wonderful crafters and their blogs.
It's been a week since I blogged how awful!!!  I have so much to show and tell you all about, but I will leave that for over the next few days as I thought I would have a go at being brief today!! LOL me! moi! brief! they just don't seem to go together!!! I didn't want all the woyww's to have to drudge through my blah blah blah lol.
On my desks (notice I've spread hence the deskS) I have my jewellery out, as my sister is requiring 1920's jewellery for saturday and she believes I can just whip up necklace, earrings, sashe buckle and a head facinator in 6 days!!  I'm hoping/having to have it all done by Friday so I shall take pics and tell you all about it when there done. 
You can just about see that I have some small wooden packs of alphabet stamps, which I picked up from my local craft store on Saturday while my sis tried to find beads etc.  You would love Pear Tree Yard in Sandiacre, its a store that has everything craft in it, all discount prices, all in boxes and racks, its like an aladins cave and even though its small it takes ages to look around as there are bits in boxes on floor to rummage through, and well you get the picture.  I picked up these for a bargain price of £1.15 each.
You can see how brief I'm being, I am trying!! lol
One other quick pic, these are the bits my partner bought back from Kuala Lumpar for me.  I haven't had a go with them yet as I've been jewellery making but I did add the large lantern one on to the wall as it looked too nice to take to bits.  Yes my beloved is back safely but I'm still flying around doing everything as the poor thing caught travellers tummy (I won't say any more but I guess you get the gist).

I didn't quite get to you all last week but going to have a good go this week.  Also I'm going to try and put more on my blog i.e who I follow and some labels from those blogs that can join in to get candy etc.  I'm also on the look out of finding some challenges to join in.
Hope you have a fab WOYWW week.  When I comment on others I want to also be able to say thanks for the sneeky peek or nosey etc but it takes too long to type if I'm on my Iphone, my daughter has suggested maybe I should end it in text speak (I was like errrr what!!) she explained that it briefs it down to just letters, so watch this space!!!  I'll be randomly putting letters that mean absolutely nothing to anybody lol (hey I know one LOL didn't realise it was text speak) so if you see some random letters don't send for the men with the straight jacket as I'm sure it will mean something to me!!!! LOL


Andria said...

Happy WOYWW, didn't have time to join in myself this week, but couldn't resist a good nosey around anyway. Great creative workspace, and I'll have to call back to see the finished jewellery!

lisa said...

Is there no end to your talent, jewellery making too!!! Don't forget to show us the end results, they sound fab.
Your chinese things look gorgeous and just right for this time of year.
If you're looking for challenges pop over to have a look at The Stmapman, details on my blog. We are starting a new challenge on Friday and there are prizes!!!
Happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing.
hugs Lisax

HarmonySweetpea said...

Looking forward to hearing your text speak! lol Looks like some beautiful projects going on in your space this week. Hoping to see some finished products soon :-)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Well done little Kezzy get working there only have till Friday you know... mm sisters seem to think we are miracle workers have fun crafting,
Shaz in oz.x

Glenda said...

Looks wonderful. Lots of great "stuff" to play with...I just love "stuff" don't you?

Nicky said...

Funny how people especially family members think it takes no time to make things lol - love your crafty space and all you goodies your beloved brought you back ~ Nicky no. 9

Starla said...

Can't wait to see the jewerly pieces! Star 102

okienurse said...

WOW I get hives with all the beads and stuff about. I am a nervous type and can't sit still long enough to bead. I envy you. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. Vickie

Chrissie said...

Lots of loveliness there to see!Thanks for your visit to my blog. Have a great weekend!
Chrissie #4

Kathy said...

oooooh look at all those glorious beads!
Lovely new stash too!

Marjo said...

Hi Kezzy,

OMGosh time just got away from me this week. Now I can't remember where I've been. The columns look Sorry to be so late visiting. Maybe I will just still till the next WOYWW...lo

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs,Lucky #2 Marjo