Sunday, 13 February 2011

1920's Art Deco Jewellery

I can't believe that I managed to finish my sisters jewellery in time for her 1920's do, I have asked if I could possibly have longer next time lol.  I didn't need to do the sash buckle in the end as it wasn't needed which was a good job as I never would have had enough beads left!!! 
All the beads I used was mostly from a local craft shop that has hundreds of jewellery bits kept in stacked boxes (which I made my sis rummage through lol) and from my own stash.  The head piece was from black feathers (I think Ostrich), a circle of stitched together beads (roughly 3inchs wide) and a thin head band that I secured everything on with thread (pic of my sis with it on).  It certainly was very challenging to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my sister text me today to say that everyone commented on it last night when she was out).

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal at home.  Ade is over his bug from abroad (typical I asked him to bring back some crafty bits not bugs!!!! lol), shannon is back to almost her normal self from her ear problems and we are seeing a specialist tomorrow, Brad is back to school (he was off last week with headaches and feeling sick) and I am feeling a bit better (had a nasty headcold the week Ade came back but ended up on antibiotics as I had sinusitus which has made me feel rough).  So we have had our years worth of illness (guess its better to get it out of the way in one go lol), so now we can get on with a (hopefully!) healthy (as much as it can be) rest of year. 
I have a bit of a busy week work wise next week as I am taking half term off, to spend time with kids (but that probably means lots of crafting as they won't want mum cramping there style!!) at the beginning of week and the second half is away to Milton Keynes with Ade for a romantic and crafting break!!!  Ok the Wednesday will be romantic and the Thursday will be Ade wondering around on his own while I craft with Tim Holtz!!!!!  (a birthday present for the wondering around on own Ade).
Hope your all having a fab weekend.
Thanks for having a peep.  (text talk I could do TFLMHAP meaning thanks for letting me have a peep - bit too long me thinks) LOL LOL


D K Crafts said...

Hi Kezzy. Wow!! The jewellery looks gorgeous and I'm sure your sister thought so to. Hope she enjoyed her night out. Sorry to hear you all haven't been well, but glad to hear you are all getting better. It's always the way isn't it, when one person is sick it goes around the household. Enjoy your time off and your romantic break. Donna

lisa said...

Your jewellery looks amazing. What a lucky Sister to have you to make it for her. Those feathers are gorgeous.
Glad you are all over your bugs and feeling better.
Enjoy half term and your break away. Everyone seems to be off to see Tim this week!!!
Hugs Lisax