Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Dina Wakley 3rd Post & Giveaway

I'm late again, everything went wrong, my laryngitis got really worse, I can't believe how painful it could be, plus my Poppi went in to be spade on the Friday 17th November the day after my last post. More on that at the end of the post with how she is and a pic.   We both spent the weekend on the sofa.    So I haven't done one bit of art since then.  At last I am starting to feel better (touch wood as last time I said that it got worse lol) and Poppi is also back to playing with her balls and toys. 
So everything is so behind and I really want this done, so I am doing a huge write up to get all these posts up and the giveaway done by next week.  We have todays post and then 3 more.  As you probably know by now it's all about the amazing Dina Wakley products.  I have a full tutorial so lots of pics.  The photo of the giveaway is towards the end of the post.  For every comment you get a chance to win the giveaway.  So comment on all of them you get 6 chances to win.

I would like to enter my journal page into the following challenges -
Simon Says Monday Challenge - Stars
Country View Crafts Challenge Blog - Stencils
The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge - Silhouette
Try It On A Tuesday Challenge Blog - Colourful

If previous post here was the left page of the journal, with so much
death this year I found that my colour seemed to be disappearing.
The right side of the page which is what this post is about is how I was able to
find my colour again, yes I have lost so much that there is dark days but
the colour is becoming more and more and more.

This piece of paper was my wipe off page, just using up ink and stamping off 
colour.  I am definitely going to use this lol

Some close up pics

Now for the tutorial pics, all products are Dina's unless stated.

This is the page as I started it, I didn't gesso first.  You can see that I had been
doodling colours on this page at some point.

I used lemon and white paint with my fingers.

I realised that with the doodling on the page already I needed to gesso first.

Next I used tangerine, then magenta and now ruby which you can see
on the page, I just added the colour plus white and mixed with my fingers.

I blobbed on some white ready for my brayer.

Next I used her tools to add lots of marks in the wet paint.

When I came back to the page I decided that I wanted to deepen the colour
so I repeated the above but this time used less white.

I did some more brayering but used less white this time round.

I used the masks from the stencil Funky Masks, first with lemon

then tangerine

and finally with magenta.

I used some cardboard for mark making with ruby.

Next I used the stencil Essentials with lemon mixed with some tangerine.

Next I used The Crafter's Workshop mini kaleidoscope with tangerine
mixed with a bit of ruby.

Next I used the stencil Bullseye with magenta mixed with fuchsia. 

I used some bubblewrap with ruby.

Next I used her tool with magenta to make little lines, I used more bubble wrap
with lemon mixed with white and some drywall tape with black gesso.

Now for some watered down paint drips with lemon, magenta and tangerine.

I used tangerine and an earbud to make some little circle marks and used ruby
with the stencil Mini Favourites.

Next I mixed tangerine and ruby for a darker orange, night and black gesso for a darker
night colour and fuchsia with magenta for a darker pink.

Next I used the stamp set circle patterns with the above colours.

Here is a closer look.  With the orange and the pink colours I used the full stamp but with
the night I made a smaller circle in the middle of the stamp so it was not as
over powering.

I used the stencil Daisies with fuchsia.

Next up gilt with an earbud.

Next I used the stencil Plastic Canvas with white.

Now fir the birds.  I used night with the Birds stencil.

I used two coats.

I wanted to add some fluorescent marks so I used Posca Pens in 
Fluorescent pink, yellow, red and orange.

So this page stayed in the theme of the left page I used Joggles stencil punchinella minis
 with gilt but added them inside the birds.

Next I used Wendy Vecchi embossing paste with each of the colours ruby, 
lemon, tangerine mixed with ruby and magenta mixed with fuchsia
and then added it through a star stencil that I got free from a magazine ages ago.

Finally I added white journalling around the birds with a Uniball signo pen white,
and added some more doodles around the birds and stars.  Then I added
some doodling in the background with Uniball signo sparkling pens in gold, pink, 
red and orange.

Here is the giveaway picture :-)

My poor Poppi, I know my vet said that having little dogs done at 6 months is best but she was just too young. The problem was she wouldn't keep away from her scare and when we went back on the Monday they had no option but to put her a collar on (the lampshade).  It was heart wrenching, she wouldn't move, she would just sit there.  We let her go and see my mums poodle Penny who is 6 weeks older, obviously we kept them apart because of Poppi's just having an operation and that helped a bit.  She at least started walking.  But apart from that she wouldn't play, she wouldn't drink unless we held the bowl to her.  She was so down for at least 5 days, after that she did play a bit over the weekend but finally yesterday she had her collar off.  Her she is when she first got her collar on, bless her.

Right I better be off, got to schedule more posts to get everything done as next I have crimbo bits to show, I can't believe it's so near now.

Happy Art :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Product List (I have linked the products to That's Crafty shop for those in the UK, it's where I buy all my Dina Products from)
Dina Wakley -
Paints - magenta, fuchsia, lemon, tangerine, ruby, night, gilt, white
Mediums - black gesso, white gesso
Stencils - birds, essentials, funky masks, daisies, bullseye, plastic canvas, mini favourites.
Stamps - circle patterns
Media Tools
Other Products -
Stencils - The Crafter's Workshop (mini kaleidoscope), Joggles (punchinella minis) Star stencil free from a magazine years ago :-)
Pens - Posca Paint Pens (fluorescent pink, yellow, red, orange), Uniball Signo Sparkling (gold, pink, red, orange), Uniball Signo (white)
Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste.