Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Favourite Creations From 2013

Hi all, Wow can you believe that a brand New Year starts tomorrow, how exciting.  I am really looking forward to 2014 and really feel excited on working more on my blog maybe include tutorials down the side bar and also I am working towards having my first You Tube video up and running by the end of January so I am really excited about that, scared lol but excited.  I thought tonight I would have a look back and the past year and show some of my favourites, hope you like them :-)








Taught myself this year how to learn to crochet
back in April, I am really proud of myself
on every little bit I do as it took some
mega try and try again's to learn lol

A tea cosy, it took ages as I don't sew much,
I also made the little crochet music note and flower :-)




Hope you enjoyed having a look, it's so strange looking back, I also have made lots of step by steps this year, maybe too many, hope I don't bore you with them lol, maybe I need to do less, what do you think?
Right I shall be off, going to watch a bit of TV before the clock strikes 12.  

Monday, 30 December 2013

Creative Expressions - Heat those Fibres Canvas

Hi all, I can't believe it's Monday already, I'm really lucky as I don't start work for another week :-).  Of course today I am here with my creation for the Creative Expressions Blog and of course this month we have been using the awesome Creative Expressions Henna Stamps.  This week I have gone for a really textural piece using Cosmic Shimmer heat film and fibres, as usual I will highlight the products in red, in which you can find where to buy from and also other products they produce over at the Creative Expressions Website :-)

As you can see, lots of tedture lol

Lots of close ups

The next pictures are before I added it to the backing.

I just love how the different colours pop on the fantasy film.

Can you see under the centre piece, I love
how it reflects a pinky, orangey colour.

And now for the step by step, hope you have a cuppa ready lol :-)

First off I painted one layer of Distress Paint Brushed
Pewter over a small canvas.

The next step is to cut your Cosmic Shimmer Heat Bondable
Iridescent Glitter Film Aurora Sparkle slightly
larger than your canvas.

Add some more paint and while wet stick your
bondable film on top and start to heat with your heat

This is your first layer, you will notice that when you
heat each layer the paint bubbles, this adds to the
overall texture so don't worry. 

Next start adding small bits of the film, sticking it down
with the paint and heating.

You can see here how we are building up each layer.

Carry on adding bits all over the canvas.

Next start adding some larger crunched up pieces.

Lots of layers :-)

Next I added Cosmic Shimmer Bondable Fibres sticking
them down with Cosmic Shimmer UTEE Tropic Violet.

A close up of the above finished step.

I did this in different areas of the canvas.

Next I added some layers of Cosmic Shimmer UTEE
Lilac Black sticking it down with paint.

Here you can see the effect of the heated paint, as
you heat the UTEE the paint bubbles up through the
powder as well giving areas silver spots.

Next I added Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder
Arctic Pearl Lustre again in different areas.

I had some of the UTEE lilac black already in my
Ranger Melt Pot so I dipped some small
pieces of fantasy film to it, then took it out and
added a few pieces to my canvas.

I love the pop of colour it gives.

Next I took the Creative Expressions Henna Mandala Stamp,
it shows here Archival ink, but I ended up using Staz On.

I inked up the stamp, added the fantasy film and then some
grease proof paper on top and ironed.

You can see here how well it transfers.

The Archival rubbed off, which gave a fantastic distress look but
I wanted a solid image so I used Staz On.

I cut around the area of the image, then added Ranger Emboss Dabber
and two layers of Ranger UTEE.

This picture shows how the image looks like it's trapped
in a layer of glass, the fantasy film really shines through the
UTEE, also you must be careful when you are adding
the UTEE, heat slowly and let cool between layers or
the fantasy film will start to shrivel leaving your image
deformed.  I learnt that the hard way as this was my second try :-)

Next I used some Angel Fibres to a sheet of grease proof paper and then
added a sheet on top and ironed.

The colours really pop after it is ironed.

I also wanted to see what would happen if I added it to my melt pot.

They came out really lovely so I added them to the canvas as well.
Next I added Creative Expressions Gilding Wax Cast Bronze to highlight
all the texture pieces.  I put the ironed fibres behind the canvas then added it
to a spare black foam board I had lying around, I also added the wax to
the foam board edges as well to tie it all in.

Right I shall be off, hope you managed to get through all the photos, I'm in the middle of sorting out how to use You Tube to do video tutorials as well, so hopefully sometime in January you can watch my hands doing all the work as well lol.
Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx