Monday 24 February 2014

Creative Expressions - Floral Birdhouse Seed Box

Hi ya, it's time again for my creation for Creative Expressions Blog and this week I have been playing with Creative Expressions MDF Birdhouse and the Creative Expressions Feather Swirl Background stamp.  I also did everything with paint, Creative Expressions do lots of different paints, the ones I used are the Eco Green Paint, but if you have seen Hels Blog recently, as a designer for Creative Expressions she has been demonstrating the new Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Paints and Glazes, wow I can't wait to get my hands on those.  Right better get on lol, as usual through my step by step I shall highlight the products in red that Creative Expressions stock.

Now for the step by step, also at the end are pictures of the insides and some outsides before they were put together :-)
Creative Expressions MDF Birdhouse

It's such a solid quality secure birdhouse.


To start with I die cut some flowers, leaves and butterflies.
As it is I only used the flowers from the Spellbinders Blossom 3 and
making a hole with Spellbinders circle die.

I marked the hole on the inside with a pencil as I wanted
to make a flower on the inside as well.

I marked the outside of each mdf piece so then
I knew which was the in and outside lol.

To start I used Eco Green Crafts Paint - Lake for the sky and Lime
for the grass.

I made sure the slots were done first as it seemed easier lol

On the inside where I drew the circle I coloured it with Eco Green black.  It doesn't have
to be perfect as the flower will cover most of it.

These are the outside.  On the front I roughly painted a black
circle as there is a small space that the flower doesn't cover.
As you can see I did the same with the die cut leaves, but I didn't use them
in the end.

Take some cling film (if you haven't got cling film then use a thin piece of
paper) and screw it up in a ball.  Using the next darkest paint for each
colour (Eco Green blue sky and pistachio) start pouncing the cling film
in the paint then on the sky or grass area.  While doing the green pounce slightly
higher in the blue.  Then do the same with the next darker colour (Eco Green stormy
and new grass)

While that dries, double up your diecuts, you need a double large,
a double large that has the petals cut into, a single large (for inside),
one double medium and one double small (I didn't use the rest).

Next paint them with Eco Green Paint (orange, sunflower yellow, pumpkin)
I also used a red but I didn't have that colour in the Eco Green range
but they do a red called Tomatoe Red.
With your brush on it's side try and do flick motions to give
a layered look.

Take the tree stamp from Creative Expressions Create a Scene Trees
and stamp with a mix of the paints - pistachio, new grass and zucchini
on the top half of the grass going in to the green, don't use a stamp block
as you are looking for random stamping.

To bring out more texture on the bottom I used Creative Expressions
Feather Swirl Background stamp with the above paints.  It looks
quite bold now but when the flowers are stamped on it blends nicely.

Using flowers from Creative Expressions stamp sets - swirl elements,
arty floral and whimsical floral I stamped with the same paints that I did
the main flower heads with.  Stamp randomly over the grass area and a few
on top of the grasses we made with the tree stamp.

Here you can see them all painted.  Both the inside and outside are
the same (apart from different placement of flowers etc, no way have I
patience for that lol).

Next stick the single large flower bloom on the inside over the black circle using
Cosmic Shimmer Glue.

I decided I wanted some birds, so with the black paint I stamped
the birds from Creative Expressions Birds stamp set (shall try and find
the actual name, it has birds, swirls etc on the stamp sheet).

I then stuck the double flower bloom without the petals cut on the front side.

I decorated the inside of the bloom with Cosmic Shimmer
Pearlescent PVA berry red and Cosmic Shimmer polished glitter
fire red.

I then built up the blooms and then added Creative Expressions Gilding Wax
deep red to the edges.  It would have been better doing this while they
were still off, but it was an after thought for me lol.

Next use a white and black pen to do some doodling inside and out.

Here are pictures before they were stuck together.

Here is the front placed on the back.

Now it's time to build the birdhouse, glue together apart from
the roofs as they need to be able to come off to get to the seed gift.

Wow are you still with me lol, that was a long long post.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for visiting.
Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx