Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hi to all the woyww's around the world, and if you would like to see what I'm on about pop over to Julia's blog to have a look at an array of fab desks and if you are wondering what all the PIF is about, then Julias blog is the one to explain what were all excited about. 
Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyones support last week when I had huge moment of feeling sorry for myself, I blame the accounts!!! Everyone was so nice and I suddenly thought to myself 'your being a wingy cranky I can't play with others moment!!! lol.  Ok so to my desks ........................
This was my desk this morning and my floor looked like.............

But the Accounts are done, everything is packed away (just) and all I have to do before the meeting tomorrow is to re check through them while slopping on the sofa in a bit HURRAY my desk now looks like

Not much of a change from last week, the decoupage is from work (I work as a finance manage in a private nursery) and they have been given loads and loads of these old decoupage packets and they would like me to whip something up for the carnival stall to show people what they can use them for so they can sell them.  Luckily not until the end of June, the book is for altering as I have seen a great idea in craft stamper.  The stamp I found under the sofa I reckon it was when I was putting them on EZ mount!!!! 
I still have my PIF to do, but I know exactly what I'm doing, I have all the bits for it and sketches.  I can't wait to get crafting, I've not done any proper this month because of the accounts and I am itching for getting everything out lol, so all I'm going to do for the end of May and most of June is relax and craft.
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week and look forward to week 104.  Also I think a big round of applause for Julia as this must be quite a nervous time for her when really I'm sure all will go well.
Thank you for sharing. Kezzy xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, sorry for not blogging much at the moment but my life is full of figures, and soon it will be the end of the month and then I'm going to do nothing but craft craft craft while my brain mends itself from too many numbers lol. I did manage to spend some time looking at everyones desk but blogger was giving me some trouble telling me I couldn't comment, I even asked my OH to have a look to see if I had done something lol, but it was blogger no me with the hitch so I'm afraid not many desks got comments, mind you I did get to see lots of desks as it was quicker without commenting, but I like to comment (probably because I love talking so much!!!)  Talking of numbers its week 102, two weeks before the PIF and I am so so pooing myself over it, if your wondering what the hell I'm talking about, and want to have fun seeing what everyone is up to, jump over to Julia's blog and enjoy the journey of the desks.  We have decided not to go camping this half term, as my daughter is going away with her drama group for a few days, my son wants to meet up with his mates so me and my OH decided to do more camping in summer and spend this half term at home, which I am so pleased about as the thought of sending off the companies accounts the end of next week then try and get ready to camp, I really don't think I could be bothered and I would miss out on the PIF as no way would I have it ready to send before camping, also this half term is weird we only came back from camping four weeks ago lol.  Julia sent me a lovely comment (in which I must reply) about sending my PIF to her, but as I said I would never finish it by then, but at least I don't have to worry now as I have got another two weeks.  WORRY!!!!  yep thats me, I have already started so many PIF's and then disregarded them as they didn't seem good enough or wasn't right.  I have send jewellery as gifts as I'm not too bad with beads, but I have never sent anything like this off as a gift.  Have you seen everyone's art that gets shown each week on several desks, I'm no way in that league, I'm just not good enough and certainly don't have the confidence, I'm sure even though crafters are such nice people I would hate to think that they have sent off a gorgeous gift and then recieve my dodgy gift in return, it wouldn't be fair, also how big or small should I do it, and of course if its going to the other side of the world I would need to make sure its well secure as I don't want it to arrive in bits lol!!!!  So I'm not sure if I will actually join in with PIF but I am going to try which onto my desk, I have got all my bits and bobs out all over my desk, trying to give myself some ideas, don't get excited though, not much has been happening because of work so I'm just teasing you and letting you have a look at how I keep my grungy bits......
Also in June I have decided that my cardmaking has to have either buttons or brads on them as you can see from the below pics I can't believe how much I have collected, and now I can't fit many more in!!!!
Right thats it for this week, I do apologise about the long post and me have a worry moment, but I miss blogging and when I don't get to blog, when I do I want to tell everyone everything, I'm like this in real life, my OH is always complaining saying let him get in the house and visit the loo before I start talking non stop (he actually locks the bathroom door as I used to follow him lol), but I just love yapping (does dogs do yapping!!! lol).  That you all for supporting me through this accounting time and promise I will be up blogging soon (only one and a bit weeks to go unless I finish earlier!!!).
Thanks for sharing
Kezzy xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Hi to all the woyww's joining in with Julia's stamping ground, can you believe its nearly number 104.  I have started my gift but now I can't decide if I will be able to do it or not, as I have realised it is slap bang in the middle of half term and were camping.  I could do woyww as there should be internet but if not I could pre do the Blogger for that week, my problem is your supposed to send your gift straight away but I won't be able to send it until the following Monday, do you think that would be a problem?????
I dislike the month of May as I am always mega busy with end of year payroll and end of year accounts which have to be in to companies house by the end of May, so a lot more work less crafting, so I am only being able to do a bit here and there mind you all the extra hours, I don't get paid overtime as the economy how it is but I do get alot more time off and less working hours in June HURRAY month of crafting.
So my desk for this week.........

First desk has my sewing machine on, a card I have been sewing on, Kay Carley DVDs I am playing while working (crafting dvd's keep me sane during work time as I work alot from home!!), latest craft stamper peaking to the right, the printed sheet is from Lilli of the Valley blog showing colour matching copic markers to promarkers and at the front are some stamps that I got mum to get for my birthday in September which she gave me early (I love my mum), they are mini stamps from chocolate baroque which are sitting on EZ Mount.
On to my main desk, stamps everywhere as I am in the middle of a card, I have been inspired by the tag on craft stamper may 2011 as I love the colours she used, I am trying to find a nice leaf stamp or swirls and I have been testing them on a sheet of paper hence the ink pads out, two nice wipes which are now dried so I can do something with them as the colours have blended lovely on them (from spray mists swatches I was doing on Sunday).  Thats all thats on this week, I missed last week as I hadn't done anything over the bank holiday as we were out and about in the lovely sunshine, and the kids didn't go back until last Wednesday so we made the most of the weather going for walks etc.  Downstairs on the crafty table I am still sorting beads, well the seed beads now which there so small I only do a bit at a time when my brain feels tired.
Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, and hopefully you will get to do alot more that I am LOL. 
Thanks for joining me.
Kerry xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Distressing Colour Match Tip

Hi ya, I can't believe I'm heading this with distressing colour match tip, as I'm only learning the distressing technique but I can't think of any other title, thought I'd mention that as you may all be reading thinking this is obvious everyone does it lol.  Anyway below is a pic of a card I'm starting.  I have just started sewing on my cards and I did this on my backing paper on a piece of card, then I thought it would look nice slightly distressed, but I wasn't sure if to just distress the paper or paper and card and also how should I ink both and what colour, so I made a mini version ..............
The piece of strip was my mini version and you can see that at each process I tested it on the strip.  For once I haven't thrown the card away at the distress stage as I never get it right.  You will just have to wait to see the finished card, mind you with this month being end of year accounts I'm only getting a little bit of time to craft, but at the beginning of June I will have clocked so many hours up I will be able to have a few weeks of lower hours hurray!!!!  The patterened paper I used here is Glitz 12by12 Hoopla Frames H2921 and Adirondack Pool dye ink pad and some cut n dry foam (just started using this wow wow wow I'm really liking this, wish I started using this before buying so many other types for a lot more cost doh!!).
Day 2 of blogging again since Easter and I'd like to say thanks for joining me.
Kezzy x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mojo arriving slowly!!!!

Hi to you all, I can't believe its been over a week since I last blog, I even missed WOYWW but I had nothing new on my desk so I didn't join this week.  I'm afraid what with the Easter holidays, then back to work last Wednesday which was hectic since I had 2.5 weeks off (apart from paying the wages or no one would be happy lol), I haven't had the time and I think my mojo went sod this I'm off to find creativity!!! LOL.  So today I promised myself I would do something creative and blog, well best laid plans and all that.  So I did get into the craft room, tidied bits away and then decided to have a play with sprays and stains, and make some swatch cards.  Can you believe I have collected sprays for around two years just the odd one here and there and only just now decided to use them.  Its because I see such alot of wonderful work by all the stampers out there and beautiful journals and decided at the time to buy this and that and now I have all these materials and mediums and afraid to use them, so at last I'm going to start using them all and learning and practicing all these wonderful techniques I see artist and crafters do.
The above are swatches I have done on and off of all my inkpads, I also did the same for my embossing powders.  Below are the ones I did today

The top four and the two below them on the left are stampman stains and moonglow sprays, the next three are perfect pearls spray from ranger, bottom three on left are adirondack colour wash sprays, next two are crafty notions and then the two right at the bottom and two far right are tattered angels glimmer mists. And the swatches new homes are
Hooked at the end of a shelf with telephone wire hooks (the ones that nail into the ground to keep your cable neat if its running around the house, I certainly had strange looks from my OH especially when he heard hammering with my eyelet hammer!! lol).
I'd like to say a big thank you to all my followers who I'm trying to catch up with at the moment, they are all fantastic crafters and if you fancy a look just click on the follower and it will tell you there blog, mind you some don't so I'm not sure if these have blogs as before I had a blog I did follow crafters.
Hurray I created and blogged today thank you for sharing the experience with me.
Kezzy x