Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mojo arriving slowly!!!!

Hi to you all, I can't believe its been over a week since I last blog, I even missed WOYWW but I had nothing new on my desk so I didn't join this week.  I'm afraid what with the Easter holidays, then back to work last Wednesday which was hectic since I had 2.5 weeks off (apart from paying the wages or no one would be happy lol), I haven't had the time and I think my mojo went sod this I'm off to find creativity!!! LOL.  So today I promised myself I would do something creative and blog, well best laid plans and all that.  So I did get into the craft room, tidied bits away and then decided to have a play with sprays and stains, and make some swatch cards.  Can you believe I have collected sprays for around two years just the odd one here and there and only just now decided to use them.  Its because I see such alot of wonderful work by all the stampers out there and beautiful journals and decided at the time to buy this and that and now I have all these materials and mediums and afraid to use them, so at last I'm going to start using them all and learning and practicing all these wonderful techniques I see artist and crafters do.
The above are swatches I have done on and off of all my inkpads, I also did the same for my embossing powders.  Below are the ones I did today

The top four and the two below them on the left are stampman stains and moonglow sprays, the next three are perfect pearls spray from ranger, bottom three on left are adirondack colour wash sprays, next two are crafty notions and then the two right at the bottom and two far right are tattered angels glimmer mists. And the swatches new homes are
Hooked at the end of a shelf with telephone wire hooks (the ones that nail into the ground to keep your cable neat if its running around the house, I certainly had strange looks from my OH especially when he heard hammering with my eyelet hammer!! lol).
I'd like to say a big thank you to all my followers who I'm trying to catch up with at the moment, they are all fantastic crafters and if you fancy a look just click on the follower and it will tell you there blog, mind you some don't so I'm not sure if these have blogs as before I had a blog I did follow crafters.
Hurray I created and blogged today thank you for sharing the experience with me.
Kezzy x


Anonymous said...

Hi There..
WOW, you sound like you have been busy with one thing or another.
Love all your swatches, ooozing with colour.
You should pop over to my forum, we would love to have you there, maybe the rest of your mojo is lurking

Take care,
Huggies Angel

D K Crafts said...

Hi Kezzy. Glad you got a chance to craft and blog. Great idea for the colour swatches. I have started something similar with my images as I can remember what I have sometimes. Donna

lisa said...

Hi Kezzy. I know exactly how you feel. With all these holidays,it's been hard to get going hasnt it. Your swatches are a great idea and something I've been meaning to do myself for ages.
Don't be afraid to just have a play with them, that's the best way to learn. I tend to see something that inspires me and then just play. Why don't you have a go at spraying over masks, that works brilliantly. If you've got some cuttlebug dies try using those.
Have fun
Hugs Lisax