Friday, 16 August 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration -

Hi all, wow I can't believe I have managed a post lol, I am so behind in blogging, crafting is going well but I have so much to show you plus a mega tutorial with over 70 pictures half written lol. I also have another Paperartsy canvas plus a frame to show, I haven't shown the frame yet as I would like to link it up to the challenge to show what I have done but because it's last weeks inspiration would be happy not to be included with the prize, but not sure how to say that lol so not sure what to do.
Anyway I'm here to show you my Paperartsy Heart which is a complete disaster lol.  Over at Paperartsy the designer is the awesome France Papillon and she has done some amazing projects.  One of them is a hanging heart, the heart she used was paper mache but I didn't have one so I used a polystyrene heart which was a huge mistake.  In the end I managed to make something half decent but I am no way happy with it, but that's the way we learn, practice practice practice :-) all details of what I used is at the bottom of the page plus a funny picture of what happens when you don't think before you spray!!!

France was playing with alcohol inks then covering with fresco paint,
stamping with fresco paint then sanding some off.  Apart from a few chunks flying out
of the polystyrene heart Eeek it was all going so well that I also did the same
by cutting the Paperartsy tall heart die out of card to play
some more.  It was absolutely gorgeous and 
my new favorite is now Fresco claret.  So when I sanded it looked
a gorgeous dull colour really shabby chic.  Now the next step was to use bees wax and
I didn't think Ms Polystyrene Heart would appreciate that 
and may melt, so I used a spray varnish instead, BIG mistake,
the dull alcohol inks turned bright orange, it looked so bad I had to re stamp!!!
I have been brave enough to send the card to a special friend but
not sure what to do with the other, could be bin fodder again lol.

It didn't matter how many layers I put on the
polystyrene still shown through like mini round patches.
And of course the bright red.  It's funny really as I had made a dangly
in a more red colour but it didn't go so I made
a wine colour, but now after the varnish I should have kept with the red lol

Mr Dangly with Ms Polystyrene Heart ;-)

Closer picture of tag, I used claret as the base,
then crackle and snowflake on top. 

And my card :-)

Now I haven't gone mad, but when I'm in the
zone I do silly things, yesterday when I went outside to spray
the varnish it was extremely windy so I used the bin which
was closest to the out house so I could run in there after lol.
Well I forgot to bring paper out with me and 
being in the zone I thought it would be ok.
Now don't get me wrong, you could see the varnish a little
bit, like a darkened spot but it was fine
Hmmmmmmm then came the rain, this morning it looked like this,
I have now put my Art mark on the bin lol
Very nice texture actually with a bit of bird poo mixed in (yuk)

So after the above I remembered a picture I took earlier this year,
now when I want to take a picture I want to be quick, not mess about,
it could be time I can craft.  Well I wanted to take a picture
outside and decided this would look good in white, so I grabbed some 
tester paint I had (now I use snowflake fresco for everything
but I certainly wasn't wasting it on here lol, I'm already on my 4th bottle!!)
I took my picture and was very happy with it and went in and carried on.
Now this was a Friday so on Saturday my partner came running
into the house saying I think we have been marked, make sure the house
is locked if your upstairs and yep he went on and on and on and on and on,
well I hadn't a clue what he meant, I know he thought we might
get burgled but I hadn't seen any white cross, so he
took me outside and well, errrrr he knew straight away when he looked at
my face that I had done it lol.

Right I think I waffled on for too long, got to go and add crackle on my tag so I can go to bed :-)
Lots of crafty hugs
Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy stamps - mini 8, swirls & curls 1, backgrounds 6
Paperartsy fresco paints - snowflake, claret, crackle medium
Paperartsy Dies - Tall heart
Archival ink pad - plum
Ranger alcohol inks - raisin, butterscotch, red pepper 
Tim Holtz chit chat verbiages
Crafters Companion - spray varnish


Lin said...

Wow Kezzy they all turned out gorgeous!!! you have been a busy girl!! Love the bin by the way lol!!1

Craftyfield said...

Love the card and the tag, lovely crackle...but the heart isn't bad at all!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Defacing the house!!!
I love all of your hearts Kezzy! They're all stunning! xxx

Anonymous said...

They're all gorgeous, I love the textures.

Julie Lee said...

Well, I thought the card was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Honestly I did! I was well impressed. Hope you saw my email! I think these projects are great and you are a very talented lady. I love your bin, btw - and bird poo - well, my daughter studied an artist who worked with elephant poo for her A level artist study, so maybe...! Fantastic work, though, Kezzy! Julie Ann xx

Pia S said...

Oh, wow! Love these shabby chic style projects, Kezzy!

Helen said...

stunning, I love them!!

Gillian .... said...

Stunnin Kezzy ... love love love all of them. Thanks for joining in the PA fun. x

Trish said...

Well I loved your commentary - you did have me laughing, but in the end your card and tag are stunning. Ms polystyrene heart is just beautiful, don't throw it away, and your marked bin and house are the sign of a true crafter!

PaperArtsy said...

HAHAHA TOO the script in red over the crackle, an who knew varnish and alcohol and learn I guess.... may be a happy accident lurking in that idea!

craftimamma said...

Really enjoyed reading your post Kezzy. You did make me chuckle and your pics at the end are priceless! Love your projects just as much though and your card is stunning .... really love that cord at the bottom (I knew I kept salvaging that stuff for something ;D). Fab crackle on both the card and the tag and honestly your heart isn't the failure you would have us believe, lol!

Lesley Xx

butterfly said...

I rather like the bubbly polystyrene texture, and the swirls on the hearts are lovely. The card is absolutely beautiful... and I love your bin too!
Alison x