Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, sorry for not blogging much at the moment but my life is full of figures, and soon it will be the end of the month and then I'm going to do nothing but craft craft craft while my brain mends itself from too many numbers lol. I did manage to spend some time looking at everyones desk but blogger was giving me some trouble telling me I couldn't comment, I even asked my OH to have a look to see if I had done something lol, but it was blogger no me with the hitch so I'm afraid not many desks got comments, mind you I did get to see lots of desks as it was quicker without commenting, but I like to comment (probably because I love talking so much!!!)  Talking of numbers its week 102, two weeks before the PIF and I am so so pooing myself over it, if your wondering what the hell I'm talking about, and want to have fun seeing what everyone is up to, jump over to Julia's blog and enjoy the journey of the desks.  We have decided not to go camping this half term, as my daughter is going away with her drama group for a few days, my son wants to meet up with his mates so me and my OH decided to do more camping in summer and spend this half term at home, which I am so pleased about as the thought of sending off the companies accounts the end of next week then try and get ready to camp, I really don't think I could be bothered and I would miss out on the PIF as no way would I have it ready to send before camping, also this half term is weird we only came back from camping four weeks ago lol.  Julia sent me a lovely comment (in which I must reply) about sending my PIF to her, but as I said I would never finish it by then, but at least I don't have to worry now as I have got another two weeks.  WORRY!!!!  yep thats me, I have already started so many PIF's and then disregarded them as they didn't seem good enough or wasn't right.  I have send jewellery as gifts as I'm not too bad with beads, but I have never sent anything like this off as a gift.  Have you seen everyone's art that gets shown each week on several desks, I'm no way in that league, I'm just not good enough and certainly don't have the confidence, I'm sure even though crafters are such nice people I would hate to think that they have sent off a gorgeous gift and then recieve my dodgy gift in return, it wouldn't be fair, also how big or small should I do it, and of course if its going to the other side of the world I would need to make sure its well secure as I don't want it to arrive in bits lol!!!!  So I'm not sure if I will actually join in with PIF but I am going to try which onto my desk, I have got all my bits and bobs out all over my desk, trying to give myself some ideas, don't get excited though, not much has been happening because of work so I'm just teasing you and letting you have a look at how I keep my grungy bits......
Also in June I have decided that my cardmaking has to have either buttons or brads on them as you can see from the below pics I can't believe how much I have collected, and now I can't fit many more in!!!!
Right thats it for this week, I do apologise about the long post and me have a worry moment, but I miss blogging and when I don't get to blog, when I do I want to tell everyone everything, I'm like this in real life, my OH is always complaining saying let him get in the house and visit the loo before I start talking non stop (he actually locks the bathroom door as I used to follow him lol), but I just love yapping (does dogs do yapping!!! lol).  That you all for supporting me through this accounting time and promise I will be up blogging soon (only one and a bit weeks to go unless I finish earlier!!!).
Thanks for sharing
Kezzy xxx


lisa said...

You sound like my daughter following her Dad in from work talking him to death until he escapes into the shower, although she has been known to follow him in there too!!!
Lets have no more talk of not being good enough to do the pif, your work is great and whoever you send it to will be thrilled I'm sure. Just do something you enjoy, I don't think it's meant to be a competition, just a bit of fun and eveyone has such different styles I'm sure it'll be great.
Good luck with all your figures, I don't envy you one bit.
Hugs Lisax

ScrappnBee said...

Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk! I think that I have button envy! LOL! Have fun crafting- Amanda (Scrappnbee)#104

Anonymous said...


Thats a lorra, lorra buttons an brads, big collection.
You sound very busy, look forward to you returning to blog land soon.

Huggies Angel

Julia Dunnit said...

Kezzy, I can't believe my eyes. You sure are a hard self critic. The PiF is meant to be a little gift to say hello to a person you met on WOYWW - so a new friend..who will be excited to receive anything handmade. Because we all know how hard it is and what an investment of time it takes. THATS the's not a skills competition, honestly! Don't miss out because of lack of confidence, you don't need to.
Book keeping -ugh - you and me are fighting the same battle this month!! But at least I'm over the VAT; just the final lot to present. Blah.

Elaine Harding said...

What a fab collection of buttons and brads! Neat! TFS, you are your own worst critic so the saying goes - so don't be too hard on yourself -I say usually people who think their stuff isn't up to scratch, usually produce the most amazing stuff. Don't envy you number crunching, admire you that you can! I can't add two and two - I come up with 3 - so your forte is numbers, now that's something to be proud of! xx #4

HeARTworks said...

thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog! Blogger was really bad last week and I kept trying to comment with no success! Hope that doesn't happen again! Oooh what a lot of fabulous things to play with- yup, you better use them! And create wonderful cards with them!