Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Hi all, I so missed you all last week, my other half has built me a new computer as I was having problems with the other and last week he was off work (boss told him he had to as he has too much holiday lol) so all last week he spent in my craft room doing my computer, I definitely stayed away lol, I would try to craft but there really isn't room for two of us lol.
So it's Wednesday which means it's time for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where all us crafter's like to share our desks.
I go in hospital on the Friday 13th!!!!!! for my intense injections thingy and then I have to rest for 5 days so as you can imagine I am trying to get things done.  I have these last two items to finish then I can go and have a Christmas Card Frenzy lol lol lol.  Actually I can't wait to have a play with my Christmas bits.  Also I want to make sure I have exactly what I need downstairs for some mega sofa craft or I will be so so so bored.  But all I can say is I can't wait, I am in so much pain that nothing seems fun and everything is so so so hard, just hoovering takes ages, I do a room, then sit, do a room, then sit (and cry sometimes) I would say that CRAFT is the only thing that I can really do and it takes my pain away, not literally but I get so absorbed in the process that it takes my mind of it, and isn't it when your happy your endorpheons thingies make your body release happy/heal thingies????!!!!!  lol lol I know your probably thinking I have gone to ga ga land, but I always call them that lol.

Everything on my desk is for my DT projects, two to
be exact lol.  I have to have them both done by Monday as we
have to have the week after done early eeek.
Actually I reckon they will be done by Friday evening 
which means I can play with Paperartsy Inspiration
for another DT project lol.
Sorry I am mega rambling lol, I blame it on the pain medication :-)

Actually this desk isn't too bad, but that's because I had
to hide some DT bits that was half done lol.
I do keep trying to keep on top of it though :-)

Right time to go, hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, next week I will be doing the I'm so nervous woyww lol, I mean who wants to be in an operating theatre on Friday 13th!!!! hmmmmmmmm lol.
I will have a post in the morning, as one I have scheduled hasn't come on, maybe next time I should try and set the date right. lol lol
Happy Woyww :-)
Kezzy xxxxx


Julie Lee said...

I am so sorry you are in so much pain atm, Kerry Ann. I wish I could come and help you do the hoovering. Try not to worry about Friday 13! I know you're joking, but it can be scary having an operation at any time and it doesn't take much to make it more so! I was thinking only today I don't know how you do all you do and in pain too! I really wish you joy playing with all your lovely Christmas bits - you deserve to have a lovely, fun time! Julie Ann xx #52

Spyder said...

Lovely tidy desk and one with my fav spray paints (I've now got thee....well, you have to start somewhere, don't you!) wishing you well very for next week, as long as you're not wheeled under ladders or see black cats running the wrong way...or...a magpie...or... Have a great crafty week!
Happy WOYWW #59

Cazzy said...

Hi Kezzy, it is no fun when you are in so much pain, I am really suffering with my back right now, I hope it is down to sleeping in the spare room and tonight it will be much better, we are decorating so moved out of our room to paint it.
Good luck with the injections and hospital, I hope I don't need to go for back surgery but fear I might have to do it.
Cazzy x #73

Annie said...

I'm sat here chuckling Kerry. Not because of your pain of course....please let that go away asap.
I'm chuckling at your post today. You said you were mega rambling....I must be in the same state of mind cos I hadn't noticed lol.
Seriously now I really do hope you are listening to your body and not trying to do too much. Your freiends are always here for you [I will be the one under the huge pile of boxes!].
Keep smiling my little friend.
Annie x # 56

rachel said...

its all looking very interesting kerry - looking forward to seeing what you do. Good luck on the 13th too xx

Julia Dunnit said...

if it's going to ease the pain girlie, the date is irrelevant. I'm not remotely superstitious see, so I had to think twice about it being Friday 13th. But I do understand that craft takes your mind off it. I hope you're nearly finished with the card frenzy!!