Sunday, 4 March 2018

Winner - Dina Wakley Giveaway

Hi all, yes I know, I bet you thought I had disappeared.  I'm afraid December went from not too bad to horrible.  I had my back injections looking forward to be running about after 5 days. I had for a few days before thought I had been suffering from sinus, the pain in my cheek felt awful. 4 days after my injections I was in agony, I realised that it was my tooth.  Went to dentist a week before Christmas to find out I had an abscess that had spread, yuk.  They wouldn't take it out until I had 5 days of antibiotics.  Of course that meant it was going to be after Christmas for the tooth to come out.  The abscess didn't go with the antibiotics and Christmas Eve (a sunday!!!) we were paying for a private dentist, who still wouldn't take it out as said it was still very infected.  So Christmas ended up a bit miserable but I put a smile on my face (well I got a new samsung tablet and paint, lots of smiles lol.  The antibiotics finished New Year's Eve but instead of going to dentist on the 2nd I was in hospital having my gall bladder out which didn't got as well as I would have liked.  So after a couple of days in hospital and three weeks of painful healing (stupid scar wouldn't heal grrrrr) I was ready to start feeling back to my normal self when that familiar pain came back, the stupid abscess.  After two more weeks of antibiotics the tooth came out at last.  They truly are right when people say there is nothing worse then toothache.  I'm used to bad back pain but the tooth I was crying like a baby.

Anyway at last I'm back, feeling good (touch wood).  I did sort of go through a depressed time thinking that this year was going to be like last year but finally that feeling has gone and I'm back to working and doing lots of art.

I will be back later today with my next venture (my favourite Paperartsy) plus a giveaway, but it's only for two weeks (nothing hopefully should go wrong in two weeks lol)

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Congratulations Tracey please if you could message me via Facebook KezzyArt with your address.  If you can't just comment here and I will try a different way,

Right I shall be off, I have another post to type up while I'm on a roll.  See you later :-)

Happy Art :-)
Kezzy xxxxx