Saturday, 9 December 2017

Dina Wakley 6th Post & Giveaway

Hi ya, back again for my last post showing Dina Wakley products.  I can assure you they will be more lol as I love her products and of course there will be some new ones in January.  Next year I am planning on showing lots of different paints etc purely to get me into using everything I have.  Initially it was to start January but I shall be having an operation to remove my gall bladder so realistically it will be February.  But you never know lol.
Of course this isn't my last post of the year, I have got some crimbo posts as well. Today is a journal page and is a full tutorial of a nice peaceful beach.  Don't forget if you comment on any of the 6 posts showcasing Dina's products then you will have a chance of winning in the giveaway (picture at the bottom).  There is a full product list at the end of the post, I have linked the products to That's Crafty which is a UK shop that I get all my Dina products from :-). All products are Dina's unless stated.

Here is my super calm beach scene :-)

Some close up pics

Step by Step ......................................

Here is the burlup page ready for adding some sand!!!

I used Prima 3D Heavy Gel with a palette knife

I covered the whole page with sand and let it set overnight.
The sand is toy sand.

I wasn't over impressed with the finished result.

So I tried again.  I used Dina's Gel Medium

Then mixed loads of sand in it until it was solid.

Next I added more Dina gel medium.

Then I added the sand I mixed

This is when it was dried overnight.

I used some watered down cheddar to colour the page.  I was going to use
umber as well but didn't in the end.

Next I mixed a bit of umber with the cheddar and glazing medium.

I added this colour with a brush in areas then used a wipe to wipe some of it off.

On the other page I used Stencil mighty waves and Ranger texture paste.

Next I played around with what colours I would use.

I mixed ocean and everygreen and sky with turquoise.

I painted the waves and sprayed water in areas.

I sprayed Ranger Perfect Pearl Mists - turquoise on the sea and heirloom gold on the

I used cheesecloth for the waves.

I painted the waves with white.

For the sky I used white with sky, lapis, and turquoise.

While the sky dried I used some white on the waves

I added a second coat with the same colours.

I painted some starfish with ruby and blushing

I added a touch of sterling on the top and then wiped some off.

I crushed some bought shells.

I added some white clouds.

I added the starfish and shells with 3D gel.

I added some darker colours to the waves - ocean and a bit of evergreen.

I added some night with a sponge.

Then reworked the sky with the earlier colours and white.

Next some more clouds.

I wanted to darker the wave colours so I added some night and then glazing medium.

I added the paint

Then reworked it with a dry brush.

I did these to also make shadows around the waves.

This is what it looked like after all the shadowing had been done.

I mixed ruby and everygreen with some cheddar to make a darker sand colour.

I then added shading to the sand.

I decided that the starfish needed more sparkle so I used some Prima 
acrylic paint in coral reef.
I then added the wording with Idea-ology label letters and 
used a stabilo pencil in black to shade around them.

The giveaway

Right I shall be off.  I will be drawing the winner Monday evening at 6pm GMT.  I will then let the winner know Monday evening.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Happy Art :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Products linked to That's Crafty where I get all my Dina products from in the UK.
Product List
Dina's Products - 

Mediums - white gesso, gel medium, glazing medium
Stencils - mighty waves
Paints - cheddar, umber, ocean, evergreen, sky turquoise, ruby, blushing, white, night, sterling
Other Products -
Tim Holtz Idea-ology - label letters
Prima 3D gel
Ranger texture paste
Prima Art alchemy acrylic paint Coral
Ranger Perfect Pearl Mists - turquoise, heirloom gold
Sand, cheesecloth, starfish embellishments, shells
Stabilo black pencil


butterfly said...

Wow - your sandy beach is amazing - so glad you found the way to make it work. I love the textured waves too - so much movement - and you've created great colour variation with both water and sand. The starfish are really cute!
Alison x

Jamie said...

This is so creative and amazing. Great work, thanks for sharing!!!

Nina H Pedersen said...

Love the colors, texture and the variation in this page! Thanks for sharing it and the techniques :)

Wanda said...

What an amazing page, I love how you used real sand for the beach! And what a generous giveaway, I really love to participate (and win of course!).

bethchien said...

wow!! that is amazing!! thank you for sharing your process!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Well Kezzy, I have to say *Thank YOU* i'm so glad I got to see all your hard work and process. I've had a great morning looking through your last months posts. It's great when we can find our favourite products within one shop, it makes it so much easier for us. You have a real passion for Dina Wakely's products for sure and you have showcased their versatility magnificently. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year. I hope to see lots more of your creations in 2018.
Warm Hugs & Christmas Wishes from Tracey xx

Caroline said...

I joined That's Crafty closed group yesterday (been shopping with them for years tho'.) "Thats" where I came across your art & this post. What a creative piece, I adore the waves, all the continual work paid off. The shadows, movement & white crests are really great! I had no idea about giveaway, an added bonus. I have her products only on "wish list" so to actually own them would be amazing. Thank you! Off to see your other posts.....😊

TR said...

What a beautiful, healing beach you created. It is so soothing to look at.

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