Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hi all, late again.  It's time for WOYWW and for once I shall be quick :-).  I'm sorry I don't know where the week has gone and I didn't get around to much commenting.  I'm struggling at the moment with walking (back problem) and everything is a little tough at the moment, BUT all is well and hopefully in a few weeks I shall have my injections and be back in form lol.  It always takes the wind out of me when I get like this, but I have to admit, with my art, crochet and beautiful weather (even if only for a day!!!) I am in good spirit :-)

Yep a mess lol but as you can see I'm playing :-)
I have been cutting my own masks and over stamping, the hanging
which is almost done is for a Indigo Blu challenge.

Still a dumping table, I have been discussing with my
other half about swapping bits around in the craft room and
trying to sort out and make things have homes lol :-)
Think it might be a slow process, as you know with Men,
they have to think for days, plan for weeks and in a years time
they are ready, by that time us Women have done it ourselves!!!!!

Right I shall be off, hope you all have a fantastic crafty week and weekend.  We are at Great Yarmouth on Saturday, NOT looking forward to it lol, it's my kids dads wedding (which is fine lol), but we have to drop them off (3.5hrs there), then kill 8 hours, pick them up and drive back (15hrs!!). I'm not driving my partner is as I can't drive far.  We have to take our dog with us as she is 13 and can't manage on her own for that long, I am quite looking forward to spending sometime with Ade and Jasmine, but I wish the journey wasn't so far, especially as I hurt so much.  But yet again, I'm fine with it and I'm sure I shall have a wonderful day (drugged up with painkillers lol), so if anyone knows of any dog friendly places there Please let me know, it would be very appreciated :-).  Right I'm off to bed, lots of hugs, shall visit as many as possible this week.
Kezzy xxxxx (yet again I managed an essay!!!! you should see how long my text messages are!!!!)


Julie Lee said...

So sorry to hear of your back problem, Kezzy. I have a curved spine and it really hurts sometimes so I sympathize. I love all the new things you've been playing with. My husband has promised me a little shed all of my own in the garden some day - paradise - but when? Thanks for sharing today. Have a lovely creative week and hope the trip to Grt Yarmouth goes smoothly. Oh yes and my text messages are a bit like 'War and Peace'!!! Julie Ann #67 xxx


G'day Kezzy
I'm not playing in WOYWW this week as I have just got back from a visit to see my Mum in a different state and now my eldest daughter is here for a visit. Just dropping into a few desks anyway. Sorru to hear you have pain and I do hope that improves SOON!!!. OMG your desk is crazy full with all sorts of goodies LOL. I love the hnaging you are making. The red pops on the pale green tones. My sentiments exactly regarding asking men to do projects...I usually just do it myself too. Have a great day on the week end :o)
Annette In Oz

April said...

That flower stamp is lovely. I hope your trip is more enjoyable than you think it will be. April #143

Nan G said...

Love the flower stamp and your painty background! what a fab piece of red rubber your cutting apart! I see some cool images on there. I can relate to the pain and hope you have relief soon. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

Julia Dunnit said...

Poor you - the discomfort sounds horrible. Love the flower creation, so vibrant. And hey - you've planted the seed of change, now you have to let it grow in his head and remember to fully praise when he says 'i've had an idea...'!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can sympathize about your back problems. If I stand in one spot too long, my back kills me and my left leg goes to sleep. I'm glad you're in good spirits, though.

Sorry I'm late getting here. But I just HAD to stop by and wish you a great slightly late WOYWW from #17.

Eliza said...

I do hope the traveling doesn't hurt you that much, it does sound bad though. Sorry can't help you on the park friendly areas for dogs, I live in Melbourne Australia LOL. Your desk looks like a fun haven full of all sorts of treasures.

Belated WOYWW greetings
Eliza & Yoda 25

Darnell said...

You do look like you have quite a cozy place there, Kezzy. Everything already looks like it has a place ... you're just a little "overstocked" maybe?! You'll figure it out, I'm sure!

Good luck with the long haul to the wedding and back and I hope all that car time doesn't make your back worse. (Thank goodness for drugs!!) Thanks for coming by to visit me! xo Darnell #20

Cazzy said...

Good luck for tomorrow, I feel your pain! I hope you get through it OK.

Love the wall hanging too.

Happy late WOYWW.

Cazzy x #147