Wednesday 4 September 2013


Hi all, wow it's great to be back lol, also back to normality, other half back at work tomorrow, my son was back at school today and my daughter starts her college a week on Monday.  I loved being away but really missed all my blogging mates, we were camping in the peak district and we had absolutely NO signal, it was a bit of a shock for the kids and myself lol.  I'm afraid that we have come back with the lurgy, son started with a cold, then other half, and now back my daughter and I have started with a bad cold YUK!!!
So it has been lovely this evening, I have spent the time just playing with my distress inks and some Creative Expression stamps, you may see from the photos that I am in the middle of sorting my craft room and it's fab seeing some older stamps, and falling in love with them again :-)
But I'm here this evening for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday which is hosted by the amazing Julia who gets all us crafters on a Wednesday to show our working desks, go on show us yours (eek not sure that sounds right lol). Mine this week is a mega messy craft room, I have been sorting as you know, slow process as I keep running off to craft with everything I find lol and then typical me, decided to get all my Crimbo crafting down off the shelves as well, problem is I think I should have finished sorting first!!!!!! :-)

I had to stop around 9ish as the light was reflecting off the shiny feather I 
had stamped and embossed and was trying to cut out lol.

Most things have just been dumped on here, I so need to clear this so 
I can get to my sewing machine tomorrow lol.

Picture taken from slightly back from desk so you can see messy floor :-)

Crimbo bits all over the place (took pictures slightly earlier as you can see from the sunlight),
 plus bags and bags of ribbon still sorting,
and bags of embellishments need putting away (brown bags) :-)

Stamp storage getting there slowly,
I still have loads to sort and also put on ezmount :-)

Right I'm off to link up while it's still Wednesday lol.  I will be posting everyday for the next few days as I have so many bits to show you all :-).
Happy Woyww
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Cazzy said...

Oh that must have been a really big shock for the kids! They are born with a mobile phone in their hands these days!

It did you all good I am sure! Creative Expressions have brought out some really great new stamps haven't they, I have some in my pigeon hole at That Craft Place.

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

whoops, #66

Julie Lee said...

I hope you had a good holiday Kezzy! What a lovely store of things you have in your craft room! I always love seeing all your lovely crafty things, I can understand how long it would take to tidy up with the temptation to play with it all! It's lovely to have you back in Blogland. If you take a look at the Paper Artsy blog for tonight (Wednesday) my little project is there! I was very nervous about it appearing with all the other lovely makes by people who had been crafting for years! Happy WOYWW. Julie Ann x #32

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hope you are feeling well and your son is on the mend, too. Isn't it amazing? I've never owned a cell phone. Guess I have no idea what I'm missing.

I sure love the look of those stamps. I was really impressed, since I own about 12 stamps! And the C word has taken over, hasn't it? Looks like you are gong to be prepared, if nothing else.

Happy WOYWW (because it's still Wednesday in my world) from #2.

Annie said...

No signal???? I would have felt like my right hand had been chopped off :-)
Isn't it funny how much we rely on our mobile phones these days really doesn't seen that long since we bought our first 'brick' :-)
Fab craft room have sooooo much stash to play with.
A x

ike said...

WoWza - such an awesome display of goodies :-) I would love to come over there and browse through your stash !!!!
Thank you for letting me come visit x


IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

butterfly said...

I hear your pain about being cut off from the internet... but hope you had a great break nonetheless! The room looks crazily busy, as always, but in a good way!!
Alison x

April said...

Wow - so many stamps! I would love to come over and play. lol April #22