Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cup of Tea anyone!!!!

Hi all, I know I bet your wondering where I have been, believe it or not I have been sewing a tea cosy, well actually two of them lol.  It's my sisters birthday today and she mentioned ages ago how she would like an unusual tea cosy, so I thought I would have a go.  I looked up lots of tutorials and most said it only takes an hour!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm more like days and days, I feel like I have been sewing for a year, I have so many pinholes in my fingers and the floor in my craft room when I had done was, well what can I say, I had to wade through lots of bits of fabric and thread, I swear a professional sewer could come and make 10 garments out of my waste!!!! lol.  You see my sister is a sew mistress (do they still call them that?), many years ago she used to own her own business but changed career and now runs a Nursery but she still does costumes for local drama groups.  Now she knows I don't sew, I mean I had her over the other day to try and teach me a few things lol.  So everything had to be proper proper proper and wow I am impressed but seriously give me my PAINTY/INKY hands any day, I can't wait to get crafty tomorrow :-) Check out the Recipe at the end of the page, its completely fun but you can see how much I enjoyed this project!!!

My sister has a household of musicians, she plays the clarinet,
her partner plays everything I reckon, but he is a music teacher and
does so much more and my nephew also plays so much, he is in a band,
plays numerous instruments plus has passed all his grades so can teach
and is also studying Music at college and should be going to university next year
and he is only 17.
Now my family, well I'm afraid we are all completely tone deaf, my son
does try and play the guitar so there is hope for him but lets
just say, my sister so loved our happy birthday song that we sang down
the phone!!!! she was peeing herself with laughter!!!! lol

Yep my sister can be the only person who has a two tea pots, one for
when they are visitors and one for herself so of course I made two.
Everything I completely did by myself including the crochet.
Crochet took around 3 hours, tea cosies took around 28hrs!!!!!!!

So now you know, why I had completely dropped off the face of the earth, I was a slave to my sewing machine :-).  I have loads of comments to catch up and loads of good old painty and inky fun (bliss).
Happy Crafting, thank you so much for visiting
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Template, hmmmm this took me 3 hours alone, I am an accountant but seriously does it have to be that complicated to work out a large half circle
Fabric, lots of fabric, more fabric for mistakes, plus more chucking around the room while going hysterical
Thread, lots and lots and lots of thread, oh and a bit more thread for all those ones that got
chucked on the floor in temper.
Wadding, which trust me trying to cut that stuff is absolute torture, I had to get Mr Holtz scissors out.
Patience - lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots, well you get the picture lol
Crochet, yarn and needle - complete bliss and was the simplest of it all.
Pins - pins that insist that poking your skin is fun, is there any other kind!!!!
Plasters - lots and lots to cover all fingers that insisted on bleeding everywhere :-)


Julie Lee said...

This is a lovely gift for your sister! I love the dramatic black and white, the music notes and the crochet - it's so impressive and so right for her and her musical family they're not called the Von Traps are they?! If I had a sister, I should like her to be like you! Have a lovely week, Kezzy! Julie Ann xx

butterfly said...

I'm so impressed with your dedication, persevering for days rather than the promised one hour to make this wonderful gift for your sister! Perfect for a musical family...
Alison x