Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hi all, yep a little earlier today, I only worked for a couple of hours this morning lol so thought I would quickly do woyww before I go to the hospital! Mum has been suffering with a really bad chest infection and dad rang last night saying he couldn't wake mum, I dashed around and he had managed to wake her but she was jerking and incoherent. I phoned the ambulance and to cut a long story short, her temperature was really really high and her infection had spread through her body to her kidneys.  Did you know that a simple urine infection can send you dolally!!! The paramedic said that a extremely bad one can make a person not recognise anybody or anything, wow. So I am on afternoon shift taking dad, my sister on evening taking dad.  She should be out in a couple of days, she already looked a bit better last night after all the intravenus antibiotics they pumped into her.  Lets hope she is talking to me today lol, my sister and dad was in resus last night with her as she wasn't talking to me as I phoned the ambulance!!! I sat outside.  A few years ago mum broke her ankle, well destroyed her ankle and ended up in hospital for over a month so she did not want to go :-(
So anyway I'm waffling, last night I was crafting before the call and my desk is just as it was last night, apart from a uptown girl stamp I used this morning to colour for a bit (keep me awake actually as it was a very very late night).  I was doing it for the Dragons tag on challenge but it's now finished, I like where it is going so going to continue tonight with it.
Also after my desk pictures, I have an update of my craft room, I have done some sorting!!! Talking of desks, its Wednesday which means it's time for the amazing What's on your desk Wednesday hosted by the amazing Julia :-)

Julia I have sorted my distress ink pads, thank you for your
wonderful idea :-)
My new gelli plate that came on Monday, not used it yet.
The desk was tidy before I started crafting last night lol

Everything still where I left it this morning apart
from the uptown girl Easter stamp, thought
I better colour up the Easter images I have before
it's gone lol

Promarkers now downstairs and I have sorted out this
little boxes to store black inkpads and some left over
paint and sprays

Moved all my inkpads and now my paints, sprays, alcohol inks
and stickles are on there :-)

Inkpads all sorted, I have just finished labelling the Distress ink pads
and shall start on the archival and adirondack ones after some
crafting time.  Also I got my big and juicy out as I always
forgot about them as they were in a drawer.

Right I better go and get ready, at least this has helped me keep busy while I waited for the time to go, I just want to see how mum is doing and I'm sure I will feel so much better then I can stop wondering around and get things done lol. Mind you I'm not walking great with my back and legs after the hospital visit, it was a quarter of a mile to her ward from a&e, eek.  Lets just say I'm filling a bit tender and am definitely taking my crutch today, I had being in public with it but it's a hospital, maybe I will blend in :-)
Happy woyww
Kezzy xxxxx


Unknown said...

Will be praying for you and your family. You have a ton of paints there, and I have a ton of questions...but some other time.

susibee said...

Gosh, you are amazingly organised aren't you?

Hope all goes well today.

Happy WOYWW Susi #74

Annie said...

You take your crutches girl and look after yourself too. Really hope your Mum makes a good speedy recovery.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x # 44

Anne said...

Wow Kezzy what a time you have had. I hope that Mum is making a good recovery and you will start to feel better. Take your crutches - do not be ashamed. Your crafty stuff is so organised!!!! Anne x #84

BJ said...

Hope your Mum is better soon. HUGS BJ#67

Almo said...

Hi Kezzy, I so hope your mum makes a good recovery it is a worry for you. Your craft room is wonderfully organised. I like your colourful tag in your previous post. Hugs Mo x #62

Victoria said...

Wow..what a magnificent work space...and such gorgeous creative organized space..eye-candy...beautifully done! Hope you and your loved ones are all well soon.
Happy woyww

Kelly said...

Hey Kezzy! First and foremost... Sending tons of healing energy to your mum and to you. I love your organization. I keep seeing your keyring of sentiments in my head from when you first showed them off. That's one of the next things on my list to do. Creative Blessings! Kelly #158

shazsilverwolf said...

I do hope your Mom is feeling better, I know urine infections can be awful things. My DIL ended up in hospital with one a few years ago, and a friend of mine said it was so painful,she'd rather give birth than ever have one again! So much to see on your desk too- busy lady! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #144 xx

butterfly said...

Oh, how scary for you all - do hope your mother is feeling better...

What amazing organisation in your workspace today - that must feel so good!
Alison x