Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOYWW 198 (lots of pics of messy craft room!!!)

Hi all, it's Wednesday which means it's time to show your crafty desks at What's on your desk Wednesday which is hosted by the famous Julia :-)
I have had a lot of questions about certain areas in my craft room so I thought I would do lots of pictures of everything.  I am putting my desks first so if you are in a rush you can peep at my desk only lol.

From last nights tag, eek I have to peel and scrap the
red and gold embossing powder off lol

New stamps from America that cost me £3.11 for customs
and £8 handling charge Grrrrrr
The paints out are needing a home, think I need to swap bits
about as my paints are now overflowing from the shelve lol

Living room, think I need to sort out my magazines!!!!

My sofa craft, colouring and my new love crochet :-)

Dining room - trying to stamp and laminate sheets
for storing in folders - I seem to be speading around
the house lol lol

Floor, I am determined to start sorting out my stamps,
I have time off at Easter so I am in need of clearing up.
Also the box on the floor full of ribbon, washi tape and gems
to be put away all new but not yet sorted.

More sorting needed to be done eek,
all my gorgeous 8by8 and 6by6 paper pads are kept
in the black shelves along with white card, tags etc

Yep I still haven't cleaned this lot up yet

More ribbons, and bits on top of my promarkers.
I have decided to clear a shelve in the dining room to store
my promarkers as I tend to colour while on sofa especially
if my back is poorly.  When in my craft room I want to get inky.
This way when I need a colour I can nip in the other room
not have to yell for someone to bring it down (when bad back, other
times I go get it lol I'm not that lazy lol)

My ribbon fetish really has to start calming down,
mind you I made another order at ribbon girl today for some
more, must stop, must stop, must stop lol

These are my shelves on one side of the room

Where my stamps are stored in folders, I have at least another
10 folders worth to sort out eek

Where my dies are kept, these so need sorting, I have
some magnetic sheets to make it neater.
Not sure how to store my Tim Holtz dies though :-)

My punches and 12by12 papers.  The red boxes are
my accounting work I do at home :-)

Under neath my desk, not a fab picture but you can see
it needs storing.  The Paperartsy bag has unfinished
bits from the last Artsycrafts.  I want to finish it but
I never seem to find the right time, I need to complete them soon
as it was almost a year ago.

Gems, and other bits

Flowers and pan pastels on top

Closer look at the blue drawers on my desk, I'm often asked
what are these.  This one is for bits and bobs

This one is for buttons and at the top brad and eyelets in metal,
white and black

This one for the rest of paper candy, eyelets, brads
and bits and bobs in the same colours :-)

More flowers, pens, the top is flowers, bottle tops, wire,
chain, feathers, pom poms, dried flowers and false leaves.
Also on there some fimo

Yep I really need to work out some more room,
I'm hoping moving my promarkers downstairs means
I can move some bits to that side of the desk eek.
Also hanging are swatches of inks and embossing powders,
I really need to update them though lol

Craft DVD's and CDroms
My iron for clothes (I do the ironing in the craft room) and
the other iron is for craft.

This is one view of my craft room, you can just about
see my pink ironing basket.  My workdesk which needs a sort,
I have a pile of work on there from earlier on. The carry bag
on the floor is some accounts I picked up from the off, talk about
carry bag accounts lol.
The other side is the same room but is my partners, he
has lots of computers and does a lot of work on them for a hobby.
This room used to be 2 double bedrooms hence why it's so big.

This is my side the craft room lol.  Its such a mess, I hate mess,
even in the house I keep everything tidy, and when I can't walk
with my back you can still see me hoovering while walking with a 
crutch. But for some reason I am a messy crafter, my sister loves it,
she is older then me and is definitely the messy one and I always
used to go and sort out for her but now she laughs when she
sees my craft room :-)

Right, better go, that is if you got this far lol lol.  Hope I didn't bore you too much. If you want a closer look at anything just shout and I will make sure I take a picture :-)
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


Julia Dunnit said...

Wow Kezzy, you got a lot of room there, how lovely. No doubt that your organization and filing system is're just a bit behind with some of it. There's not a room in your house tht doesn't show how crafty you are. How marvellous!

Unknown said...

Wow...There's a lot of crafting goodies in that room. Love it...#110

aworkofheart said...

OMG You are a woman after my own heart. I absolutely have to show this to my hubby because he thinks I have too much craft stuff!! And that I have it all over the place! You look so organized...good for you. And thank you for introducing me to WOYWW. I posted for the first time today, just underneath you. My desk seems empty. LOL. Cathryn

Unknown said...

Wow! What a great room, with loads of gorgeousness going on! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz 80

Kelly said...

Bored? Not a chance! I loved the house tour. LOL And Messy? Um no. You know where everything is - or at least most of it - and you have a spot to work. Thank you for sharing!
Creative Blessings! Kelly (who isn't playing this week... just window peeking on the rest of the community)

Darnell said...

Holy Craftaroni, Kezzy, you have a TON of stuff!! I thought I had a lot, but no way compared to yours!!

Darnell said...

Oops, forgot my number. Naughty. I'm Darnell 42, haha I wish I was 42!

Eliza said...

OMG there is so much stuff and all in sections you are amazing, are you sure you don't have a store in there somewhere? I thought I was good at storage and being systematic but you my dear run rings around me. LOL

Happy Belated WOYWW
Eliza 24

Twiglet said...

Oh my goodness! what a lot of fab crafting stuff you have there - I could spend a whole day just snooping!! x Jo

Carole said...

wow now that's what icall a craft room. wish i had as much storage. my whole house has stuff all over lol