Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hi all, hope your week is going well, I can't believe how it's now November, how scary.  This evening I needed a bit of a pick me up in the craft room (had a bit of a bad craft review) so I decided to sort out my Christmas bits I got down a few weeks ago as it really is time to start the crimbo makes Yikes!!!.  So my desk this evening has lots of Christmas craft so if you think it's early look away now lol lol lol.
Wondering why I'm showing my desk, well it's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday of course!!! :-)

I was sorting out my papers and paper pads first :-)

Having a play and checking drying times :-)

I have now managed to get everything I need on the
the bottom shelf, especially my beading as I want to start doing some
Christmas presents.  

My dies are almost sorted but want to put some spellbinders
in a folder with magnet sheets.  My promarkers are done,
the ones on the top in the basket are the ones I have just used
to colour an image.  I tend to do them while on the sofa so I carry
the ones I want in the little basket.
You can see where my Christmas paper pads are going :-)

Bonus picture - welcome to my craft room :-)

This is the view from the other side, the room used to be
two bedrooms which were knocked into one. 
The other side is my other half Ades office and his hobby
computer making.  The bit in the middle is for the ironing and the upstairs hoover
(we have another floor above us then the loft above that so it's easier
to keep a hoover on this level as well).

Right I shall be off, hope you have a mega crafty week :-)
Happy Woyww :-)
Kezzy xxxxx


Sharon Madson said...

I have my spellbinder dies in three notebooks on magnetic sheets. This works great for me. You seem to have a lot of space, like me. And like me, it looks like you fill it up!! :)
Thanks for the peek. Happy WOYWW!
Sharon #21

Crafting Vicky said...

wow busy busy space!!! But so much fun stuff to play with. Hugs Vicky # 113

Annie said...

Wow that's one amazing creative space Kerry. A bad craft review?....Pick yourself up , shake yourself off and start all over again. Keep smiling.
A x

butterfly said...

Wow - you have been working HARD! What a massive sorting job, but so worth it to have everything to hand and ready to play...

Yet another Wednesday has gone by without me managing to put in a WOYWW appearance.. ah, well.

Hope all sorted with your internet now too...
Alison xx

Julie Lee said...

You have a lovely lot of space to craft in and such a great collection of crafting bits and pieces! It's always fun to take a peek at what you've been up to on WOYWW! Maybe one day, when I can leave the family, I'll see your space irl! Have a lovely week and try not to worry about 'craft reviews' - I don't really know what they are; but I suspect it's only one person's point of view? I thought your spot on Creative Expressions was great! Hugs Julie Ann xx

Robin said...

WOW do you have wonderful space Kezzy!

Bad Craft Review? Not sure what that means...but it sounds negative...:(

nothing like organizing to perk up a day!

You really have a wonderful craft room!

Hugs Robin 99

Have a wonderful week!

505whimsygirl said...

O.k. I'm officially envious! You have lots of fun things to play with here!!! I keep telling me that I don't need to add to my stash - oh, but now I'm rethinking that whole idea!

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (5)