Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas Rose - Gift box and tissue wrap

Good morning, it's time again for my project for the Creative Expressions Blog and this week is our last week of using the Winter Flowers stamp set.  As always I shall highlight all the Creative Expressions products and you can find where your nearest supplier and what products they have at Creative Expressions.
Also don't forget today you can find out who won the blog hop, so don't forget to pop on over to the blog and see if you have won :-)

Now here's the question!!! Here we have
the gift box and the tissue to wrap the gift in, but
where is the gift?  Well pop back next Monday to find
out our new stamps we are playing with and the 
two gifts I make :-)

Lots of close ups.

Whenever I start to play with an idea I always do some tests first,
purely because I never can pick the right colour first time and also
I like to see if my idea will actually work lol

Further down you will see me using some Creative Expressions Adhesive
Sheets with Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk Glitter and
with any type of adhesive sheets, if your heat embossing there is 
always a chance of this below.  I found as long as I used
the lower heat setting and gave it time to cool down in between
embossing then it all worked out fine.
The glitter is an awesome absolutely amazing product,
it feels completely soft and when stuck to the adhesive sheet
feels like a piece of smooth card, I have never ever seen a glitter like this :-)

I found this box in my stash which I painted it with
Eco Green Paint stormy

I gave it two coats and when it was dry it was time to
start cutting the Adhesive Sheets.

I cut all the strips together first so I wasn't messing about with knifes and rulers
each time lol

I tried to keep an edge all the way around apart from the lid.

I did keep a border around the lid sides 

I made sure that I had covered the box with all the adhesive sheets first
before getting the glitter ready.

I did each side separately taking off the backing as I went.
I lay the glitter on and smooth it out with my hands so I knew it had
a good contact with the sheets.

To stop it sticking to my finger I used a bit of talcum powder :-)

I wanted to show this picture to show I get the glitter everywhere, but
the pot still looks full lol.

See what I mean, I covered the whole box and it looks like non
has gone.

Seriously gorgeous

It looks like glitter paper, you seriously need to try this product :-)

It's so smooth that I was able to emboss on it lol

Now I don't know what happened but I 
didn't take any pics, I thought I did but can't find them.
I reckon I downloaded them with some others and can't
find the file eek.
Basically use your powder thingy so non of the powder sticks.
I stamped with Brilliance white inkpad, then covered with Cosmic Shimmer
Detail True White embossing powder, I then stamped the lid sides with
the name, then the top with swirls etc.
The flower and name was from Creative Expressions Winter Flowers,
the snowflakes were from Creative Expressions Sleigh Ride and
the oval sentiment was from Creative Expressions Winter Wonderland.

Next I got some tissue paper from my stash and sprayed with 
Ranger Adirondack Color Wash sailboat and Cosmic Shimmer 
Vintage Mist astral mystery.

I sprayed in sections, first I would spray then dry with a heat gun.

Then I blotted and then re heated.  I needed it completely dry before
I moved onto the next stage as it would rip otherwise.

Next I sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mist - pearl.

The mist (on the right) you can see gives it a really
nice whitish glow.

I then parted the tissue as I wanted two pieces.

I then heat embossed with Ranger Perfect Medium and Cosmic
Shimmer detail embossing powder true white, the christmas rose stamp from
Winter Flowers and the snowflakes from Sleigh Ride.

I found this easier doing it in stages :-)

My next thing was to start doing the lid.  I used Creative
Expressions Teresa Collins Paper Pad and painted it lightly
with Distress Paint Picket Fence.  Then I embossed the christmas rose.

I used some vellum from my stash and heat embossed the 
sentiment stamp from Winter Wonderland.

To make some embellishments I twirled some wire 

Then I used Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA and added it
in sections to the wire, then I spooned Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels
over it.

Yep I'm in the middle of gluing and the other half says tea
is ready, eeeek I just grabbed the nearest thing to secure it too lol
but it worked.  How cute and christmasy are these :-)

I made myself some glitter paper with a piece of card, Adhesive sheets, 
and the Cosmic Shimmer Glitter.

I die cut the glitter card I made (lovely stuff) using Spellbinders 
Rose Creations.

These are all my bits together lol, I used the Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms and
also die cut some white glitter card I had, as it was this is my last piece
but I am not going to buy anymore, I am going to buy some of the glitters instead
as they are loads of colours in the range :-)
I also used some die cut tulle and I edged everything with the 
Eco Green paint stormy sky.

Right (I always say that lol), I hope you come back next week to see what gifts I have made to be wrapped up in the box and also tomorrow I shall have another post later in the day :-)
Lots of hugs :-)
Kezzy xxxxx


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Kelly said...

Simply gorgeous!!! I love the gift box and your tutorial is awesome!
Have a great day,

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous Kerry, love the blue and white colour palette. Beautiful gift wrapping idea. Cannot wait to see your gift. Tracy x

butterfly said...

Lovely idea and beautifully executed... the sparkle is fabulous, and I love those curly wires!
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

So many fabulous gift presentation ideas here and a lovely choice of colour - really unusual and elegant!I am going to bookmark it for the future! I love the curly wires too! Ooh and the lovely white petals over the music paper. It's all gorgeous. I can't wait to see the gift, but it's so lovely I wouldn't want to spoil it by opening it up! Julie Ann xx