Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hi all, just popping on to share my desk quickly, yep it's Wednesday which means it's time for
WOYWW :-) - Quick note, it's now Thursday morning as blogger wouldn't load my pics lol :-)

Hi, on my desk is me having a tantrum as I have all these but
not one of them will measure the card properly in low numbers
and my usual cutting with knife is fine for some
things but not completely straight.
So now I have decided to invest in a new one :-)
So if anybody has any ideas, all will be appreciated.

Most bits are on the dump desk, I have some time in the craft room
today so going to have a play :-)

Here is my first cowl/snood make for my best friend.  The sewing on
the back doesn't look brill but that's the back so will
be onto her neck so you won't see it.
It was done with super chunky wool and the pattern
was a whole lot of mix ideas off the internet.
I also used a 15mm hook which was huge lol.

Right I better so seems I am a day late, not sure why last night blogger having issues, I thought it was my computer but for once that seemed fine lol.  Hope you have a fantastic crafty week.
Happy Woyww :-)
Kezzy xxxxx


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That cowl snood is gorgeous! Love the color! yOu've been busy!

Heather 106

Annie said...

Well done you with that cowl....what a gorgeous colour.
A x

Julie Lee said...

Hi Kerry! I love the cowl! Sorry to hear about the problem with the guillotines. I have an old one that belonged to hubby's college. They let him take it home when it didn't work properly any more: good ones are terribly expensive! Not sure where you could go for a good one. Have a good week, free of stress. Hugs Julie Ann xxx #33

butterfly said...

Love the cowl - I'm sure it will go down a treat. And yes, guillotines drive me nuts too - never seems to make life easier, only harder!

Thank you for all your lovely comments - another mammoth catching up session... I'm in the middle of the same thing - still chasing my tail trying to catch up with myself.
Alison xx

Mrs.D said...

I underdtand the cutting problem completely, but can't really offer much useful advice. I seem to have similar ones to yours. I find that the xcut one is fairly OK for small pieces, but it depends exactly what you want to use it for.
Hope you have some success.
Chris #41