Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi all, it's Wednesday which means it's time for all us crafters to share our desks over at What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday which is hosted by the amazing Julia.  Sorry I didn't get around a lot last week, one minute it's Wednesday the next Tuesday night lol.  I always think that September time is when mums are busy getting our kids off to schools and college, even though mine are 16 and 14 I have been mega busy, seriously it was easier when they were babies, plus they didn't have an opinion!!!! lol lol  I love them to bits.  Plus work wise September is the start of a new financial year and I tend to go from part time hours to working loads lol.  It's only two weeks in and I'm ready for a break lol lol.  It's like my daughter, now she has started college (this week) in Nottingham she feels I should allow her to do more, in other words tonight she was going to this college play thing that finished at 9.15pm, she told me she would be able to get a bus with her mate into the city and she only had to walk a few steps to the bus, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm after drilling her the few steps was her walking from one side of the city on her own to the other side right through the centre of town, it's a big city, yes it would have only took her 20mins but with the trouble you can get even my other half wouldn't let me do it, so nope we picked her up.  So I am now the mum who won't let her grow up, bad mother lol, but next time she will be picked up as well, so there (just in case she reads this lol).

So this is how my desk was this morning, I was trying to do a tag
and had the idea of using Tim Holtz tissue paper and doing a resist with clear embossing
powder, well we all have to learn somewhere lol, and I learnt that
how ever way I tried it, it didn't work.  First off I was definitely having a 
arty breakdown because I used distress paints, seriously, we all know the
whole point of acrylics it dries permanent so errrr that didn't work
(pictures are down at bottom as it made a fantastic resist on the copy paper lol)
and then I tried distress ink pads but they didn't want to stay on the tissue paper,
I really was doing something wrong lol, so guess what, I chucked
it all on the table and walked away. Grrrrrrrr 
feel calmer now as I have a cleared desk ready for more playing.  As it
is this evening I have tried to sort some more of the stuff in bags
and as you will see in the picture later I have sorted all my buttons and errrrr I have 
a button addiction!!!! Do you? 

Pretty much still a dumping desk of stamps from the weekend and
bits that are in the middle of being sorted, if I ever get there lol

hmmmmm still looking the same!!!!  I have took some buttons
from the brown bags so that's some sorted. 
At this rate I will never get started on crimbo :-)

The two big boxes below are all my 12by12 papers that are actually
full so some are now behind the back.
On top is my bigger punches in the purple box, then on top is 
a box that needs emptying full of crimbo bits.
On top of the other box are crimbo 12by12 papers that have no chance of fitting
in the box and on top of them is some music fabric which
I will be working with tomorrow but can't show it until Saturday!!!

Hmmmmm button addiction

Beautiful gorgeous buttons

I love putting my hand through them all
(ok need to call for the boys with the white coats)

The paper is A4 which shows how big the box is

and errrrr it's pretty deep!!!

This is the paint resist, I had added the tissue wrap first then
I stamped with the large script from Tim Holtz Papillon
(think it's called that, I can't be bothered to look lol) with versamark,
then used clear embossing powder, then did the wrinkle free with
distress paints.  When dried I used an iron, isn't the resist on the copy paper nice lol

Same except went over with distress ink pads, it must be the tissue wrap
(or more probable users mistake!!! lol)
Hey talking of Mr Holtz have you seen he is doing Chemistry 102
starting on 1st October :-)
I have also got some of his fabric coming as well, at last it's in the UK :-)

Right I better be off to bed, I shall be visiting tomorrow, determined to visit who I missed :-)
Thank you so much for following me, if you see any pictures that you want to ask more about then please email or comment and I shall try and help.
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx
Note - just putting a link up for where I got the lovely frame from on this canvas in this post here, it's in France but the postage costs are quite cheap and I received it within a few days.  The frames are wood and not expensive and they have loads of beautiful bits.  Link -, I initially found out about this shop from Lin Brown over at Yours Artfully and wow and the way she uses the frames are amazing :-)


Sharon Madson said...

Oh Kezzy, I think that pretty buttons like yours look like candy, oh yeah, eye candy! :) Great tags! Happy WOYWW!

April said...

So much going on around your craft room. I love the tabs.
April #115

Crafting Vicky said...

Wow I really looooove that button bin!!! I too would be putting my han through it! Totally understand about not letting your kid walk alone across town... and I also have been known to be a mom that won't let mine grow up.. but at least if they do they will be in one piece lol Hugs Vicky # 118

ddazzled71 said...

Hi Kezzy, there definitely is lots going on in your workspace, loving all those buttons, and your resist trials. My addition is stamps so no where near the amount of your buttons but I am loving the look of how your store yours. Have a great week! Danie #38

ike said...

I LUV the tags !!! They look great to me. I spied your sewing machine and it looks superb !!! What an amazing hoard of buttons -)


IKE in Grecce #49 xxx

Judys Lace Creations said...

Wow, you have a lot of great gear!!I really like your button storage.I might try and organise mine better too. Like your makes!!tags are great!
Judy #18

Unknown said...

What a lot of stash, love the way you have your ink sponges. Are they stored on the card with Velcro?
Karen #69

ria gall said...

I love the way you store your buttons they look fantastic like that and a real rainbow of colours. Your tags are looking great
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Kezzy,

I think the tags look great. After all, isn't TH all about grunge?

I like buttons too - but have mine all in one container mixed up.... pretty colorful!

Kay (34)

butterfly said...

Well, the sorting is happening step by step, slowly but surely... your button collection is amazing! I think the tissue resist is looking very cool - grungy and full of texture - love it!
Alison x

butterfly said...

Oh, and I kinda wish I hadn't gone to look at that French site - wow!! - thanks for the link.
Alison xx