Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi all, Wednesday again which means it's time for woyww, I didn't get to visit a lot last week as it's still a bit tough at home, it broke my heart the other night when my son, after an episode of shouting, yelling, being nasty, he turned around to me when I calmed him down and asked Why have I become this monster, I guess  you can imagine how I'm feeling.  I have waited four weeks for the support worker to visit for the first time but have now been advised that my support worker is changed and that she is on holiday but should ring me this week also he has a hospital appointment on the 9th August so hopefully things will be clearer.

I haven't done much crafting this week as I felt a little low and a cold didn't help, but now I'm feeling a bit better. My desk this week :-

Intrigued!!! A hint of the up and coming challenge at That Craft Place on
Sunday, I can't show the bits and pieces to go there but pop back on Sunday to see :-)
Desk is pretty tidy as last night I had a 'I can't find anything' tantrum and went
on a tidy spree lol

I love colouring but fed up trying to find the colours to 
blend and end up taking bags and bags of colours downstairs,
but last night after the tidy spree, I spent a bit of time trying to work out 
colours, I also found these cases, I remember buying one, and the other one
I won as a giveaway and it was full of promarkers this was last year sometime.

So that's my desks this week, why don't you pop on over and show yours (link above).  I need to start catching up now with my blog as I can't believe it's almost a week since I blogged, alot of it is because of lack of mojo :-(.  Hope you all have a fantastic crafty week, I'm off to check some desks out.  Happy Woyww :-) Kerry xxx


jill said...

Sending you a ((Hug)) because it sounds like you could do with one right now. jill#52

Annie said...

Kids eh? Just remember you aren't alone. I think most of us have had times like that when the family were growing up. Don't bottle it all up sure to share it with someone...and I'm always just an email if I can help in any way.
Biggest hugs coming your way,
A x

Katie said...

Sending you a hug! Sounds like there's a lot on your plate. Looks like you have a fab collection of markers :) Take care!

Katie (136)

Twiglet said...

Best of luck with getting support - sending you a virtual hug. Oh and I see a sewing machine at the ready!! Good for you - I find sewing a great stress buster. x Jo

LiliansArt said...

Lots of cool markers

kay said...

hope you get the support son for you and your son,enjoy the colouring
kay #65

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

(((hugs))) hang in there jenx

Ali H said...

Keep the faith ! Hope things improve for you ! Am intrigued what the blue bucket is for !! Try & have some fun crafty time this week - could you & your son craft together maybe ? Ali #53

Shoshi said...

Joining the others to send you a big hug, Kezzy. We haven't got children, but know many (including my best friend from school) who have had a horrendous time with teenage kids. My friend's self-esteem plummeted after several years of verbal abuse from her daughter, and being continually in trouble (eventually with the police too) - until she had a week away, staying down here with us, she had no idea how depressed she'd become, and how worn down. It does pass though - this girl is now married, has a good job, and has returned to being the lovely character she was before the hormones hit.

I can't imagine what it must be like, when the son you love so much treats you this way. All I can say is it's coming from him, and not from you - I think his own remark about himself confirms that.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, anyway, and hoping that things improve for you very soon!

Love the cases you've got for your markers. Having the right storage and organisation helps so much with the work flow, doesn't it, making it a joy rather than a chore!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Dotty Jo said...

You sound like someone who needs a hug, so here's a cyber one coming your way (((Kezzy))), Jo x

Julia Dunnit said...

You are such a good Mum, I expect your Mojo and your Son's moments are related somewhat. Am intrigued by the sewing machine, you're right!

SandeeNC said...

I think it's funny when I go into organizing mode and find things I had forgotten about! Great find with that case full of markers! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)#50

Unknown said...

I need to mess up my work area Kezzy before I show and tell. Thanks for your comment on my work. I have joined your blog as a new member, maybe you may like to keep in touch. Don't feel like you're alone being down. I care for my 100yr old dad full time here at home and down days are almost 24/7. I craft at night as during the week days it's inpossible, hubby cares for dad on weekends so I can get Me Time...don't last for long before it's monday again...take care and hugs from me..annie.♥