Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hi to all the woyww's out there, hope you had a fantastic week, if your wondering what I'm on about go and have a nosey at the queen of desks Julia.  I have an apology to make, and I have no excuse, I didn't manage to visit anyone last week, how awful is that, I can't believe that Wednesday is here again, I guess good old life got in the way.  Ok on to my desk, now bear in mind that this morning my desks where spotless as last night I finished (well for the moment lol) sorting my craft room well sort off, I still have a few stamps to sort but I'm leaving them for a bit as I think I will scream if I have to do anymore lol.
Here is a pic of my sorted shelve with my unmounted stamps all in folders (ignore the still messy wooden stamp basket, you don't really see it, its a figure of your imagination!!).
What happened!!!  This was nice and clean this morning, I decided not to take a pic as I knew I would probably want to craft this afternoon, my goodness I didn't realise that when I craft I like to get everything out in one go.  Alot of challenges are alcohol themed at the moment so I thought why not I shall have a play, which you can see towards the top of the desk, I have even been blowing through a straw for splattered effects, also tried acetate, some of it is not bad but I think glass paints are better, mmmmmm I wonder what straws and glass paints would do? My faithful colour chart as I really do struggle with colour.  The card I'm making up has the alcohol background and a aspects of designs butterfly embossed on top, I hope to get the card in ready for the stampman challenge that finishes tomorrow.

And by the looks of things this is where I dump bits while I'm crafting lol.  As you can see, scraps of patterend paper and normal card stock, gesso (put this on the corrogated card so I could swipe alcohol inks over it, sweets (which I am finding that they seem to disappear when I'm not here so I think the OH is pinching them), tub of embossing powder (this is cosmic shimmer autum lustre) and my embossing powders swatches (the little square cards with flowers embossed on them), I actually find this really useful as I was going to use gold but after have a look through the swatches I decided on the autumn lustre on top.

Right I'm off, just noticed in the pic that I haven't put the lid on the tub of embossing folder so I better make sure I do that, I have many accidents, even once I was on the floor with bits of card that had versamark stamped images on so I wouldn't waste what had dropped! lol.
Have a brilliant productive crafty week, and I'm looking forward to visiting and having a nosy this week as its a less hectic week. Kezzy xxx


scrapwordsmom said...

I always get so inspired to actually organize my space on Wed. My space is truly a mess!!

Love all your stamp binders...this a great idea!


lisa said...

Your folders look lovely and colourful and very organised but I'm glad your desk didn't stay tidy for long.
I hope one of those alcohol ink creations finds it's way onto The Stampman challenge this time.
Hugs Lisax

Annie said...

Your folders look very organised. It's lovely to see a really busy desk. Happy crafting.
A x

Neil said...

Thanks for sharing your space this week. Have a good and creative rest of the week.

okienurse said...

Awesome organization of those unmounted stamps. I am still n the process of taking mine off the blocks. I still haven't found that basket of unsorted stamps me mentioned. You may be ahead of the game! Thanks for sharing Vickie