Saturday, 23 July 2011

Craft Barn Challenge - Alcohol Inks

Hi, Over at The Craft Barn the challenge is using alcohol inks, and the DT did some amazing techniques.  I am late again and just going to make it in time, I completely forgot about the challenge until a few hours ago, which is a shame as I was planning to do a hanging piece with the technique of matte medium and bedazzles.  Instead I decided to do Gay's clean and simple card on glossy stock, I also painted with the alcohol inks (the balloons) that Gio did on acetate.  I used clarity stamps, alcohol inks, archival and andirondack inkpads, I also used to do the clouds a free template from a magazine.
 I really enjoyed doing this, as I only got out the bits above and played around, decided on one lot of stamps (clarity stamps as I thought initially I would do a silhouette) and then played with some templates.  And in the end I managed to do a one layer card which I thought would be hard.  It was nice not to mess with embellishments etc and I really enjoy working with alcohol inks now.  I am also making a technique swatches so I can see what I can do with them.  Thanks again to the DT at the craft barn who really work hard to teach and create fantastic techniques and projects.  Oops meant to say I won the last challenge and have my won challenge blinky thing on my blog, my very first one :-).
Have a fantastic evening and thanks for sharing. Kezzy xxx

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Craftyfield said...

I see you got your blinky thing for the challenge you won, I wonder, as I haven't got mine from the previous challenge yet, who sent it to you ?
Good luck on this entry!