Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 260 5th Anniversary

Hi ya, yep it's the big day, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is having it's 5th Anniversary and it's a mega celebration all around with lots of us swapping ATC's and having a blast :-).  Luckily the accounts are done and I got to play today, actually apart from doing wages tomorrow I have until Monday off and it's a good job as I have mega loads of crafting to do for DT, swaps and show samples that all have to be done by Monday.  I started my ATC's today and they are nearly finished so I shall be sending them out tomorrow or at the latest Friday.  You see it's a special day for me tomorrow, I get to meet my first blogging friend Rachel who happens to be in my area and is popping in for a couple of hours, she won't have any craft bits with her but I told her not to worry I will get her working on mine lol, of course I will pay her with tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits lol.

As it's a special woyww I thought it would be interesting to
show how my desk was when I first woywwed and now :-)
12th January 2011

Here is my mad desk, what will Rachel think of this mess tomorrow
and I will be working all morning in here so it will be worse eeeek.
Ok lets have a peep, on the plastic drawers is my Creative Expressions DT box
(plus you can't see, loads of envelopes on the floor with dates on them)
and on top of that are Christmas papers for a tag swap I need to send by Friday.
On my desk where the netting is, that's a fathers day project I'm doing for CE which is
a worksheet, I need that done for Friday.
On top of the watercolours is the xmas tag plus an old tag that I got a comment
for regarding the shrink plastic piece.  I think I remember how to do it but
I have got some black shrink plastic out to have a quick go before I send
the instructions lol, I love when I'm asked about things and I love sharing, but I also
like to have another go to be certain.  Underneath the scrap paper pad is a 
little ATC peeping out, this is the background all done for my WOYWW
swap and all I have to do is the image which is hiding under the 
aquamarine archival stamp pad lol.
Oh yes and there is my dogs tail, I have took a couple of pics of her below :-)

Here is the desk that compares to the old one earlier, yep well
dumped on with lots of projects half way as well lol.
28th May 2014

And here is two pics of my gorgeous dog Jasmine.
She is 13 in October and I love her dearly, she is such a loving dog.
Now she is getting older she tends to not like being alone which
is ok as I work from home lol, but sometimes if she is mega
tired and I'm not downstairs with her, she will come and sabotage my 
craft room and keep telling me it's time to go downstairs lol.
I even sleep downstairs with her some days, two reasons really,
one so she is not pacing the bedroom and keeping Ade awake and
secondly I have huge problems with my sinus, I have had it
from childhood but have now been diagnosed with facial migraines.
But the big and hugely embarrassing thing is and I swore I would never say
this to anyone but how will I know if anybody else suffers,
I squeak when asleep, not just a bit, my sinus goes mad and the squeaking gets
to the point it sounds like sharp nails scraping down a blackboard, hence
why occasionally I sleep downstairs as my other half works so hard
and when I'm doing it he can't sleep.  It was so bad that even the kids recorded me
on my phone.  My other half is right, he reckons if he did anything to stop it
then in a court of law if they heard the squeaking he would be acquitted!!! cheeky sod lol.

And another pic of Jasmine, I do get so scared as I know 
realistically she is old and ............ I can't say it.
We keep her healthy and happy so touch wood we have lots of years left :-)

Right it's time for me to say goodbye, Jasmine is nudging my hand, a habit she does if I ignore her lol.  Can't wait to swap with my atc partner :-).
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx                


Helen said...

Great to see the first desk and the now desk - they both look scarily familiar! (or they would, if I had a desk!) I have emailed you about my address for the swap, hope you got it! Happy WOYWW Helen 7

Carole said...

Well Kezzy it looks like you have everything you need...heehee. Does your darling dog have cataracts?Carole #68

BJ said...

Hi Kezzy, I thought I was the end of the list when I went to bed last night, but there have been two asterisk additions since then. You therefore must be my partner then so please send me your address by return e-mail. BJ#103

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Kezzy.. ah love thesse desky views.lots of lovely stash there to plsy with.. and can see why you love your wee pup.. so adoring isn't he??..happy WOYWW5 Shaz in Oz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oops my number is #18. :)

Gita said...

Your dog is adorable. Love her coloring. I see you are more comfortable showing your "real" desk. LOL. Brigita #88

Krisha said...

Love the pictures of your desk, and you pal there is a real cutie.

I have a DH that works strange hours, driving a big rig truck, so I find myself in the spare bedroom with Dynablu, our dog. She is also getting up in age and is turning white, so I know what your saying about just keeping them healthy.

I would love to trade ATCs with you but I am out. I was surprised at how fast they went.

thanks for visiting this week
Krisha #99

Chrysalis said...

Jasmine is SO cute! Sorry about the facial migraines - they sound really painful! Your desk is wonderfully busy and interesting - enjoy! Have a great week, Chris # 15

rachel said...

hi kerry - your two desks look very similar to me - todays is just much busier lol! thankyou so much for a lovely time today. it was so good to see your amazing work space and the prijects ongoing and complete. i hope i didn't take up too much of your time and i'm so glad that deadline is not quite as short as you thought! si nice to meet you! you're a lovely lady and i look forward to doing a wirkshop with you at some time in the future! big hugs kerry and thanks again xx rachel xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Kezzy, bit late leaving my comments but everybody seems to be posting this week.
Hope you are having a great WOYWW anniversary week.
I just love your doggie she is so sweet.
Happy crafting, Angela x 40

Sue said...

Lovely crafting area.

Jasmine is beautiful.

Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary. Sue 57

Anonymous said...

Well Kezzy it looks like you are going to be extra busy in the next couple days! Have fun.

I have thought about moving into my own bedroom, too, for the quality of *my* sleep, but it would really hurt my husband's feelings. We have slept apart in the past and it made him sad. I saw a study once that said men sleep better with a partner, but women sleep better alone. Such is life.

I will emil you my address for the ATC swap.


Susan Clare said...

Best post ever...and your doggie is the sweetest!

ike said...

Ooooh - I would LUV to come round and have a rummage through your fabulous goodies :-)
I hope you had a great day with your friend.
Mega hugs to the gorgeous poochie :-)
Sorry I am so late visiting... I had a spot of bother :-(
Happy WOYWW #206

IKE in Greece xxx #66

butterfly said...

Jasmine is a beauty... she must love having you around the house for company.

Sorry to hear about the squeaking (!), but glad to see the creative muse in full flow over all those desks!
Alison xx