Monday, 2 December 2013

Creative Expressions - Christmas Gifts

Hi all, it's Monday which means it's time for my Creative Expressions Blog project and if you can remember last week I made a gift box, and this week I have two gifts to show you :-).  You can find all the products and where to buy at Creative Expressions and as always as I go through the step by step I shall highlight all the products that they sell :-)

This week we are working with a new stamps set
and wow these could keep me busy for months

And to start with I stamped them and cut them all out so
I could really start breaking down all the different
things I can do with all the different layers in each stamp :-)

A silk scarf and necklace :-)

A few close ups, they both didn't want to have their picture
took grrrrrr I wish you could see them in real life lol
Maybe one day we will be able to reach in and have a feel and look.
Eeeeek not sure that would work well lol.

And the necklace close ups.

This was the only way I could get the bead as a close up.

Right now for the step by step :-)
I found a silk scarf in my stash so decided
to have a go using it with all the larger stamps from this weeks
set.  I used Creative Expressions Single Stamps - Henna Mosaic,
Henna Rangoli, Henna Petals and Henna Mandala.
I embossed with Perfect Medium and Cosmic Shimmer clear detail
embossing powder.  Now this did take awhile to do, it's
not something that can be rushed lol and also I found
getting my daughter to help when I was melting the powder helped
as the scarf kept trying to fly around everywhere :-)

After the embossing is cooled down (well I actually did mine
the next day lol) it's time for colouring it.  I wanted a light
blue and a bit of sparkle so I used Adirondack Colorwash - Sailboat Blue and
Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mist - Astral Mystery.

I did mine in the downstairs utility sink, ooooo look
at all that gorgeous colour :-)

After spraying and then leaving it to soak for a bit
I started the tap to start rinsing it.

This seemed slightly light so I repeated the above
and left it for around 3 hours :-)

Now next is ironing, I found a hot dry iron with normal copy
paper was the best, I tried greaseproof paper but it didn't work as
it wouldn't absorb the powder.
You can see here that the powder is removed as you can
see through it.  I am really impressed that I go such fantastic
detail from the stamps.
When you iron I completely soaked the scarf first so it wouldn't singe
as you have to leave the iron on the paper for a few seconds to 
make the embossing powder melt.

This still has the embossing on.

Next the necklace.  I used Perfect Medium and the Creative Expressions
Single Stamp Henna Petals.  I used a metal circle cookie cutter and the
metal tool was to make a large hole as I wanted a knot type double thread
going through it.

In my melt pot I used Ranger UTEE Clear and Cosmic Shimmer
Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals - Cobalt Sky.  Then I added Cosmic Shimmer
Lapis Sapphire Lustre Embossing Powder.

Then I swirled it around to get a marble effect :-)

Now this didn't work, the hole didn't go through so 
I did it again and this time got the other half to hold down the metal tool
and I poured the UTEE from the other side, he then held it down.
This worked perfectly :-)

I wanted to highlight all the impression so I used
Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax - Enchanted Gold.

For the bead I used Creative Expressions Teresa Collins Paper Pad
and used the Cosmic Shimmer Sapphire Sparkle as a wash.

Then I cut the paper when it had dried into triangles.

Next I used a skewer stick to roll up my bead with 
Cosmic Shimmer Glue (best ever glue and I use it for everything lol)

My little bead :-)

While the paper was drying I put some Creative Expressions Clear
Micro Glass Beads into a little foil case.

Next I added Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Stonewash and 
Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mist - Astral Mystery.

I left it dry which didn't take long and as you can
see, it would brilliantly.

Next I used Ranger Clear UTEE with some Ranger UTEE Flex

I dipped my bead in the UTEE when it had melted, then dipped it
straight into the beads.  Then I used Creative Expressions Varnish over
it so the beads wouldn't come off.  I added some Creative Expressions Vintage Mist
Astral Mystery then when it had dried I used Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding
Wax - Enchanted Gold.

I then added the rest of the beads into a bag to use another day :-)

Right I better be off, I hope you managed to get through the tutorial ok lol.  These stamps are awesome and I have lots of other out of the box ideas lol.  Thank you so much for visiting me and please if you have any questions or you decide to have a go and the tutorial hasn't worked for you, then comment or email and I will help anyway possible.
Happy Crafting :-)
Kezzy xxxxx


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Lovely necklace and scarf Kerry, lovely idea and I love your paper bead too. The detail of the stamp really shows. Lovely . Tracy x

rachel said...

absolutely amazing Kerry - that scarf is just fabulous and has given me the perfect excuse to play!!! Lol!!! And loving the necklace too - brilliant xx

perfectly4med said...

Great minds and all that - I've done very similar to your scarf with a handkerchief! Love the necklace, and awed by the amount of work you've done :)


Cathi ONeill said...

Amazing!! The scarf and the necklace are just stunning! Great projects!

Unknown said...

I love your projects Kezzy! And I LOVE the stamps.... ;-)

butterfly said...

Saw the brief version over at CE so it's wonderful to get a look at how you created such absolutely beautiful things, Kerry - stunning!

So much inspiration here... and I can feel myself slipping towards that Melting Pot...
Alison xx

Cazzy said...

Wow Kezzy, beautiful scarf and brooch!

Cazzy x #73