Saturday, 29 June 2013

Paperartsy Inspiration - Cuff Bracelet

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much but this project took a few days to do, but wow I thoroughly enjoyed playing and learning as I went on :-).  It all started over at the Paperartsy Blog where this weeks designer Darcy Wilkinson has been playing around with making beautiful washi tape, an apron, a doll and a gorgeous journal page, please pop on over to see all her wonderful projects.  I wanted to play with fabric this week, then I fell for the washi tape so I decided to combine both.  As it is I didn't use the ribbon in the end as it didn't look quite right, so a few plans changed as they do when your learning lol.  I have also took a few pictures of what I did and all the ingredients are at the bottom, all you need is fresco paints and satin glaze, fabric, fabric medium (optional), thread, wooden beads (Paperartsy Shop sell them), tissue (i.e. for nose split in two so only one thin sheet or you can used tissue paper), inkpads (permanent), stamps which I used all Paperartsy :-)

My daughter wearing the cuff

Different Angle

Sorry photo slightly dark oops

Close look of beads, now when I show the how pictures below I'm
afraid I missed taking pictures of doing the stamping on the beads.  
I stamped on tissue using archival jet black which I heat set, then
I used Fresco satin glaze on the bead, then put tissue on and then covered the bead again
with glaze :-)

Cuff, I used a thin cotton that I stitched a thin hem on either side,
then the ends I folded underneath and secured.

I didn't use all the beads below but just an idea of how I managed
to hold them while painting.  When I need closer
painting I took the green wire and tightened it around the bead so I could old
it close.  The darker wood beads where already treated no plain wood but
I wanted the shape and the best thing with Fresco you just paint right
over it with one of the opaque colours as seen below.

These beads had two coats of Haystack Fresco paint.
You can see how I looped the beads around the green metal stick to 
hold them :-)

I wanted the colour to sort of blend into each other, this
is how I managed it lol

Then I spritzed Fresco haystack with lots of water and
painted the cuff and the ribbon (which I didn't use but will use it on
a future project)

As you can see the cuff had the same treatment as the beads except
I used water with the paints.  I used on top blood orange, smoked paprika and
pumpkin soup.

Closer look

I forget to take a picture of the stamping on the cuff.  I used archival pale ochre and venetian orange to stamp the scrip from Mini 44.  The I used Squiggly Mini 8 for the twirls on the cuff using archival verimillion.
The beads where stamped with Squiggly Tops & Tails 1.

Now the braiding, I have took some close up pictures of doing the
knot to show you how to do it.  If anyone wants anymore details 
let me know :-)

Then to do the next knot you start from the opposite side.
Now I always seem to forget which sides I'm on but it is easy to
tell which side is next.  If you look closely to the previous
know you will see it is either on the left or the right of the braid,
if the know is on the left then your starting point is on the left,
whereas if the knot is on the right you start on the right.

You thread the bead through the middle strings then knot around them.
I did 3 knots before the next bead was put on :-)

I then made a hole on the cuff to thread the string to the back,
I actually used crochet yarn lol

This is the back with one of the snappy things to close the cuff
around the arm, I forget what they are called lol.
I bet a magnet clasp would be good as well.

Right I shall be off, hope I gave you some ideas to make a future braid.  But you really need to nip and see the projects that Darcy has done they are truly amazing and very inspirational.
Lots of hugs, hope you get a crafty Sunday :-) Kezzy xxxxx

Paperartsy Fresco paint - satin glaze, haystack, pumpkin soup, blood orange, smoked paprika
Paperartsy stamps -  Mini 44 script, Squiggly mini 8 scroll, Squiggly Tops & Tails 1 for the flowers and twirl on the beads.
Fabric Medium 
Archival jet black, vermillion, pale ochre, venetian orange
Wooden beads
White thread and orange thread to sew clasp on
Tissue (the kind for noses!!!!)
Yarn (I used thick crochet yarn)


Julie Lee said...

What a beautiful bracelet. I love the braiding, the colours and the way you painted and stamped the beads. Really unusual and pretty take on this week's challenges. Julie Ann xx

Lin said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Kezzy.the colours look amazing!!

Craftyfield said...

The bracelet is very pretty, perfect for summer. Loved the ombre effect on the beads, when I saw the picture I thought apricots!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is absolutely wonderful, so clever and so many techniques. Would be so lovely to wear something like this,

Lucy x

Gillian .... said...

Such a beautiful bracelet, love the colours and all the detail. xx

Sarah B said...

lovely work Kezzy - I particularly like the 3 colours blended together. xx

Darcy Marshall said...

wow this is fabulous. Definately something i would wear. The beads look amazing.

craftytrog said...

Your cuff is beautiful Kezzy! I love the colours. Thanks for sharing how you made it too.
Alison x

butterfly said...

It's fabulous, Kezzy - brilliant make... the blended paint colour on the beads is just stunning!
Alison x

Gio said...

WOW, Kezzy!! This piece is so fresh, unusual and beautiful. The cuff and the beads are just perfect! Very very inspired!

Thanks for your lovely comment. Going to have a look at your blog!

ionabunny said...

I love this. Great colours and thanks for the braiding tut. Must come back and give this a go when I get some time. Ha ha