Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hi to all your woyww's, if your wondering what its all about nip over to the famous host Julias Blog.  I'm going to be really quick as I am in the middle of no where trying to get a signal in the middle of a field!!!! I have been camping all week and tried to get around last week woywws as best i could while trying to sit with my ipad equivilant on top of a mound or lurking around the toilets as that is where the signal post is lol. So some of you have comments, some have part comments and some have non or maybe just a letter or two lol!!! I'm using other halfs laptop at moment and breathing really slowly hoping I'm not disconnected while trying to load photos.  My other half has been teasing me all week as when i got the map of the area when we got here i got over excited as there where WAPs all over the map and i thought hurray wifi will be excelliant here, I paid my £10 the weekly price for the internet code that evening and was utterly disappointed that it wasn't working, spoke to OH should him the WAPs on the map, and he started laughing, took me outside and told me to walk to my nearest WAP!!! it was a typing area it meant TAP as in water!!!!  Me thinks his workmates are going to have a right laugh!!!  Oh I'm so sorry its woyww and I've not shown you my work areas!!!!
Been working on my painting techniques, but not a fantastic start, as table wobbles so going to continue at home.

I have been working on jewellery and making beaded flowers for card toppers.  And a few quick photos of where i'm crafting!!!

As you can see when I say camping, I don't do real camping, but camping in comfort!!! lol.  And with OH being an engineer, while other tents have low lightung we have a dome of bright light, with out door light and remote control, at least we dont need a torch to go to the loo at night we just look for ball of light shining through lol, lol, lol I do get mega teased by my friends regarding our so called camping.  Better go this is supposed to be a wowyw and i've told you a weeks blogging in one lol.  Back home to comfort tomorrow, no more chasing the WAP!!!!  Thanks for looking. By for now Kezzy xxx


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!!!

This is how you camp, IN STYLE!!!
Love it, an your
Thanks for sharing..

Huggies Angel

D K Crafts said...

Hi Kezzy. Fab tent, don't envy you camping but it looks great. Hope you have had a great time and good weather. Donna

Chrissy said...

That tent is INTENSE!
Chrissy #93

okienurse said...

OMG! What an awesome tent. I like a little comfort from home and a little privacy. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

Karen said...

Lots of fab photos, I hope you enjoy your week camping, the weather has been lovely!
Have a lovely Easter,
Karen #41

rach said...

I love that tent! It's brilliant. Hope you had a great holiday.