Monday, 17 January 2011

Crafting keeps me sane!!!!

I would like to blog every day and show a project every day and I have realised that sometimes life gets in the way.  I had a really bad day yesterday every thing went wrong (major wrong not just a little bit wrong lol) and then I came to craft and I felt under pressure to make something to blog with and in the end it just didn't happen.  I really struggle when Ade is away, I have degenerative disk disease in my back ( a few disks) and when he is away I have his jobs as well as my own and my goodness it takes awhile for my body to get used to all the extra jobs (normally I'm into the swing of it just as he gets back) lol. I am enjoying going through all the WOYWW and sugar nellie entries of last week and trying to comment on each and wow there is alot, but I can't help enjoying them and wanting to explore all of the blog not just the entries.  I do this normally if I need to rest or in bed in the evening on my I phone.  If you haven't got a comment then I'm sorry I either haven't got there yet or I have had some problems with it not wanting to comment.  What I have seen in everyones blog that some of you post alot and some not so much and have noticed that this is ok. I have searched through all my photos of the last couple of months so I now have some photos of those projects that I can upload each day in between my own projects so I can go back to enjoying my crafting.  I guess all of us bloggers found it hard at the beginning.  I'd like to say thank you for all my comments I appreciate everyone of them.  Also I am slowly getting around to be able to be followers and adding blogs I visit to links on my blog.  Bit by Bit as my partner tells me, I am one of those people that have always managed to get everything done but it slowly declined when my back went and the pain came, but sometimes I just don't want to stop.  During these times crafting makes me sane, even if its crafting in my craft room, or on the sofa blogging or sorting (I tend to take bits down to sort when I can't move).  One thing I'm going to do in a minute is see if I can work out how to leave a message in the comment thing.

I am at the moment almost finished my sugar nellie entry (having a go at using my new grand calibur and trying to heat emboss more as I have over 50 embossing powders and only ever use clear!!!!  Here is a picture of another sugar nellie card I did a month ago as a birthday present for a friend. 
The embroidery is a book mark I made for her as well (crafting on the sofa) actually maybe I should say sofa craft from now on lol.  Heres a question?  Are you supposed to say everytime what you used or just when you want or if someone asks ...... not sure.
Oh my I really waffle on (you have to understand, no partner means I'm just not getting enough adult chat!!!! lol)  Its really weird my daughter doesn't giggle any more she just smiles and says lol, which bugs me but then I'm here smiling away typing lol!!!!!
Speak tomorrow.  Thanks for looking.  Your all brill.


lisa said...

Hi and welcome to this lovely world of Blogging. You'll be so glad you joined in. Crafters are the nicest, friendliest and most generous people I have met and since starting my own blog nearly two years ago thinking no one would ever read what I wrote I have met so many lovely people, both in cyber space and for real it is sometimes overwhelming and if you are ever feeling a bit low, there is always something to cheer you up here.
Please do not feel you have to blog everyday or visit every single person in Blogland although they will be very happy that you did, WOYWW is a real marathon these days, but a great one of course. Once people find you they will always stop by whenever you post so don't feel pressurised, it's meant to be fun.
Thank you for visiting me and I shall follow your new venture with interest.
Happy Blogging.
Hugs Lisax

D K Crafts said...

Hi Kezzy. Gorgeous card. Beautiful colour combination and cute image. Really love your bookmark. The colours are stunning and what a lovely gift. Enjoy your crafting and have fun. I have good intentions to make cards regularly and post on my blog, but it never happens that way. When you have family commitments, there is always something to do. When you do get some 'me' time it is a nice way to relax and I think you enjoy it more. I list what I use on a card, only because I see it on other blogs and it helps if there is something you like on someone else's cards, etc. Take Care. Donna

Lavinia said...

Hello Kezzy!
Welcome to the online crafting world! I think (despite what you think) :) Are doing brill!!! Your post's are interesting & your work is lovely! It is hard at first trying to juggle time & crafting & taking pic's and blogging & running a home & looking after yourself to keep well!!! Phew, see whe you list things you realize how big of a job somethings can be! So dont worry your doing fine!!! Love you crafty parcles pic, bet you were jumping around for joy!(ohh mind that back of yours) Thanks for the lovley comment on my blog! You take care of yourself!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

It's a lovely card and the bookmark is absolutely gorgeous, your friend will be thrilled. I'm also a sofa crafter ( got a spine injury) so a big welcome to the blog world! No need to post every day, most of us posts when we can.

Big hugs