Friday 14 January 2011

Crafting Goodies and a Big Thank You

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, my partner was told on Wednesday he has to go to Malaysia Today for 3 weeks!!!! So he had to sort out what he needed to take work wise, and I did the washing/ironing, toiletries etc, and of course we spent some time together.  He is now up there in a big plane of the ocean.  Today after he went I spent time cleaning and sorting to keep my mind busy and to have everything done so I can have a weekend of crafting hurray.  When he is away I do find myself crafting alot and its so exciting to think this time while he is away I'm not alone adult wise as I have all my new bloggy friends.  I am lucky that my children entertain theirselves, Brad 11 wants to be out playing with his mates and Shannon (14) wants to spend the day skyping, now there older the days of crafting with mum is less, a shame really but I guess they enjoy being with their mates.

Ok I will stop waffling on about home life lol.  I haven't finished a project yet because of the above, but I am posting a photo.  I asked for money to spend in the crafty sales, from Boxing day to New years day I spent time going to online crafting shops to see what sales they had on.  All together I shopped at 8 shops.  A couple of goodies came just after new year but 6 parcels was still missing, and while I was upset that Ade had gone, the lovely Mr Postman in his van brought all my parcels to me (I could have hugged him on the doorstep!!!). 
It felt like crimbo all over again.

I would like to say a big Thank You for all my comments I have received and to the 2 new followers I have if you click on the them in my follower bit you can go to there blog, which are fab.  You have all made me so welcome.  I have tried to become a follower but even though my photo is there it doesn't say I follow in my blog dashboard.  Also I am enjoying going through everyones WOYWW and Sugar Nellie challenges this week BUT some of my comments don't seem to want to go through, so if you all could bare with me I will get there !!! I hope !!!! lol.  I also would like to apologise that I didn't put a link to the sugar nellie or the WOYWW challenges.  I will definitely try and get that right this week ( I hope again LOL).  It is taking me awile to get through everyones work desks and challenges as I can't help myself to explore the rest of their blog which is obviously time consuming but so enjoyable.

Right, I better go and start finishing some crafty projects.  I will post pics of them over the weekend as I finish each one (which I guess should be the sunday stamper!!!! over on ink on my fingers (another great blog).  uummmm  going to try and give you a link!!!!  Ink on My Fingers   uummmm I apologise if you don't get there LOL (I shall have a go when I'm done!!)
To answer a question about my WOYWW (well I'm trying to get it right as I put WOWW on my post oops), the pink machine is the new Grand Caliber from spellbinders which I got from Ade at chrismas.  Its fantastic, I have only had a play but I am planning to make some card blanks this weekend from the grand circles and scallops I got.  If you would like to know more or a closer picture of it then let me know and I will post one.  There are also quite a few videos on You Tube showing how to use it.  Bye for now, I
appreciate any comments, or blog advice.  Thank you for looking.


D K Crafts said...

Hi Kezzy. What a lot of crafting goodies you have got. Hope you enjoy playing with them.
When I started my blog, I didn't know how to link or become a follower and I was given a link to this website They have a few links in their left hand side bar which may help for linking challenges etc. As for the followers part, after you click follow on their blog and follow those instructions, click on their blog title and copy and paste it from the search/toolbar and then go to your dashboard and go to blogs I follow and paste the address of the blog you want to follow and save these changes. When you view your blog the name of the blog you want to follow should appear. It will then be updated on your blog as well as your reading list. I never use my reading list, just my blog. I hope this helps, when you are trying to type it and think how you do it, it is harder and I hope I haven't made any mistakes. Hope it helps.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your crafting. Donna

Debbie H said...

Thats horrible that you had such short notice of your partner going away - but that lovely parcel of crafty stash must have softened the blow & will keep you busy for the next 3 weeks!

okienurse said...

WOW how awesome! You have some serious stash there! I think I would have grabbed the postman and given him a big hug too! I love everything Tim Holtz and new bling, stamps, ink, and all sorts of embellishments would have me dug in the craft room for days! If the sweetie can't be there this will help you pass time till he comes home. Thanks for sharing!