Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Hi ya, yep it's Wednesday which can only mean one thing, it's time for us crafter's to share our super neat desks!!! ok, so share our messy desks lol, over at WOYWW.  I can't believe it's almost the ATC anniversary next week and I have already planned my ATC's for the weekend.  I shall be making a load and would love to swap with extra's, so if you would like to swap just leave me a comment :-).
I haven't managed to get many comments done and see a lot of desks this last week due to being busy with funeral arrangements but I cant't wait to catch up with you all this week.
The funeral was yesterday, such a sad affair but also a celebration to honour her life.  My partner and I still have so much to go through with her estate, but the worst is over.
I have so much to show everyone, plus so many things to catch up with, but I know I will bit by bit and try not to get stressed.  Sometimes after being away from everything arty and then coming back to it becomes stressful, thinking of all the things to be done, but I am determined to take my time and enjoy the process :-).

This is just what I am about to start, I invested in some Neocolor 11 crayons and I really
am enjoying playing, the monster I am about to colour finishes an envelope
swap I have been doing so I can get them sent if tomorrow.  I am
late by a few days, but they understand with everything going on.
The envelopes are well hidden under the crayons lol.  I have my mega decent
fine paint brushes out, I keep them separate from my others or when
I am desperate for a brush I will end up using them for whatever I am
playing with at the time, I have damaged a few like that.

My new heat gun, yes this is my 5th one, I don't know what I do with them,
they do get dropped on the floor often lol, plus I managed to melt a heat gun!!!!!
I am hoping this one will last a little longer, problem is, I start with good intentions keeping
it looking new and not chucking it around, but in the end I go mad lol.

On the left side is my calendar art that I had been playing with over on 
Darcy's Blog, this is March which I finished just after Pauline had been
rushed into hospital, it was late because of everything then of course April
was missed.  I am hoping to catch up with them again soon as I really
enjoyed using the large surface.
At the front is some ATC's using left over paint that I keep adding to.
Some new products, some more extra tough modelling paste, matte medium
and super heavy gesso.
The pile of stencils I have been using on my envelopes plus the Sheena stamps
under the ATC's.  My pencil case holds all my journal pens and pencils.

Right, I shall be off, I want to go finish my monsters and then go visiting around blogland.  I will be back Friday (or maybe tomorrow) with some art I have been doing during this rough time.  I do feel like I am ready to get back to blogging, as they say, life has to go on, but it's not easy.
Don't forget, if you want to swap extra ATC's for next week just let me know.
Happy Art :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


rachel said...

hiya Kerry - so glad to see you here again and hear that you're feeling a little more positive - your desk looks awesome and I would love to do an ATC swap with you - what is your theme though - it would be good to have the theme if there is one! Big hugs rachel x

Nikki said...

Busy Girl you are with all that's going around you. That monster sure is a cutie and he makes his rounds all over the world :)
I'd be happy to swap with you
I still have a few left over
hugs Nikki 5

Helen said...

Boy, have you got a lot going on... take time and don't rush things. those neocolours look great!! Happy WOYWW Helen 7

sally said...

What a busy desk you have despite everything that's been going on in your life. I hope that things start to get a little easier for you now the funeral has happened - it's coping up to the anniversary of mums death (next week) and my dad is still in the south of France so I can't be there for him :-( when he will need me!

Ease yourself back in gently & be kind to yourself- hugs.


Unknown said...

What a busy desk! I noticed the yellowish-orange tag right off. Funny to see a sewing machine in your post as well this week. Would like to exchange ATC's with you.