Sunday, 22 February 2015

This Makes Me Happy

Hi ya, I know it's been so long, I'm afraid our family came down with sickness bugs and another flu virus, normally we miss things like this but not this time, Oh no we got the lot.  I am the last of them now but still feeling rough, especially seems I can't speak as it's left me with laryngitis which is so painful.  It has been funny as well in some ways lol.  I tried to go back to working at home last Thursday, the office rang and I am trying to say hello but no voice comes out so Michelle my PA puts phone down, it was like this a few times until I emailed her and explained lol.
Anyway I have been doing some playing in my journal on and off while feeling under the weather and I have a two things to show you today for the Paperartsy Paint Challenge.  One is in my journal and another is a canvas to test out some playing. All the products are listed at the end of the post for both creations.  Hope you enjoy :-)

I really love these pages, they really do make me happy.
It all started with my Fresco paints and just adding layer upon layer.
I didn't know if it would turn out to anything, just playing.
I have started to really let go and not care if I don't get an end result,
which is really helping me learn new techniques, I'm loving it lol.
After the close up pics they are some pictures of just the painted page,
also this page was going to have dots all around but I covered them up 
and went with this.  Which Way Would You Have Gone? :-)

Would you have picked this way?  or the way I went?  They both looked good
but I felt this look a bit too unfinished and I wasn't sure what to do with it next.
So I painted over them all instead lol.

Next is a play canvas, I have shown a few pics of what I did.  Basically I see so many creations that use Golden High Flow to make gorgeous canvases.  I decided if I could do it with Fresco paint and using Golden Airbrush Medium.  It did work, but I think I should have had them in the middle to start with instead of all around.  The Airbrush Medium made it slightly tacky in places, I have heard that it can be done with water as well so I must try that.  After I added a mix of stamps and random swirls from left over paint just to add something visual on it.  I am making up some wall space of small canvases like this one so I can see ideas and techniques everyday :-)

Right that's it from me, I have got lots to show you this week now I am at least up and around from my sick bed.  And of course typing is an easier way then trying to squeak some voice out lol.
Happy Art :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Product List
Journal Page
Paperartsy Fresco Paint - tangerine twist, bougainvillea, candy floss, tango, autumn fire, snowflake, little black dress, old gold
Paperartsy Stamps - Bits and Bobs took from stamp sets - LPC014, EEG02, ESN11, ESN16, EEV02, HP1301, HP1010, Mini 22
Paperartsy Stencils - PS009
Other Stencils - Crafters Imagination (circles), Crafters Workshop (mini tiny circles)
Archival jet black, monarch orange, dandelion
Stabilo All black pencil
Prima chalk white
Posco white and black pen
Mini Test Canvas
Paperartsy Stamps - EEV05, 03, 01, EGG02
Paperartsy Fresco - Tangerine twist, little black dress, snowflake, caribbean sea
Golden Airbrush medium
Posco white pen


Craftyfield said...

I too think the way you went looks more finished but also more expressive with the hand drawn white lines. The riot of colours on the flowers contrasts so well with the black background too.
On your canvas I loved the effect of the swirls of paints, not sure you'd get that with water!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous! Love the contrast on your journal pages! Great colour choice too! The canvas is stunning - the way the colours have 'melted' is brilliant! Chrisx

Helen said...

I love the black background behind those gorgeous coloured flowers, Kezzy, it's fabulous! Your canvas is wonderful.

Art By Wanda said...

These are both wonderful!!! I love the journal pages!!!! Fabulous!! I think your sketching around the flowers in white is better than the dots. The marbling with paint on the canvas is way cool. I must try that!!!!

rachel said...

Hi Kerry - sorry to hear about the family illnesses and hope you're all over it now - your journal page is amazing - love the start and then the black - awesome - the canvas is fabulous too - big hugs Rachel xx

Hazel Agnew said...

This was such a journey of exploration, but am glad that you took it and I love your experiments! Braver than me to cover all the juicy stuff with black but it is amazingggggg! Xx

Susan Clare said...

Love all of this - so cheerful!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh wow kezzy your work is amazing and I love that medium you have used, will have to check it out. You have such variety in your work but always such skill,

Lucy x

Pamellia said...

Gorgeous Kezzy! Love the vibrant journal pages with all the big fun flowers and your canvas is just brilliant, like melted crayons! hugs :)

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Fabulous backgrounds.... love them all, thanks for sharing your process Kezzy.

Margik said...
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Margik said...
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Margik said...

Love your fanbulous pages and fantastic canvas, Kezzy!. The black background is amazing with all the vibrant flowers. Great technique! And thanks for your kind comments. Mar x

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh what fabulous work - I love the backgrounds and I know whichever way I chose to go I would wish I had gone the other way! The black is fabulous and makes the pages look so dramatic. I love the marbling you did on the canvas too - it looks very effective.
Hope you are soon recovered,
Diana x

Sherry said...

Wow, that's a feast for the eyes! Love all of them! Do like how it ended up though and what a clever idea.

I think your second piece (before the stamping) looks like a wonderful sea scene, really dramatic.

Wishing you well very soon too xx

kaybee said...

Just found you through your comment on my blog! Thank you for your kind words. Love all this painty wonderness you've done, especially increasing the flow of Fresco paints - love it!

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Wonderful pages and techniques you have used, enjoyed seeing your work, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

experiments in paper said...

Wow - LOVE those flowers - they really pop against the black! They make me happy, too. I also loved the original pages! So you couldn't go wrong here, lol!

Hope you are now've certainly made lemonade from lemons! xx Lynn

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm happy to return the compliment.
I especially love your journal pages: I was blown away by the first layer and I'm not sure I'd have been brave enough to cover it with black at all but the finished effect is fabulous.