Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Hi ya, it's Wednesday which means it's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday :-).  I have a huge confession to make, at first I thought I could lie but don't like that, I could just not do woyww today but didn't think it was fair.  Last Wednesday I was doing my ATC's to hopefully send them Thursday/Friday but Thursday morning I found out the date for samples I had to do for Creative Expressions for Create and Craft was bought forward a few days leaving me with no alternative but to put everything aside and do them so they could arrive today.  This means that my ATC's are being sent tomorrow as I have completed them today and they are drying.  I am so so so sorry, it's unfair that others have had to wait, and I hope those who are waiting are not too angry.  But I have packed up a few treats with each ATC for all the waiting.  But to be completely fair I haven't opened mine as you will see in the picture so I shall reveal next week.  Also I have loads of crafters to visit who left such lovely comments last week and I now everything is almost up to date I can't wait to chill out and visit everyone.

This evening after putting away the ATC's to dry to send tomorrow I am now
working on a Christmas Tag Swap that is also late, which I have apologised to 
the poor crafter waiting, she has got some goodies in her pack when it's sent as well.
The tags are out as I needed some spray bottles so had to use up some not sure what sprays lol.
I have had a nightmare this evening, I wanted to spray Fresco paints so mixed with water,
I used the metallic glaze as well but I think I used it way too thickly and it's completely blocked
up two of my sprays.  I have spent ages trying to unblock them,
hence the using up sprays to use them bottles.  I then re did it without the glaze and
lots and lots and lots of water which worked but not sure I over like it as it's now looking watery.
I haven't got time to start again so may wait for tomorrow and add paints on top.
I'm sure the recipient would prefer to wait and have something that looks right :-)

Yep a mega mess that I can't wait to clear.  I have to admit
I really love the middle of June through to end of August as they are my
quieter months and also I have saved so many hours that I get to work less, which
means I have time to sort.  And this year it's most definitely going to be the craft room.
I wish I could decorate but we will not know for definite until early next year if we have
to move so they can knock our house down for the train.  The house was initially built
as a train masters house so it would be ironic for it to be knocked down for a fast trainline.
As you can also see I have sprayed in my mini journal with the sprays from above.
My new Dina Wakely bird stamps which I have only stamped up once to see
what they are like, so hopefully playing with those as well.

Right I better be off, as I have been rambling on again lol.
Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


rachel said...

aw Kerry - your desk looks a hive of activity as usual - you are a busy bee - don't worry - all those lovely crafters will understand! You're such a sweetheart! Hope it calms down soon for you! Big Hugs rachel x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

This is the sort of desk I love, plenty going on which makes it look messy but when you look beyond this everything is so organise around it ready for use, just great.
Happy crafting, Angela x @Felix the Crafty Cat # 7

Sharon Madson said...

It is a creative hive of activity! And your ATCs do look very creative. Thanks for the peek. #17

Nikki said...

No Worries but OPEN MY ENVELOPE !!! LoL I don't mind and totally understand life always gets in the way of fun time. You look like your super busy but what a lot of fun stuff to play with Happy WOYWWW hugs Nikki

Ohhh Snap said...

Lots of crafty stuff on your desk : ). I was thinking about doing the ATC, but had a kidney stone instead lol. Happy WOYWW! #5

Annie said...

The ATC swap isn't meant to cause stress Kerry. I'm sure no one will mind the wait. Life often gets in the way of plans here so I am well practised at remaining chilled out :-)
Fingers crossed we have movement with our house move at last [our buyers have got their mortgage!] so there will be rather more box packing on the horizon here and very little time for creative fun :-)
Annie x

Chrysalis said...

How unsettling, not knowing whether you'll need to move or not. I hope you hear more quickly than you'd expected to. In the meantime, you'll have lots of fun playing at that really great desk. Don't worry about the ATC's (I posted my last 3 today)- everyone will just be thrilled to receive them. Have a lovely week, Chris # 10 xx

Twiglet said...

It's my hubbies idea of a perfect home - station master's house beside a railway!! Hope all goes well for you. It would be ironic wouldn't it. x Jo

okienurse said...

great looking desk...busy not messy! I haven't been able to post on Wednesdays for a while and I have missed it! Sorry I am so late getting around! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

butterfly said...

Hope you managed to get the sprays unblocked in the end, but what a lot of backgrounds you now have to play with! What a nightmare waiting on the house decision...
Alison xx