Monday, 14 April 2014

Creative Expressions - Tiled!!!

Hi ya, wow I can't believe it's Monday and time for my creation for the Creative Expressions Blog.  This week I have been playing with Creative Expressions Single Stamp Ivy Corner from the Flora & Fauna Collection, and I made a small canvas and made little square tiles to cover it with.  As usual I will highlight all the products from Creative Expressions :-)

 I have lots of pictures as I can't seem to get all of it in good light
because it reflects lol.

And now for the step by step ......................

I added Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Mica Pigments in Tropic Blue (green on black),
Enchanted Gold (dark gold on black), Lava Red (bright red on black) and
Red Blaze (blue/violet on black) into separate bottles with water added.

The next thing is to start conditioning some Black Fimo, I used a pasta
machine that I use only with clay.

After it was conditioned I rolled it out thinly.

I then sprayed the gold spray and let it dry.

Then I added the other colours in separate corners.

While that was drying I rolled some Fimo slightly thicker and 
used some cutters to cut some charms out.

Before I removed them I stamped the Creative Expressions Single Stamp Ivy Corner,
before I stamped I sprayed a fine mist of water on the stamp then 
wiped it with Grime Boss Wipes to make sure all the fimo residue had gone.

Then I peeled away the charms and picked out my favourites and put the ones
that didn't work back with the rest of the clay.

I then sprayed the charms with the Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Mica Pigments sprays
I had made.

I then used the rest of the clay to make a square and stamped and sprayed like above.

This is the sprayed clay from earlier dried.

I then stamped with the Ivy Corner stamp all over the coloured fimo.

This is all of them cut ready for the oven, or if you only have a few you can
cook them in your Melt Pot.

While they were cooking I prepared my small canvas by painting it with
Eco Green Black Paint.

All cooked with a thin Fimo glaze over them.

I then stuck them around the canvas leaving gaps.

Next is scary, I used Comic Shimmer Texture Paste Copper Kettle and
spread it all over the canvas, yep all over the squares, then
I used a baby wipe with my finger to take the paste off my squares,
I did leave areas around the square with the paste so it blended into the areas rather
then looking like they were sitting on top.

While the paste is wet I used the gorgeous Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mica Flakes
Tarnished Bronze all over the canvas so the mica would stick onto the paste.
These micas are so gorgeous and really really soft, I thought they would be sharp but
they wasn't :-)

Then I patted lightly to make sure the mica was stuck.

When it had all dried I added Creative Expressions Gilding Wax Deep Red
(the holes is where I added some Creative Expressions Solvent Blending Solution
to make it a bit wetter for the paint brush, I use an old paint brush with the brush cut short) onto
all the tiles especially into the groves, then I wiped over the tile with partially wet baby wipe
to clear the wax from the top, it still gives a tint but the tile colours do come through.

Close up of wax.

Then I gave all the tiles, the centre and heart charm a good covering of
Fimo Glaze, you could use Cosmic Shimmer Varnish
but I had not tested it on fimo before so I wasn't sure.
I have tested it now and it does work beautifully and seals the wax as well.

I used it quite thickly, then all was done and I left it to dry for a few hours :-)
Also at the last minute when it was all dry I edged the canvas with black paint
and added the red gilding wax around the edges on top of the black paint.

Right I better be off, I have my injections on my back tomorrow so I won't be back until the end of the week, at least I will be running around pain free next week to get all the half done projects done lol.
Happy Crafting :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx


rachel said...

wonderful work kerry - and so very clever - I love the result - I have some fimo - might have to have a try - thanks as always for the inspiration! hugs rachel xx

ddazzled71 said...

Loving all the fabulous textures you have created for each tile and those metallic colors are just gorgeous! Its always a pain however to photograph these types of things though isn't it. Beautifully done as always Kezzy!

Etsuko said...

That's absolutely beautiful beautiful panel! It is a great result and love the colours and the textures.
Thank's for sweet comment and I hope your pain getting well. Etsuko xxx

I Showed the Slicer's some photo and Amazon UK URL on my blog.

butterfly said...

Wowzer - so, so cool, Kezzy - the textures and shimmer are just fabulous! Brilliant step by step photos as always, thank you.
Alison xx

Claudia N. said...


How could I have missed this! Well, it was a bit hectic during the last that might have been the reason for me not seeing this awesome tutorial and incredibly beautiful make, Kezzy!

I know it is hard to photograph any shiny objects...but as there are several images showing both: the beautiful colours and the shine I am blown away anyway.

Have looked up the rusting medium I used on that New Years tag you commented on....and found that I mentioned the product wrongly!

My rusting set is from "Triangle Crafts". Haven't found this one either on the net, but a similar product over here:

Hope this helps!
Claudia xxx

ionabunny said...

This is gorgeous. Thanks for the great tutorial.